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A methodological approach to the analysis of egocentric social networks in public health research: a practical example

contextualized knowledge is required ( 3 ). In Slovenia, the use of qualitative research in medicine increased significantly in the last years. Studies were performed either with qualitative methods only ( 4 - 9 ), or by means of an integrated approach, together with quantitative measures ( 9 , 11 ). The social network analysis (SNA) is defined as a set of methods used for mapping, measuring and analysing social relationships between people, groups and organisations ( 12 ). It is a research approach uniquely suited to describing, exploring and understanding structural and

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Individual and Contextual Determinants of Social Homecare Usage in Slovenia/ Dispozicijski In Kontekstualni Dejavniki Uporabe Socialne Oskrbe Na Domu

References 1. Allen MS, Goldscheider F, Cimbrone DA. Gender roles, marital intimacy, and nomination of spouse as primary caregiver. Geront 1999; 39: 150-8. 2. Stoller E. Parental caregiving by adult chidren. J Marriage Fam 1983; 45: 851-8. 3. Stoller EP, Lorna LE. Help with activities of everyday life: sources of support for the noninstitutionalized elderly. Geront 2012; 23: 64-70. 4. Wenger GC. Support networks of older people: a guide for practitioners. Bangor: Centre for social policy research

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The cult of the body and its psychological consequences among adolescent girls

. Objectification theory: Toward understanding women’s lived experience and mental health risks. PWQ.1997;21:173-206. 33. Lindner K. Images of women in general interest and fashion advertisements from 1955 to 2002. Sex Roles. 2004;51:409-21. 34. Harter S. The development of self-representations. In: W. Damon (series ed.) N. Eisenberg (volume ed.), Handbook of child psychology: Vol. 3. Social, emotional, and personality development. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley; 1998. 35. Major B, Barr L, Zubek J. Gender and self-esteem: A meta-analysis. In: W

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Spatial statistics detect clustering patterns of kidney diseases in south-eastern Romania

References 1. Gatrell, A.C. & Bailey, T.C. (1996). Interactive spatial data analysis in medical geography. Social Science & Medicine. 42 (6), 843-855. 2. Waller, L.A. & Gotway, C.A. (2004). Applied spatial statistics for public health data . New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 3. Hjalmars, U.L.F., Kulldorff, M., Gustafsson, G. & Nagarwalla N (1996) Childhood leukaemia in Sweden: Using GIS and a spatial scan statistic for cluster detection. Statistics in Medicine 15(7-9):707-715. 4. Curhan, G.C., (2007). Epidemiology of Stone Disease

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Medical causes of acute kidney injury- clinical and therapeutic aspects in constanta county

) Social And Contextual Factors In The Analysis Of Mortality In End- Stage Renal Disease Patients: Impli¬Cations For Health Policy. Am J Public Health 7: 1293. 13. Davenport A, Bouman C, Kirpalani A, Skippen P, Tolwani A, Mehta Rl, Palevsky Pm(2008) Delivery Of Renal Replacement Therapy In Acute Kidney Injury: What Are The Key Issues? Clin J Am Soc Nephrol , 3:869-875.

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Quality of Life and Anxiety in Military Personnel

and Clinical Psychology. 56, 893-897. 18. Katsavouni F, Bebetsos E, Malliou P, Beneka A. (2016). The relationship between burnout, PTSD symptoms and injuries in firefighters. Occup Med (Lond). 66(1), 32-7. 19. Leonard I. Pearlin and Carmi Schooler. (1978). The Structure of Coping. Journal of Health and Social Behavio. 19(1), 2-21. 20. Santini ZI, Koyanagi A, Tyrovolas S., Haro JM. (2015). Association of relationship quality and social networks with depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation among older married adults: Findings from a cross

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The role of non-governmental organizations in the mental health area: differences in understanding

policy, to dedication to the patient’s family in order to develop a different view of the ailing family member. They identify the importance of understanding NGOs’ roles in the country in order to understand their role within the network of community treatment providers. They emphasize their importance in the planning and decision-making within the health and social care, and in the development of cooperation within care providers’ networks ( 10 ). Some research confirms that cooperation between public and non-governmental organizations at the primary health care level

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Indicators of problem drinking in the slovenian elderly: a qualitative analysis

longitudinal analysis of late-life problem drinkers. J Subst Abuse 1994; 6: 191-208. George AA, Tucker JA. Help seeking for alcohol-related problems: social contexts surrounding entry into alcoholism treatment or alcoholics anonymous. J Stud Alcohol 1996; 57: 449-57. Groh DR, Jason LA, Keys CB. Social network variables in alcoholics anonymous: a literature review. Clin Psychol Rev 2008; 28: 430-50. Tucker JA, Gladsjo JA. Help seeking and recovery by problem drinkers: characteristics of drinkers who

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Determinants of Unmet Needs Among Slovenian Old Population

often used variables in explaining the differences in usage of formal and informal care (20 - 21 , 26 ). Most often, formal services are used by people living alone (availability of informal care network), and middle class older people are most likely to obtain a disproportionate share of services (14 , 20 , 21 , 26 ). The strongest enabling factors for social homecare in assessing community and society level are prices of services, temporal and geographical accessibility of services, and relative number of formal carers per users (22) , and on individual level

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Health care reforms

to invest additional resources to achieve particular objectives. More and better data and analysis, including international comparisons, often help, although a great deal depends on consensus regarding the value and meaning of such evidence. Conflicts of Interest : The authors declare that no conflicts of interest exist. References 1 Wlodarczyk C. Expert network on health ad health care financing strategies in countries of central nad eastern Europe, or on the advantages of neighbourly cooperation in health care refors. Antidotum 1993; 1(Suppl): 8

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