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I. Geipele, T. Staube, G. Ciemleja, S. Geipele, N. Zeltins and J. Ekmanis

). Static and dynamic analysis of industrial structure in Inner Mongolia based on BCG matrix. In 2012 Int. Conf. on Social Science and and Environment Protection, 9-11 November 2012 (pp. 3-8). Jiujiang, China: Science and Engineering Publishing Company. 7. Urbahs, A., Urbaha, M., Savkovs, K., & Andrejeva, D. (2015). Protective Antifriction Multilayer Coating by Ion-Plasma Sputtering Development Technological Process Analysis. In Mechanika 2015: 20th Int. Scientific Conf., 23-24 April, 2015 (pp.253-256). Kaunas, Lithuania: Kaunas University of Technology

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I. Geipele, S. Geipele, T. Staube, G. Ciemleja and N. Zeltins

:// 4. Lonska, J. (2013). Comparative analysis of subjective well-being of Latvia’s inhabitants in the context of economic development of the Baltic States. Latgale National Economy Research, 1 (5), 148–166. DOI: 10.17770/lner2013vol1.5.1157. 5. Living standard statistics – median equivalised disposable income. (n.d.). Eurostat. Retrieved 6 January 2016, from 6. Gini coefficient of equivalised disposable income. (n.d.). Eurostat

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Mojtaba Maghrebi, Claude Sammut and Travis S. Waller

-603. [27] Kale, S. and Karaman, E. A. (2011), “Evaluating the Knowledge Management Practices of Construction Firms by Using Importance-Comparative Performance Analysis Maps”, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management-Asce 137, 1142-1152. [28] Kartam, N. (1996), “Neural Network-Spreadsheet Integration for Earth‐Moving Operations”, Computer‐Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering 11, 283-288. [29] Kim, D. Y., Han, S. H., Kim, H. and Park, H. (2009), “Structuring the prediction model of project performance for international

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Feng Jian and Shi Dandan

is proportional to degree of the selected nodes (preferential attachment). 3 Empirical Research As a class of large-scale, self-organized, highly dynamic complex networks, accurate and complete measurement for all P2P network topology is facing great difficulties. Researching on the characteristics of their protocols and analyzing specific examples of P2P topology become alternative solution to study P2P topology characteristics. 3.1 P2P topology measurement Current research on analysis of P2P topology features focuses on unstructured peer network

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Leonid Bunimovich, Dallas Smith and Benjamin Webb

using standard network growth models. Additionally, we present a new method for decomposing a network around a latent symmetry. The result is a number of smaller networks whose collective eigenvalues are the same as the original network. The second application of isospectral reductions we consider has to do with the analysis of social networks. An important aim of social network analysis is to uncover the hierarchical structure of a given network. By hierarchical structure we mean determining which members are more or less important to the network. Because of the

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Nikolay K. Vitanov and Roumen Borisov

ewman , M. E. J. The Structure and Function of Complex Networks. SIAM Review , 45 (2003), 167-256. [16] F ord J r ., L. D., D. R. F ulkerson . Flows in Networks. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 1962. [17] H arris , J. R., M. P. T odaro . Migration, Unemployment and Development: A Two-Sector Analysis. The American Economic Review , 60 (1970), 126-142. [18] W illekens , F. J. Probability Models of Migration: Complete and Incomplete Data. SA Journal of Demography , 7 (1999), 31-43. [19] F awcet , J. T. Networks, Linkages, and

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E. Navarro-Pardo, L. González-Pozo, P. Villacampa-Fernández and J.A. Conejero

group levels. The facilitator was a trained psychologist and retired professional ballet dancer. The duration of the intervention was of a total of 18 sessions of 45 minutes each with a frequency of 2 times per week during 9 weeks. The intervention was conducted in the time scheduled for leisure activities but in the area normally employed for physical and active group activities. 3 Data analysis It will be split in two parts: one with classical statistical analysis and a second with a Bayesian network. We used SPSS for descriptive sample statistics, and

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Jin-Ki Park, Amrita Das and Jong-Hwa Park

References Abtew W., Obeysekera J., and Shih G., 1993. Spatial analysis for monthly rainfall in South Florida. J. Am. Water Resour. Assoc., 29(2), 179-188. Basso B., Ritchie J.T., Pierce F.J., Braga R.P., and Jones J.W., 2001. Spatial validation of crop model for precision agriculture. Agric. Sys., 68, 97-112. Bishop C.M., 1995. Neural networks for patterns recognition, Oxford University Press, London, 1995. Bouman B.A.M., 1995. Crop modelling and remote sensing for yield prediction. Netherlands

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Diego Sánchez de Cima, Anne Luik and Endla Reintam

References Angers D.A. and Larney F.J., 2007. Section VI: Soil physical analysis. In: Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis (Eds M.R. Carter, E.G. Gregorich). Taylor and Francis. Canadian Soc. Soil Sci., 751-752. Astover A., Roostalu H., Lauringson E., Lemetti I., Selge A., Talgre L., Vasiliev N., Mõtte M., Tõrra T., and Priit P., 2006. Changes in agricultural land use and in plan nutrient balances of arable soils in Estonia. Arch. Agron. Soil Sci., 52, 223-231. Carter M.R., Kunelius H.T., Sanderson J

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Yong Qin, Yuyan Luo, Jingru Lu, Lu Yin and Xinran Yu

. System dynamics has unparalleled advantages in the study of complex nonlinear systems. The related researchers have applied it to social, economic, commercial, urban construction and even biological and medical research. In China, for the research of resource-based cities, scholars in China have conducted research on the definition and classification of resource-based cities, analysis of development dilemmas [ 3 ], urbanization and ecology [ 4 ], employment and transformation [ 5 ], and transition mechanisms [ 6 ]. Research on sustainable development between resource