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Jasmine Siu Lee Lam and Dong-Wook Song

(1), 47-67. 4. Birley, S. (1985), The role of networks in the entrepreneurial process , Journal of Business Venturing, 1(1), 107-117. 5. Borgatti, S.P. and Li, X. (2009), On social network analysis in a supply chain context , Journal of Supply Chain Management, 45(2), 5-22. 6. Braglia, M. and Petroni, A. (2000), A quality assurance-oriented methodology for handling trade-offs in supplier selection , International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 30(2), 96-111. 7. Brajkovich, L

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Hairui Wei and Zhaohan Sheng

Seaport-Dry Port System Optimization. Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society 1:1-8. 11. D. Ambrosino, A. Sciomachen, 2014. Location of mid-range dry ports in multimodal logistic networks. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 108:118-128. 12. A. N.Samir, G. C. Nicoletta, and C. O. Alberto, 2014. Application of a Model based on the Use of DELPHI Methodology and Multicriteria Analysis for the Assessment of the Quality of the Spanish Dry Ports Location. Procedia- Social and Behavioral Sciences 162: 42-50. 13. A. N. Samir

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Lili Wang, Wenwen Xiao and Chengwei Wang

distribution patterns of coastal cities based on GIS. Areal Research and Development, 4,152-156. 23. Y. Fu, Y. Chen, Z. Zhang, 2014. Temporal and spatial variation of population density of coastal cities during 1985-2010 in China. Tropical Geography, 5,635-642. 24. L.Ye, X. J. Duan, 2016. City network structure of the Yangtze River Delta region based on logistics enterprise network. Progress in Geography, 5,622-631. 25. P .J. Taylor, 2001. Specification of the world city network. Geographical analysis, 33(2), 181

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Jun Tian and Lirong Huang

-6096. 7. M. A. Govoni, H. Li, J. A. Kosinski, 2013. Range-Doppler resolution of the linear-FM noise radar waveform. IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, 49(1):658-664. 8. Y. Y. Fu, M. Zhang, D. G., Feng et al. 2014. Attribute privacy preservation in social networks based on node anatomy. Journal of Software, 25(4): 768-780. 9. D. G. Feng, M. Zhang, H. Li, 2014. Big data security and privacy protection. Chinese Journal of Computers, 37(1): 246-258. 10. J. Song, G. Y. Xu, R. P. Yao, 2016. Anonymized data

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Ying Zhu and Liang Geng

. 319-337, 2018. 6. Wang, Y., Zheng, Y., Fang, H.-J., Wang, Y.-W.: ARMAX model based run-to-run fault diagnosis approach for batch manufacturing process with metrology delay. International Journal of Production Research, 2014, 52(10): 2915–2930. 7. Zheng,Y., Fang,H.-J., Wang,H.-O.: Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model-based fault detection for networked control systems with markov delays. IEEE Transactions on System, Man and Cybernetics, Part B: Cybernetics, 2006, 36(3): 924-929. 8. Liu, H., Li, J., Guo, H. and Liu, C.: Interval analysis-based hyperbox

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Deyu He, Niaoqing Hu, Lei Hu, Ling Chen, YiPing Guo and Shaoshan Chen

. Engineering Structures, 2014. 71(0): p. 99-111. 8. Olaru, M., M. Şandru, and I.C. Pirnea, Monte Carlo Method Application for Environmental Risks Impact Assessment in Investment Projects. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2014. 109(0): p. 940-943. 9. Lonati, G. and F. Zanoni, Monte-Carlo human health risk assessment of mercury emissions from a MSW gasification plant. Waste Management, 2013. 33(2): p. 347-355. 10. LeBlanc, D.I., et al., A national produce supply chain database for food safety risk analysis. Journal of

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Fangping Yin

Magazine, 2016, 54(10):145-151. 4. Wen S, Haghighi M S, Chen C, et al. A Sword with Two Edges: Propagation Studies on Both Positive and Negative Information in Online Social Networks. IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2015, 64(3):640-653. 5. Liu X F, Yao X R, Lan R M, et al. Edge detection based on gradient ghost imaging. Optics Express, 2015, 23(26):33802. 6. Tseng C S, Wang J H. Perceptual edge detection via entropydriven gradient evaluation. Iet Computer Vision, 2016, 10(2):163-171. 7. Hidalgogato M C

Open access

Yi Su, Fa-yin Wang and Xiao-li An

degree of manufacturing clusters[J].Journal of Shandong University of Technology(Natural Science Edition),2010(11):107-110. (in Chinese) 14. Yuan Yijun, Ren Huanhuan, Zhang Mengmeng. Coupled network analysis and upgrading path of equipment manufacturing industry[J].Science & Technology Progress and Policy,2012(5):59-61. (in Chinese) 15. Liu Weiwei, Sun Ru. Research on coupling degree measurement between knowledge innovation and technological innovation of High-End equipment manufacturing enterprises[J].Science of Science and Management

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Andrzej Stateczny and Pawel Burdziakowski

BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Barton A., Volna E.: Control of Autonomous Robot using Neural Networks . Proceedings of the International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics 2016 (ICNAAM-2016), vol. 1863, Rhodes, Greece 2016. 2. Burdziakowski P., Szulwic J.: A commercial of the shelf components for a unmanned air vehicle photogrammetry, 16 th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2016, Albena, Bulgaria, 2016 3. Droeschel D., Schwarz M. Behnke S.: Continuous mapping and localization for autonomous navigation in

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Ahmed A. Salem and Ibrahim Sadek Seddiek

References 1. Ahmad, M., & Khan, B. H., 2012. Design and evaluation of solar inverter for different power factor loads. Energy and Power Engineering, Vol. 4, No. 5, pp.324-329. 2. Bhatt, P., & Verma, A., 2014. Design and cost analysis of PV System using nano solar cell. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, pp. 1-5. 3. de Castro Nobrega, J. C., & Rossling, A., 2012. Development of solar powered boat for maximum energy efficiency. International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power