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Marius Lazăr

în post-comunism, In M.D. Gheorghiu and M. Lupu Mihăiță (eds.): Mobilitatea elitelor în România secolului al XX-lea [The mobility of Romanian elites in the 19 th century] . București: Ed. Paralela 45, pp. 392-421. Sapiro, G. (1999). La Guerre des écrivains. 1940-1953 . Paris: Fayard. Scott, J. (2000). Social network analysis: a handbook , London: Sage. Şiulea, C. (2003). Retori, simulacre, impostori. Cultură şi ideologii în România [Rectors, simulacre, impostors. Culture and ideologies in Romania]. București: Compania. Tănase, S. (2002

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Ionuţ Földes and Veronica Savu

Member State”, 28 May. [accessed on 2018, August 17]. Finch, J. (1989). Family Obligations and Social Change. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press. Finch, J. (2007). Displaying Families. Sociology, Sage Publications, 41(1): 65-81. Finch, J. and Mason, J. (1993). Negotiating Family Responsibilities. New York: Tavistock/Routledge. Gardner, K. and Grillo, R. (2002). Transnational households and ritual: an overview. Global Networks, 2

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Ionuţ Földes

., and Vuorela, U. (2002). The transnational family: new European frontiers and global networks. New York: Berg - Oxford International Publishers. Culic, I. (2004). Metode avansate în cercetarea socială: analiza multivariată de interdependență [Advanced methods of statistical analysis: multivariate analysis of interdependence]. Iași: Polirom. Centre for Urban and Regional Studies - CURS. (2011). The impact of migration on older parents left behind in Romania (IPIA survey). Diminescu, D. (2009). Exercițiul dificil al liberei circulații: o

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Kris A. Bulcroft

). Exploring Family Theories , New York: Oxford University Press. Spalter, T. (2010). Social Capital and Intimate Partnership in Later Life: A Gendered Perspective on 60 Year Old Israelis. Social Networks , 32 (4), 330–338. Suitor, J., Pillemer, K. (2006). Choosing Daughters: Exploring Why Mothers Favor Adult Daughters over Sons. Sociological Perspectives , 49 (2), 139–161. Swartz. T. (2009). Intergenerational family relations in adulthood: Patterns, variations, and implications in the contemporary United States. Annual Review of Sociology , 35 (1

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Norbert Petrovici

-232. Cucu, A.-S., and Culic, I. (2012). Procese de configurare a claselor sociale în România. O analiză relaţională a căsătoriilor pentru cinci generaţii [Processes of social class configuration in Romania: a correspondence analysis of marriages across five generations]. In T. Rotariu and V. Voineagu (Eds.), Inerţie şi schimbare. Dimensiuni sociale ale tranziţiei în România [Inertia and change. Social dimensions of transition in Romania]. Iaşi: Polirom, pp. 159-170. Culic, I. (2002). Câștigătorii: elita politică și democratizare în România 1989-2000 . Cluj: Limes

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Bianca Balea

Europe. In M. Ragnedda and G. Muschert (eds): The Digital Divide: The Internet and Social Inequality in International Perspective . London: Routledge. DiMaggio, P., Hargittai, E., Celeste, C., and Shafer, S. (2004). Digital Inequality: From unequal access to differentiated use . New York: Sage. Facer, K., Furlong, R. (2001). Beyond the myth of the 'cyberkid': Young people at the margins of the information revolution. Journal of Youth Studies , 4(4): 451-469. Fizesan [Balea], B. (2012). Digital engagement among children in Eastern Europe. Studia

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Yuko Kambara

in Action. 16(2): 27–38. Frič, Pavol. 1993. Mýty a realita južného Slovenska. In: R. Bílik (ed.), Súčasnost’ mýtov a mýty súčasnosti. 50–54. Bratislava: Slovak Academic Press. Gergely, András. A. 2014. European Minorities or Postmodern “Euro-Vision”: towards Critical Aspects in a Political Anthropological Frame. Acta Univerisitatis Sapientiae. Social Analysis 4(1–2): 45–53. Gregory, Chris. 2015. The Case for Eurocentric Anthropology? (Forum: Rethinking Euro-Anthropology). Social Anthropology. 23(3): 336–338. Gyelnik, Teodor. 2017

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Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen, Eleonora A. Lundell and Marja-Liisa Honkasalo

Construction. - Landscape Research 23 (2): 159-174. DOI: Robbins, Joel. 2009. Pentecostal Networks and the Spirit of Globalization. - Social Analysis 53: 55-66. DOI: Robbins, Joel and Johanna Sumiala. 2016. Ritual Intimacy - Ritual Publicity: Revisiting Ritual Theory and Practice in Plural Societies. - Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society (Special Issue: Ritual Intimacy - Ritual Publicity: Engaging with Plurality) 41 (4): 1

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Eugenia Siapera

expanded to other domains, such as online democracy, free internet and techno-politics, which they understand as “the practice of networking and taking action for empowerment, justice and social transformation” (XNet, About, in Siapera, 2016 : 103). XNet’s significant difference from similar initiatives is two-fold: firstly, they are involved in interventions that shape the political agenda, and secondly, they are pursuing transnational links and exporting their know-how to other movements and networks globally. They engage with the political process in several ways

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Nafisa Yeasmin

–41. Yeasmin, Nafisa. 2013. Implementation of the EU Immigration Policy in the Barents Euro Arctic Region: Towards a Framework for Policy Analysis. – The International Year Book of Polar Law 5 (1): 603–640. DOI: . Yeasmin, Nafisa. 2014. Integration of Religious Minorities in the Finnish Part of Arctic: Justification on Community Sustainability. – Current Developments of Arctic Law 2, edited by Timo Koivurova and Waliul Hasanat. Rovaniemi: University of the Arctic Thematic Network on Arctic Law, 41–45. Yeasmin, Nafisa