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Adriana Anamaria Davidescu

References Abdi, H. & Williams, L. J. (2010). Principal component analysis. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Statistics 2(4), 433-459. Davidescu, A. A., Paul, A. M. V., Gogonea, R. M. & Zaharia, M. (2015). Evaluating Romanian Eco-Innovation Performances in European Context. Sustainability 7(9), 12723-12757. Erhard, L. (1959). Prosperity through Competition. London: Thames & Hudson. Eucken, W., & Eucken, E. (1952). Grundsätze der wirtschaftspolitik. Helfer, H. (2015). Social market economy: Towards a comprehensive

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Katalin Juhász-Dóra

References Bathelt, H., Schuldt, N. (2008). Temporary face-to-face contact and the ecologies of global and virtual buzz, Eur. Plan. Stud. 18, 1957-1974. Brailly, J., Favre, G., Chatellet, J., Lazega, E. (2016). Embeddedness as a multilevel problem: A case-study in economic sociology, Social Networks (44) 319-333. Casper, C. (1995). Confirmed reservations, Restaurant Business, 94 (17), 109-18. Cipolletti, S. (2014). Tourism Spaces: The New Experience Design. Almatourism-Journal of Tourism, Culture and Territorial Development , 5 (1), 92

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Carmen Păunescu, Alexandra Ioana Pascu, Adina Filculescu and Raluca Badea

committee of Imam Khomeini in Tehran in 2014). Social Sciences, 11, 439-446. Hukampal, S., & Bhowmick, B. (2016). Innovation network for entrepreneurship development in rural Indian context: exploratory factor analysis. International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, 13(4), 1-20. Kolawole, O.D., & Ajila, K. (2015). Driving local community transformation through participatory rural entrepreneurship development. World Journal of Entrepreneurship Management and Sustainable Development, 11(2), 131-139. McGowan, P

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Simona Vasilache and Johana Rînciog

-28. Hobikoglu, E. and Sanli, B., (2015). Comparative analysis in the frame of business establishment criteria and entrepreneurship education from the viewpoint of economy policies supported by innovative entrepreneurship. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences. 195, 1156-1165. Jansen, S., Zande, T., Brinkkemper, S., Stam, E. and Varma, V., (2015). How education, stimulation and incubation encourage student entrepreneurship: observations from MIT, IIIT, and Utrecht University. The International Journal of Management Education. 13, 170-181. Lim, D., Morse, E

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Francesco Bellini and Iana Dulskaia

assessment of Software-as-a-Service and Internet of Services research projects . RESEARCH EVALUATION; ISSN: 0958-2029 Passani, A., Spagnoli, F., Bellini, F., Prampolini, A., & Firus, K. (2016). Collective Awareness Platform for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS) . In Organizational Innovation and Change (pp. 103-114) - LECTURE NOTES IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND ORGANISATION (LNISO) Vol. 13. Springer International Publishing. Uricchio, W. (2004). Beyond the Great Divide: Collaborative networks and the challenge to dominant conceptions of creative

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Iulian Lita and Tănase Stamule

.F., (2014), A novel network data envelopment analysis model for evaluating green supply chain management, International Journal of Production Economics, 147, 544-554. Monchuk, D.C., Chen, Z., Bonaparte, Y. (2010), Explaining production inefficiency in China's agriculture using data envelopment analysis and semi-parametric bootstrapping, China Economic Review, 21, 346-354. Mukherjee, K. (2008), Energy use efficiency in U.S. manufacturing: A nonparametric analysis, Energy Economics, 30(1), 76-96. Neely, A., Gregory, M., Platts

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Cristina Stoenescu and Camelia Monica Gheorghe

. Ryan Air case study, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences , 62, 342 – 346. Dobruszkes F. (2013). The geography of European low-cost airline networks: a contemporary analysis, Journal of Transport Geography, 28, 75-88. Dobruszkes F. Givoni M., Vowles T. (2017). Hello major airports, goodbye regional airports? Recent changes in European and US low-cost airline airport choice, Journal of Air Transport Management , 9, 50–62. Gabor D. (2010). Low-cost Airlines in Europe: Network Structures after the Enlargement of the European Union

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Miruna Florina Lungu

Management Research, 2(3), 6-12. Felipe, C.M., Roldán, J.L. and Leal-Rodríguez, A.L. (2016). An explanatory and predictive model for organizational agility. Journal of Business Research, 69(10), pp.4624-4631. Ghezzi, A., Cortimiglia, M.N. and Frank, A.G., (2015). Strategy and business model design in dynamic telecommunications industries: A study on Italian mobile network operators. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 90, pp.346-354. Hadad, S. (2015). Analytic hierarchy process analysis for choosing a corporate

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Luminiţa Nicolescu and Florentin Gabriel Tudorache

2016. Dima A.M. and Vasilache S.N. (2013). An analysis between the link of emerging markets MNES’s reputation and social corporate responsibility, in Leonard, L and Gonzalez Perez, MA (eds.), Principles and Strategies to Balance Ethical, Social and Environmental Concerns with Corporate Requirements, Book Series: Advances in Sustainability and Environmental Justice, 12, 51-66. Ferreira, M.A., Keswani A., Miguel A.F. and Ramos S.B. (2012). The flow-performance relationship around the world, Journal of Banking&Finance , 36, 1759-1780. Forthcoming

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Mihaela Cornelia Popescu

, Al. & Pop, O. (2016). Social enterprise: how does this way of doing business differ from other forms of enterprise? Quality- Access to Success, 17(153), 108-110 Simmons, D., Mason, R. & Gardner, B. (2004). Overall vehicle effectiveness. International Journal of Logistics: Research and Applications, 7, (2), 119-135 Sisson, J. & Elshennawy, A. (2015). Achieving success with lean- an analysis of key factors in lean transformation at Toyota and beyond. International Journal of Lean Six Sigma, 5, (2), 122-148 Stich, V