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Igor Ivan, Jiří Horák, Lenka Zajíčková, Jaroslav Burian and David Fojtík

References Adams EJ, Esliger DW, Taylor IM, Sherar LB (2017) Individual, employment and psychosocial factors influencing walking to work: Implications for intervention design. PLoS ONE 12(2). Ayvalik CK, Khisty CJ (2002) Heuristic analysis of impacts of commuter rail station consolidation on pedestrian access. Transportation Research Record 1793: 47–54. Bernard HR (2012) Social Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches. SAGE Publications, London. Biba S, Curtin SK, Manca G (2010) A new method for determining the population

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Jan Sucháček, Jaroslav Urminský and Stanislav Škapa

, Cheltenham. Fothergill S, Guy N (1990) Retreat from the Regions. Corporate Change and the Closure of Factories. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London. Frobel F, Heinrichs J, Kreye O (1980) The new international division of labour. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Garbe JN, Richter NF (2009) Causal analysis of the internationalization and performance relationship based on neural networks – advocating the transnational structure. Journal of International Management 15(4): 413−431. Grabow B, Henckel D, Hollbach-Grömig B (1995) Weiche

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N. Aydan Sat

:// Accessed 02.05.2017 Green N (2007) Functional polycentricity: a formal definition in terms of social network analysis. Urban Studies 44(11): 2077-2103. DOI: 10.1080/00420980701518941 Harris C D, Ullman E L (1945) The nature of cities. The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 242(1): 7-17. Kloosterman R C, Lambregts B (2001) Clustering of economic activities in polycentric urban regions: the case of the Randstad. Urban Studies 38(4): 717-732. DOI: 10.1080/00420980120035303 Kloosterman R C, Musterd S (2001) The polycentric

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Bianca Radu

(2002) An institutional approach to local restructuring: The case of four Norwegian mining towns. European Urban and Regional Studies 9(1): 5–20. Dani A, Rubin M, Sandu D, Wang L (2006), Romania: Mining Sector Reform. In: Coudouel A, Dani A, Paternostro S (eds.) Poverty and Social Impact Analysis of Reforms. Lessons and Examples from Implementation. The World Bank, Washington, pp. 339–385. Dumitrescu B (2008) Orașele monoindustriale din România. Între industrializare forțată și declin economic (Mono-industrial cities of Romania. Between forced

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Eva Fuchsová, Jitka Laštovková and Michaela Jánská

Couples: Who Decides and Why DoesIt Matter? The Journal of Human Resources 45: 111−133. Auten GE, Sieg H, Clotfelter CT (2002) Charitable Giving, Income, and Taxes: An Analysis of Panel Data. The American Economic Review 92: 371−382. Ball, S. J. (2008). New Philanthropy, New Networks and New Governance in Education. Political Studies 56: 747−765. Bekkers R (2004) Giving & Volunteering in the Netherlands: Sociological and Psychological Perspectives. Utrecht University, Utrecht. Bekkers R (2010) George gives to geology Jane: The name letter effect

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Szilvia Mészáros, Attila Gergely and Zsuzsanna Illyés

References Aarts, L., Schagen, I. 2006. Driving speed and the risk of road crashes, A review. Accident Analysis and Prevention 38, 215–224. DOI: 10.1016/j.aap.2005.07.004 Antrop, M. 2005. Why landscapes of the past are important for the future. Landscape and Urban Planning 70, 21-34. DOI: 10.1016/j.landurbplan.2003.10.002 Bata, T., Mezősi, G. 2013. Assessing landscape sensitivity based on fragmentation caused by the artificial barriers in Hungary. Journal of Environmental Geography 6 (1-2), 37–47. DOI: 10.2478/v10326

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Ondřej Slach, Igor Ivan, Jan Ženka and Andrej Sopkuliak

. Geoforum 34: 511–524. Ebert R, Kunzmann K R (2007) Kulturwirtschaft, kreative Räume und Stadtentwicklung in Berlin. disP-The Planning Review 171: 64–79. Glaeser E L, Henderson V, Inman R P (2000) The Future of Urban Research: Nonmarket Interactions [with Comments]. Brookings-Wharton papers on urban affairs: 101–149. Grabher G (2002) The Project Ecology of Advertising: Tasks, Talents and Teams. Regional Studies 36: 245–262. Grabher G (2004) Learning in projects, remembering in networks? Communality, sociality, and connectivity in project ecologies

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Gábor Barton

References ANCPI 2014, Agenţia Naţională De Cadastru Şi Publicitate Imobiliară, INSPIRE HY View Service – [accessed November 2014] Bara, A. 2002. Rosia Montana gold mine: a future predictable catastrophe. CEE Bankwatch Network, CEE Bankwatch Network. Online: [Accessed: June 2015] Bareth, G. 2009. GIS- and RS-based spatial decision support: structure of a spatial environmental information system (SEIS). International Journal of Digital Earth 2

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Lenka Dubová and Jan Macháč

Analysis of the Benefits, Purposes, and Motivations Associated with Community Gardening in the United States, Journal of Community Practice 18(4): 458–492. Duží B, Tóth A, Bihuňová M, Stojanov R (2014) Challenges of Urban Agriculture: Highlights on the Czech and Slovak Republic Specific. In: Vávra J, Lapka M, Cudlínová E (eds.) Current Challenges of Central Europe: Society and Environment, Prague, pp. 82–107. Fisher B, Turner RK, Morling P (2009) Defining and classifying ecosystem services for decision making, Ecological Economics 68(3): 643–653. Fox

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Mohamed R. Ibrahim and Houshmand E. Masoumi

Community Builders. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. El Kafrawy AHH (2012) Housing policy and finance in Egypt: extending the reach of mortgage credit. University of Glasgow. Retrieved from Farrell WJ, Deville Cavellin L, Weichenthal S, Goldberg M, Hatzopoulou M (2015) Capturing the urban canyon effect on particle number concentrations across a large road network using spatial analysis tools. Building and Environment 92: 328–334. Fischer R, Mues V, Ulrich E, Becher G, Lorenz M (2007) Monitoring of atmospheric