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Satu Tuomainen

. Edginton, A. & Holbrook, J. (2010). A blended learning approach to teaching basic pharmacokinetics and the significance of face-to-face interaction. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 74 (5): Article 88. Ellis, R. A. & Goodyear, P. (2010). Students’ experiences of e-learning in higher education . New York and London: Routledge. Flowerdew, L. (2013). Needs analysis and curriculum development in ESP. In B. Paltridge & S. Starfield (Eds.) The handbook of English for specific purposes (pp. 325–346). Malden, MA: John Wiley & Sons Inc

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Silvia Pokrivcakova

., & Nikolopoulou, K. (2010). In-service and pre-service early childhood teachers’ views and intentions about ICT use in early childhood settings: A comparative study. Computers & Education , 55, 333–341. Guo, L. (2007). ICT and early childhood education . Shanghai: East China Normal University Press. Guo, L., Qian, Q., Wang, J., & Zeng, Z. (2006). Investigation and analysis of kindergartens’ IT use in Shanghai. Shanghai Research on Education , 6, 37-40. Hajduková, V. (2011). Informačné kompetencie detí predškolského veku vo vzdelávacích programoch pre

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Maria José Sá, Carlos Miguel Ferreira and Sandro Serpa

References Anderson, L, & Anderson, T. (2010). Online conferences: Professional development for a networked era . Charlotte, New Carolina: Information Age Publishing Inc. Bell, S. J. (2011). A conference whatever you are. Library Journal, October 1, 28–31. Bhandari, B. (2018). Attending an academic conference: Story of a first time attendee. Journal of Education and Research , 7 (1), 65–69. . Biblioteca do Conhecimento Online (n.d.). What is b-on? [Online]. Available: https

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Argyris Kyridis, Christos Tourtouras and Theodoros Thanos

Destination and Education: A Cross-National Study of Ten Industrial Nations. American Journal of Sociology, 101, 145-93. Jaeyeol, Y & Dukjin, C. (2009). Transparency, a Key Factor to Improve Social Cohesion: A Review of the Korean Experience in the Context of Social Quality Research. Development and Society, 2(38), 259 - 275. Jenson, J. (1998). SRA-321/CPRN - Mapping Social Cohesion: The State of Canadian Research. Ottawa: Strategic Research and Analysis Directorate, Department of Canadian Heritage and Canadian Policy Research Networks, CPRN

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Taiwo Frances Gbadegesin, Olusola Alabi and Kemisola Omodun

-631. Hennessy, S., Onguko, B., Harrison, D., Ang’ondi, E., Namalefe, S., Naseem, A., & L. Wamakote, (2010). Developing the Use of Information and Communication Technology to Enhance Teaching and Learning in East African Schools: Review of the Literature Centre for Commonwealth Education & Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development, Eastern Africa Research Report No. 1. Holman, D., & Borgstrom, E. (2016). Applying social theory to understand health-related behaviours. Med Humanities, 42, 143-145. INCD, International network for culture diversity

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Merita Bejtja

”, The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities , Council of Europe, Oslo. Gordon Crawford, Evaluating EU promotion of human rights, democracy and good governance: towards a participatory approach , University of Leeds, UK. Harold Bierman, JR., Charles P. Bonini and Warren H. Hausman, (1991), Quantitative Analysis for business decisions , Eighth edition, pp. 93-107, 138-152, 160-181, IRWIN Henderson, David. (2001), Misguided Virtue, False Notions of Corporate Social Responsibility , IEA. Ida-Elisabeth Andersen and Birgit Jaeger, (April 2002

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Eric Anane and Juliana Audria Dankwa

. Biernat, M., & Wortman, C. B. (1991). Sharing of home responsibilities between professionally employed women and their husbands. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 60 , 844-860. Bornstein, S., & Weber, J. (2008). Policy Briefing Series: Addressing Family Responsibilities Discrimination. Work Life Law and the Sloan Work and Family Research Network. Retrieved on 2 nd April, 2016 from . Brotheridge, C. M., & Lee, R. T. (2005). Impact of Work-Family Interference on General Well-Being: A Replication

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José-Serafín Clemente-Ricolfe and Paula García-Pinto

(3) , 1086-1097. Pimentel Botas, P. C. & Huisman, J. (2013). A Bourdieusian analysis of the participation of Polish students in the ERASMUS programme: cultural and social capital perspectives. Higher Education, 66(6 ), 741-754. doi:10.1007/s10734-013-9635-7 Pineda, P., Moreno, M. V. & Belvis, E. (2008). La movilidad de los universitarios en España: estudio sobre la participación en los programas Erasmus y Sicue. Revista de Educación, 346 , 0157-159. Punj, G. & Stewart, D. W. (1983). Cluster analysis in marketing research. Review and suggestions for