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Enrico Bernardini

References Barbotti, I., (2016). Instagram marketing. Milano: Hoepli. Bernardini, E. (2019). Le potenzialità di un Museo di Antropologia per la promozione turistica sul territorio. Atti del XXXII Congresso Geografico Italiano. Roma, 6-10 giugno 2017(Conference Proceedings in course of printing). Ejarque, J., (2016). Social media marketing per il turismo. Milano: Hoepli. Epifani, S., Jacona, A., Paolillo, R., Lippi, R., (2011). Manuale di comunicazione politica in Rete. Roma: Edizioni Apes. Web resources Azerbaijan reportage

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Daniela Roque and Houshmand E. Masoumi

References Alabi, M.O., 2009: Urban sprawl, pattern and measurement in Lokoja, Nigeria. In: Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management, Vol. 4, No. 13, pp. 158-164. Brennan, T.L., 2000: An Analysis of Trip Behaviour Patterns of Women in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Puebla, Mexico. Women’s Travel Issues Second National Conference. Derived from: Access date: 31.05.2015. Baranda Sepulveda, B., Cañez Fernández, J., Garduño Arredondo, J., Media Ramírez

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-123. [11] Giuliani, E. (2007): The selective nature of knowledge networks in clusters: evidence from the wine industry. Journal of economic geography 7, 2, 139-168. [12] Giuliani, E. (2011): Networks of innovation. In: Cooke, P. et al.: Handbook of regional innovation and growth. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 155-166. [13] Giuliani, E.; Pietrobelli, C. (2014): Social Network Analysis Methodologies for the Evaluation of Cluster Development Programs. CIRCLE Working Papers 2014/11, Lund University. [14] Granovetter, M. S. (1985

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Ondřej Valenta and Martin Faťun

- Energy Foresight Network, 23 s. [17] Philibert, C., Ellis, J., Podkanski, J. (2007): Carbon Capture and Storage in the CDM. OECD, 20 s. [18] Shell (1993): Global Scenarios 1992-2020. PL-93-S-04, Group Planning, Shell International, London. [19] Shinn, R. L. (1985): Forced Options: Social Decisions for the 21st century, 2. vydani. The Pilgrim Press, New York. [20] Schwartz, P. (1991): The Art of the Longview: Three global scenarios to 2005. Doubleday Publications, New York. [21] UNIDO (2009

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Marián Halás and Veronika Zuskáčová

References Baray, J. and Cliquet, G., 2007: Delineating store trade areas through morphological analysis. In: European Journal of Operational Research , 182, pp. 886-898. DOI: 10.1016/j.ejor.2006.09.012 Berry, B.J.L., 1967: Geography of market centres and retail distribution, Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall. Berry, B.J.L., 1973: Growth centres in the American urban system, Cambridge: Mass. Blešová, J., 2009: Spádovost za službami ve vybraném regionu (Travel to services in a selected

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Zdeněk Kučera and Tomáš Vondrák

Analysis. OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers, No. 189, OECD Publishing, Paris (2016). [4] Dopady digitalizace na trh práce v ČR a EU. OSTEU Discussion paper 12/2015. Úřad vlády České republiky (2015). [5] Dopady Průmyslu 4.0 na trh práce v ČR. Národní observatoř zaměstnanosti a vzdělávání, Národní vzdělávací fond, o. p. s. (2017). [6

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Ewa Korcelli-Olejniczak and Filip Piotrowski

.1111/j.0435-3684.2005.00186.x . Bauman, Z. (2000). Liquid modernity. Malden: Polity Press. Blokland, T.V. and Nast, J. (2014). From public familiarity to comfort zone: The relevance of absent ties for belonging in mixed neighbourhoods. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research , 38, 1142-1159. DOI: . Blokland, T. and Van Eijk, G. (2010). Do People Who Like Diversity Practice Diversity in Neighbourhood Life? Neighbourhood Use and the Social Networks of ‘Diversity-Seekers in a Mixed Neighbourhood

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Antje Witting

Gesetzgebungsprozess: Die Rolle von Verwaltung und externen Experten. Swiss Political Science Review, 20(3):453-485. Leydesdorff, L. (2007). Betweenness centrality as an indicator of the interdisciplinarity of scientific journals. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 58(9): 1303-1319. Marsden, P. V. (2011). Survey Methods for Network Data. In Scott, J. and Carrington, P. J., editors, Social Network Analysis, pages 370-385. Sage Publications, London. McAllister, R. R., McCrea, R., and Lubell, M. N

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Md Masud Sarker and Md. Shahidul Islam

. (2003). Social networks and political participation: The role of social interaction in explaining political participation. Political research quarterly , 56(4), 449-464. Milbrath, L. W., La Goel, M. (1977). Political Participation. How and Why People Get Involved in Politics . Chicago: Rand McNally Nygård, M., Nyqvist, F., Steenbeek, W., & Jakobsson, G. (2015). Does social capital enhance political participation of older adults? A multi-level analysis of older Finns and Swedes. Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy , 31(3), 234

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Andrej Srakar

–563. Bai, J. and Perron, P., 2003. Computation and analysis of multiple structural change models. Journal of Applied Econometrics , 18: 1–22. Baker, W.E., 1993. The Network Organization in Theory and Practice. In: Nohria, N. and Eccles, R.G. eds. Networks and Organizations . Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press. pp. 397 – 429. Baron, R.M. and Kenny, D.A., 1986. The moderator-mediator variable distinction in social psychological research – conceptual, strategic, and statistical considerations. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology , 51(6): 1173