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How to Succeed with Film Production in the Regions?

A Study of Key Success Factors in the Norwegian Regional Film Business

Stine Agnete Sand

, John Thornton (2008). Production culture: industrial reflexivity and critical practice in film and television . Durham: Duke University Press. Caves, Richard E. (2003). Contracts between art and commerce. The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 17(2): 73-83. Chan-Olmsted, Sylvia M. (2008). Issues in strategic management, pp. 161-181 in Handbook of media management and economics New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Collins, Alan; Hand, Chris, & Snell, Martin C. (2002). What makes a blockbuster? Economic analysis of film success in the United

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Becoming more Like Friends

A Qualitative Study of Personal Media and Social Life

Marika Lüders

Friends and Romantic Partners’, in Newcomb, A.F., Hartup, W.W., & Bukowski, W.M. (Eds.) The Company they Keep: Friendships in Childhood and Adolescence , pp. 186-210. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Lenhart, A., Madden, M., & Hitlin, P. (2005) ‘Teens and Technology. Youth are Leading the Transition to a Fully Wired and Mobile Nation’, Pew Internet & American Life Project , URL (consulted: 12 September 2006): Licoppe, C., & Smoreda, Z. (2005) ‘Are Social Networks Technologically Embedded? How

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“Nobody has 257 Friends”

Strategies of Friending, Disclosure and Privacy on Facebook

Jakob Linaa Jensen and Anne Scott Sørensen

References Baym, N.K. (2010) Personal Connections in the Digital Age . Cambridge, UK, Malden, Ma/USA. boyd, danah (2008) ‘Facebook’s Privacy Trainwreck. Exposure, invasion and social convergence’, Convergence 14 (1): 13-20. boyd, danah (2011) ‘Social network sites as networked publics: Affordances, dynamics, and implications’, in Z. Papacharissi (ed.) A Networked Self . New York: Routledge. boyd, danah M. & N.B. Ellison (2008) ‘Social network sites: Definition, history and scholarship’, Journal of

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Data Journalists Using Facebook

A Study of a Resource Group Created by Journalists, for Journalists

Ester Appelgren

J. Carrington (Eds.), The Sage handbook of social network analysis (pp. 40-54). London: Sage. Borgatti, Stephen P., & Cross, Rob (2003) A relational view of information seeking and learning in social networks. Management science, 49(4), 432-445. Carlson, Matt, & Lewis, Seth C. (Eds.) (2015) Boundaries of Journalism: Professionalism, Practices and Participation. Routledge. Deuze, Mark (2007) Media work. Polity. De Maeyer, Juliette; Libert, Manon; Domingo, David; Heinderyckx, François, & Le Cam

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After the Performance

A Mayor’s Diary on Facebook

Bjarki Valtysson

References Bakhtin, Mikhail (1984) Rabelais and his world. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. boyd, danah (2011) Social network sites as networked publics: Affordances, dynamics, and implications. In A networked self: Identity, community, and culture on social network sites ed. Z. Papacharissi, 39-58. New York & London: Routledge. Brouwer, Daniel (2006) Communication as counterpublics. In Communication as…: Perspectives on theory eds. Gregory Shepard, Jeffrey St. John & Ted Striphas, 195-208. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Castells

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Risk, Crisis, and Social Media

A systematic review of seven years’ research

Joel Rasmussen and Øyvind Ihlen

Value Modeling to Evaluate Social Media Messages: The Case of Hurricane Irene. Public Relations Review , 39(3): 185-192. Gender and Disaster Network (2008). The Gender and Disaster Sourcebook . London: GDN. Available at: Grant, Maria J. & Booth, Andrew (2009). A Typology of Reviews: An Analysis of 14 Review Types and Associated Methodologies. Health Information & Libraries Journal , 26(2): 91-108. Gunaratne, Shelton A. (2009). Emerging Global Divides in Media and Communication Theory: European Universalism

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Connected Youth

Young Students’ Extensibility and Use of the Internet to Search for Information

Ståle Angen Rye

. (2009) Communication Power . New York: Oxford. Collon, M. (1987) Society in the Making: The Study of Technology as a Tool for Sociological Analysis. In W.E. Bijker, T. Hughes & T. Pinch (eds.) The Social Construction of Technological Systems: New Directions in the Sociology and History of Technology . Cambridge: MIT press, 82-103. Delanty, G. (2007) Theorising Citizenship in a Global Age. In W. Hudson & S. Slaughter (ed.) Globalisation and Citizenship. The Transnational Challenge. Oxon: Routledge, 15-29. Edwards, R

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How Social Media Managers for Danish Political Parties Perceive User-Generated Content

Johan Farkas and Sander Andreas Schwartz

(7): 1164–1180. doi: 10.1177/1461444812440159 Carpentier, Nico (2011). Media and Participation: A Site of Ideological-Democratic Struggle . Bristol: Intellect. Carpentier, Nico (2017). The Discursive-Material Knot: Cyprus in Conflict and Community Media Participation. New York: Peter Lang Publishing. Castells, Manuell (2012). Networks of Outrage and Hope: Social Movements in the Internet Age . Cambridge, UK: Polity Press. Cantijoch, Marta; Cutts, David & Gibson, Rachel (2016). Moving Slowly up the Ladder of Political Engagement: A ‘Spill

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A Golden Decade

Exploring Internationalization in Nordic Communication Research

David Fernández-Quijada

References Barker, K. (2007) ‘The UK Research Assessment Exercise: the evolution of a national research evaluation system’ Research Evaluation 16(1): 3-12. Borgatti, S.P. (2002) NetDraw: Graph Visualization Software . Harvard: Analytic Technologies. Borgatti, S.P., Everett, M.G. & Freeman, L.C. (2002) Ucinet 6 for Windows: Software for Social Network Analysis . Harvard: Analytic Technologies. Franceschet, M. & Constantini, A. (2010) ‘The effect of scholar collaboration on impact and quality

Open access

Terje Rasmussen

-Mediated Communication and The Public Sphere: A Critical Analysis’, Journal of Computer-mediated Communication, 7(1). DiMaggio, P. et. al. (2001) ‘Social Implications of the Internet’, Annual Review of Sociology, vol. 27( 1) 307-336. Eriksen, Erik Oddvar (2005) ‘An Emerging European Public Sphere’, European Journal of Social Theory. 8(3) 341-363. Gershuny, Jonathan (2003) ‘Web Use and Net Nerds: A Neofunctionalist Analysis of the Impact of Information Technology at Home’, Social Forces, 82(1) 141-168. Gimmler, Antje (2001