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Weili Men, Haijuan Xiao, Zhiping Yang and Daiming Fan

above, and the research results were published in a total of 2431 journals. In the analysis, main tools used were social network analysis software UCINET and its nested visualization software NetDraw. UCINET, software for social network analysis and visualization, was developed by a group of network analysts at the University of California, Irvine. Currently, this software is being extended by Stephen Borgatti, Martin·Everett and Linton Freeman. UCINET features powerful matrix analysis functions, such as matrix algebra, multivariate statistical analysis and so on

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Cătălina Iamandi-Cioinaru, Bogdan Corad, Monica Marin, Andreea Trocea, Anca Colda, Emilia Rusu and Gabriela Radulian

R eferences 1. International Diabetes Federation. Diabetes Atlas. 7th ed. International Diabetes Federation, Brussels, Belgium, 2015. 2. World Health Organization. Global Report on Diabetes. 2016. 3. Moța M, Popa SG, Moța E et al. Prevalence of diabetes mellitus and prediabetes in the adult Romanian population: PREDATORR study. J Diabetes 8: 336-344, 2016. 4. Moța M, Dinu IR. The

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Des Crowley, Walter Cullen, Eamon Laird, John S. Lambert, Tina Mc Hugh, Carol Murphy and Marie Claire Van Hout

. Methods The aim of the study was to report on characteristics of OST patients attending a community based fibroscanning clinic, and their reported barriers to engaging with HVC treatment in Ireland. The fibroscanning clinic took place in The City Clinic, the largest community based drug treatment center in Ireland. This center provides OST to 300 opioid dependent patients living in the North inner city area of Dublin, an area of social deprivation. Patients entering OST are offered viral screening within a month of starting the treatment and post a risk behavior

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Richard A. Chazal

cardiologists and cardiac care team members delivered through WeChat—one of the most widely used social media platforms in China. The College is also committed to helping China monitor national data on cardiovascular health to identify trends over time and track improvements in care. Integrated registries have the potential to be used as powerful tools for identifying education and quality improvement opportunities both globally and at country-specific levels. The ACC’s National Cardiovascular Data Registry has made considerable contributions toward improving the quality of

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Hisham El Falougy, Barbora Filova, Daniela Ostatnikova, Zuzana Bacova and Jan Bakos

1991. Autism and autistic-like conditions: subclasses among disorders of empathy. J Child Psychol Psychiatry 33, 813–842, 1992. Gordon-Weeks PR, Fournier AE. Neuronal cytoskeleton in synaptic plasticity and regeneration. J Neurochem 129, 206–212, 2014. Haar S, Berman S, Behrmann M, Dinstein I. Anatomical abnormalities in autism? Cereb Cortex 26, 1440–1452, 2016. Hadjikhani N, Joseph RM, Snyder J, Tager-Flusberg H. Anatomical differences in the mirror neuron system and social cognition network in autism. Cereb Cortex 16, 1276–1282, 2006. Hruska

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Dora Zelena, Ophelie Menant, Frederic Andersson and Elodie Chaillou

, Lonstein JS. Oxytocin receptor activity in the ventrocaudal periaqueductal gray modulates anxiety-related behavior in postpartum rats. Behav Neurosci 122, 618-628, 2008. Freeman SM, Walum H, Inoue K, Smith AL, Goodman MM, Bales KL, Young LJ. Neuroanatomical distribution of oxytocin and vasopressin 1a receptors in the socially monogamous coppery titi monkey (Callicebus cupreus). Neuroscience 273, 12-23, 2014. Furl N. Structural and effective connectivity reveals potential network-based influences on category-sensitive visual areas. Front