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Aleksandra Vehovar, Damijan Mumel and Lidija Hauptman

Guatemalan opinion. In: Taxation and Public Finance in Transition and Developing Economies (pp. 481-895). Springer: Boston. McGee, W. R. (2005b). The ethics of tax evasion: A survey of Romanian business students and faculty. In: Accounting and Financial Systems Reform in Eastern Europe and Asia (pp. 299-334). Springer: Boston. McGee, W. R. (2006). Tax evasion in Armenia: An empirical study. Social Science Research Network - SSRN, 2006. McGee, W. R. (2006a

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Igor Perko and Zoraida Mendiwelso-Bendek

-based digital game about sexual violence. Sex Education-Sexuality Society and Learning, 16 (4), 391–404. Gomez-Gardenes, J., Vilone, D., & Sanchez, A. (2011). Disentangling social and group heterogeneities: Public Goods games on complex networks. Epl, 95 (6). Google. (2018). Games leaderboard. Retrieved from Gopher, D., Weil, M., & Bareket, T. (1994). Transfer of Skill from a Computer

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Dario Maradin, Ljerka Cerović and Trina Mjeda

, I., & Sommer, M. W. (2014). Employment effects of renewable energy supply - A meta analysis. WWW for Europe Policy Paper series, No. 12. Retrieved from Nakata, T. (2004). Energy-economic models and the environment. Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, 30(4), 417-475. Nanda, N. et al. (2015). Assessing economic, social and environmental benefits of

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Roma Mitra Debnath and Ashish Malhotra

-78. 7. Carmichael, F., Thomas, D., & Ward, R. (2000). Team performance: The case of English premiership soccer. Managerial and Decision Economics , 21(1), 31-45.;2-Q 8. Carmichael, F., Thomas, D., & Ward, R. (2001). Production and efficiency in association football. Journal of Sports Economics , 2(3), 228-243. 9. Cesaroni, G. (2011). A complete FDH efficiency analysis of a diffused production network

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Rok Črešnar and Senta Jevšenak

References Ahn, M. J., & Ettner, L. W. (2014). Are leadership values different across generations?: A comparative leadership analysis of CEOs v. MBAs. Journal of Management Development, 33 (10), 977-990. Ajzen, I. (1991). The theory of planned behavior. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 50 , 179-211. Akers, K. L. (2018). Leading after the boom: Developing future leaders from a future leader’s perspective. Journal of Management

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Mirjana Pejić Bach, Vesna Bosilj Vukšić and Dalia Suša Vugec

. S. (1998). The effects of attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control on consumers’ purchase intentions: The moderating effects of product knowledge and attention to social comparison information. Proceedings of the National Science Council, Republic of China. Part C, 9 (2), 298-308. Costello, A. B., & Osborne, J. (2005). Best practices in exploratory factor analysis: four recommendations for getting the most from your analysis. Practical Assessment Research & Evaluation, 10 (7), 1-9. de Bruin T., & Doebeli G. (2009). Progressing an

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Eduards Gaušis

(2), 185-208. Bryer, A. T. (2013). Designing Social Media Strategies for Effective Citizen Engagement. A Case Example and Model. National Civic Review, 102(1), 43-50. Castells, M. (2008). The New Public Sphere: Global Civil Society, Communication Networks, and Global Governance. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 616(1), 78-93. Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia

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Vadims Murašovs, Aleksejs Ruža, Vitālijs Raščevskis and Valērijs Dombrovskis

. (1998). Social Theory and the Politics of Identity . In Calhoun C. (Ed.). Blackwell. Calhoun C. 1998 Social Theory and the Politics of Identity Calhoun C. Blackwell European Commission (EC, 2014). Standard Eurobarometer, 82. Retrieved February 2016, from European Commission (EC, 2014) Standard Eurobarometer 82 Retrieved February 2016, from European Migration Network (EMN, 2015

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Vitaliy Omelyanenko

:// Ensign, P. C. (2001). Value Chain Analysis and Competitive Advantage: Assessing Strategic Linkages and Interrelationships. Journal of General Management, 27(1), 18-42. ESOA. (2015). The Space Value Chain. - Credits. Euroconsult. (2015). Comprehensive Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of the Canadian Space Sector. Final Report. Retrieved from FLB Partners. (2016). Aerospace. Jolly, C

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Olha Prokopenko and Vitaliy Omelyanenko

Omelyanenko, V. A. (2016b). Innovation priorities optimization in the context of national technological security ensuring. Marketing and Management of Innovations, 4, 226-234. Prokopenko, O., Eremenko, Y., & Omelyanenko, V. (2014). Role of international factor in innovation ecosystem formation. Economic Annals-XXI, 3-4 (2), 4-7. Prokopenko, О., & Omelyanenko, V. (2014). Analysis of characteristics of technology marketing in high-tech industry (case of space industry). The contemporary problems of management - valuebased marketing, social