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Using Social Media for Effective Health Care Service Delivery: Bibliometrics and Sociometry

, Schoonhoven L. Internet and social media for health-related information and communication in health care: preferences of the Dutch general population. J Med Internet Res. 2013;15(10):e220. 7. Denecke K. Ethical aspects of using medical social media in healthcare applications. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2014;198:55–62. 8. de Camargo AL, Ito M. Use of Information technologies and communication in healthcare: use of social networks for doctors. J Health Inform [Internet]. 2012[cited

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The autonomy-oriented approach as a way to develop higher medical education

study limitations need to be considered. First, this study used self-reported data, which may pose concerns around social desirability bias. However, various forms of training and communication allowed the study participants to respond using the full range of response options, yielding evidence against social desirability bias. Second, the analysis of autonomy-oriented approach application in medical education presented in this paper is largely qualitative and is limited to the results of literature review as well as teaching and discussion practices among a small

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Out-look on the development of Russian education in the context of world trends

an online university, which quickly passes the corporate framework by the world’s largest technology companies (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.). Such projects as Coursera and EdX (mass online education sites) are growing very fast and are gaining a huge number of students around the world. And as a result, most of the courses and educational programs will transfer to the network. First of all, it concerns disciplines of general education, humanities and social sciences. This will cause a significant reduction in teaching staff, studying rooms, etc. At the

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Lesch-Nyhan disease: A rare disorder with many unresolved aspects

restrictions, most patients can develop important auto-mutilating lesions [ 26 ]. Difficult behaviours such as impulsivity, striking or spitting at others, or use of socially unacceptable language is also rather frequent. Despite their periodic aggressive behavior, LND patients are frequently happy and engaging children when they are restrained. Affected individuals have often been described as cognitively impaired, but such feature is difficult to assess and is often misdiagnosed due to the behavioral disturbances, motor deficits, and attention problems [ 27 ]. Individuals

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