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Azra Huršidić Radulović

workplace mental health promotion and mental disorders prevention programmes and of their potential contribution to EU health, social and economic policy objectives 2013 [pristup 16. ožujka 2015.]. Dostupno na 25. The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) [pristup 16. ožujka 2015.]. Dostupno na http:// 26. [Studie zur Job-Motivation zeigt, was Fach- und Führungskräfte in Deutschland zu mehr Leistung antreibt, na

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Angel M. Dzhambov, Donka D. Dimitrova and Tanya H. Turnovska

noise - Part 1: Statistical pass-by method. Geneva: ISO; 2002. 35. Google maps [displayed 12 August 2014]. Available at,25.2988844,8z 36. Hillier B. Using DepthMap for urban analysis: a simple guide on what to do once you have an analysable map in the system. MSc Advanced Architectural Studies 2007-8. London: University College; 2007. 37. Turner A. From axial to road-centre lines: a new representation for space syntax and a new model of route choice for transport network analysis. Environment and Planning B 2007

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Angel M. Dzhambov

Schoolchildren. Environ Health Perspect 2018;126(2):027012. 58. Tang C, Tsai Y-P, Lin Y-J, Chen J-H, Hsieh C-H, Hung S-H, Sullivan WC, Tang H-F, Chang C-Y. Using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to analyze brain region activity when viewing landscapes. Landscape Urban Plan 2017;162:137-144 59. Bickart KC, Dickerson BC, Barrett LF. The amygdala as a hub in brain networks that support social life. Neuropsychologia 2014;63:235-48. 60. Demirakca T, Brusniak W, Tunc-Skarka N, Wolf I, Meier S, Matthäus F, Ende G, Schulze TG

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NT Popov, DS Minchev, MM Naydenov, IN Minkov and TI Vachev

calculated applying the 2 –ΔΔCt method. Statistical analyses were made by the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software, version 20.0 (SPSS ® ; IBM Inc., Armonk, NY, USA). The analysis of variance (ANOVA) t -test on the data of Ct values was used for investigation of dysregulation of the analyzed miRNAs between TDC and ASD groups. MedCalc statistical ( ) software was used to perform receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis. Table 1 MicroRNA-specific quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction primer

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K Yararbas and PB Atalay

multiple-case families have estimated that approximately 80.0% of BRCA 1/2 mutation carriers would develop breast cancer by age 70 [ 4 , 5 ]. However, in a later meta-analysis study that pooled the data of studies including patients unselected for family history, it was reported that the observed risk for breast cancer development in BRCA 1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers by age 70 was 65.0 and 45.0%, respectively, which were lower than the estimated value [ 6 , 7 ]. Additionally, individuals of high-risk families who do not carry BRCA 1/2 mutations are also at an

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J Krsteski, S Jurgec, M Pakiž, I But and U Potočnik

: initial denaturation at 95 °C for 10 min., followed by 45 cycles of 10 seconds at 95 °C, 15 seconds at 65 °C (secondary target temperature 53 °C, with 0.5 °C/step) and 10 seconds at 72 °C. The HRM curve analysis was performed with temperature ranges used for the melting curve generation from 65 °C to 95 °C with 25 signal acquisitions per °C. Statistical Analysis All statistical analyses were performed with the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), version 23 (IBM Corporation, Armonk, NY, USA). Genetic polymorphisms were expressed as bivariate

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M Rogac and B Peterlin

-adjusted had a relatively low incidence of difficult labor [ 9 ]. Wortis and Freedman [ 10 ] found that the endemic nature of premature delivery in women of low social class was similarly related to the stress of life experiences. Women who react with greater sensitivity and less resilience to their life situations also appear more likely to deliver prematurely [ 10 ]. Chronic or recurrent stress that occurs with maternal under nutrition, immune system response, early-life events or maternal psychopathology, leads to cascading, potentially irreversible changes in biological

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Kate Khair, Faith Gibson and Liz Meerabeau

33. 5 Khair K, Holland M, Carrington S. Social Networking for Adolescents with Severe Haemophilia. Haemophilia 2011; 18T3U: e290S6. 6 Emiliani F, Bertocchi S, Poti S, Palaretu L. Process of normalization in families with children affected by hemophilia. Qual Health Res 2011; 12: 1667S78. 7 Krishnaswamy M. Social support and the patient with cancer: a consideration of the literature. J Adv Nursing 1996; 23: 757S62. 8 EUPHIX. last accessed 28th

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Aleksandar Cvetkovikj, Miroslav Radeski, Dijana Blazhekovikj-Dimovska, Vasil Kostov and Vangjel Stevanovski

(Salmo trutta) with less food - effects on smolt development and fin damage. Aquacult Res 44 (6): 1002-1006. 18. Canon Jones, H.A., Hansen, L.A., Noble, C., Damsgard, B., Broom, D.M., Pearce, G.P. (2010). Social network analysis of behavioural interactions influencing fin damage development in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) during feed-restriction. Appl Anim Behav Sci 127, 139-351. 19. Noble, C., Mizusawa, K., Suzuki, K., Tabata, M. (2007

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Osot Nerapusee, Chanadda Chinthammit, Chavalit Romyen, Maneeporn Pangjunhom, Daniel C. Malone and Rungpetch Sakulbumrungsil

zuclopenthixol, 2 studies with paliperidone, and 1 study with risperidone were included in the analysis. A diagram of the network of study selection for our meta-analysis is shown in Figure 2 . Figure 2 Network diagram. The connecting lines indicate which pairs of treatment were directly compared in randomized trials; number on lines indicate the number of trials. FLUD = fluphenazine decanoate, FPD = flupentixol decanoate, HAL = haloperidol decanoate, PBO = placebo, PLAI = paliperidone palmitate, RLAI = risperidone LAI, ZPD = zuclopenthixol decanoate Diagnostic