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Claudiu Pirnau, Mironela Pirnau, Stefan Titu and Aurel Mihail Titu

Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration, Mountain View, CA, USA, October 2011. Teodorescu, H.N. (2016), Emergency-related, social network time series: description and analysis, Time Series Analysis and Forecasting, Contributions to Statistics, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, pp. 205-215. Wang, B. (2013), What do online social networking sites bring us ?: Discussion of online and offline identity, loneliness, and difference between digital communication and real-life social interaction, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

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Andreas Ahrens, Norbert Grünwald, Olaf Bassus, Jeļena Zaščerinska and Julija Melnikova

:// Flyvbjerg, B. (2006). Five Misunderstandings About Case-Study Research. Qualitative Inquiry,12(2), 219-245. Kohlbacher, Florian (2005). The Use of Qualitative Content Analysis in Case Study Research. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 7(1), Art. 21, Mayer, M.M., Yamamura, S., Schneider, J., & Müller, A. (2012). Immigration of International Students from Third Countries. Study by the German National Contact Point for the European Migration Network (EMN

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Alina-Mihaela Fagateanu, Sergiu Ştefan Nicolaescu, Claudiu Vasile Kifor and Silvia Mărginean

social sciences research for public benefit using knowledge mobilization and social media . InTech. Klenk, N. L., & Wyatt, S. (2015). The design and management of multi-stakeholder research networks to maximize knowledge mobilization and innovation opportunities in the forest sector. Forest Policy and Economics , 61 , 77-86. , accessed on 20.06.15

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Luiza Zeqiri

Learning Satisfaction in Blended Learning. Retrieved from: 8. Portas, M.D., Rabaseda, S. S., Domenèch, L.G., Roure, M.S., Font, R.R., Aguilella, E. C. (2008) Enhancing learning beyond the classroom: blogging and other social networking tools. Journal Article : doi: 9. Rezaee, A. A. & Oladi, S. (2008). The Effect of Blogging on Language Learners’ Improvement in Social Interactions and Writing Proficiency. Iranian Journal of Language Studies (IJLS

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Rufi Osmani

report for: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, • Roberto Dell’anno, (2007)”The Shadow Economy In Portugal: An Analysis With The Mimic Approach”, Journal of Applied Economics. Vol X, No. 2, • Fleming et al., (2000), “The Shadow Economy”, Journal of International Affairs, The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York, • Ali M. El-Agraa (2011) “The European Union: Economics and Policies ”, 9 th edition, Cambridge University Press (2011), • Baldwin & Richard (2012

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Ioan G. Pop, Mihai-Florin Talpos and Igor Prisac

! KMWorld 2012 Conference, Building Smarter Organizations: Culture, Complexity, and Connecting through Enterprise Social Networks , McMillan LLP, Canada, A204, pp.140-188.

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Katerina Kocevska

REFERENCES B. Tamanaha, A Concise Guide To The Rule Of Law, Legal Studies Research Paper Series, September 2007, The Social Science Research Network Electronic Paper Collection, ; G. O’Donnell, “Why the Rule of Law Matters”, Journal of Democracy 15, 2004, 33 B. Z. Tamanaha, “The Dark Side оf the Relationship Between the Rule of Law and Liberalism”, NYU Journal of Law & Liberty 2004, 516–519; R. M. Ebeling, Free Markets, the Rule of Law, and Classical Liberalism , The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty – May 2004

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Ylber Januzaj, Artan Luma, Besnik Selimi, Azir Aliu, Bujar Raufi and Halil Snopçe

. Gan, “You are probably not the weakest link: Towards Practical Prediction of Susceptibility to Semantic Social Engineering Attacks”. In IEEE Access, October 2016. [5] E. J. Fortuny, D. Martens, “Active Learning - Based Pedagogical Rule Extraction”. In IEEE Transaction on Neural Network and Learning Systems, Vol. 26, No. 11, November 2015. [6] A. Mukhopadhyay, S. Bandyopadhyay, “A Survey of Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms for Data Mining: Part I”. In IEEE Transaction on Evolutionary Computation, Vol. 18, No. 1, February 2014

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Goodwell Muyengwa, Partson Dube, Kimbelry Battle and Errol Masinga

., Networks and local Environmental Characteristics in the Survival of New Firms, Small Business Economics , Vol. 15, pp. 59-71, (2000a). 38. Jenssen, J.I., Koeing, H.F., The effect of social networks on resource access and business start-ups, European Planning Studies , Vol. 10 (8), (2002). 39. Hynes, B. Growing the social enterprise-issues and challenges , Social Enterprise Journal, Vol. 5, Number 2, pp. 114-125, (2009). 40. Heinonen, J., Nummela, N., Pukkinen, T., “To grow or not to grow? An Analysis of internationally growth orientated Finnish SMEs” , paper

Open access

Merita Meçe

, Norwestern University, DOHA International Institute, 7-9. 52. Perlman, D., & Peplau, L. A. (1981). Toward a social psychology of loneliness. In. R. Gilmour., & S. Duck. (Ed.). Personal relationships 3: personal relationships in disorder . London Academic Press, 31-43. 53. Pezzin, L. E., & Schone, B. S. (1999). Parental marital disruption and intergenerational transfers: An analysis of lone elderly parents and their children. Demography , 36, 287-297. 54. Poteraj, J. (2012). Pension system in Albania. IJRRAS , 11(1), 82-88. 55. Rice, J. K. (1994