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Intelligent Development of the Countryside – The Concept of Smart Villages: Assumptions, Possibilities and Implementation Limitations

. Dej, M., Janas, K., Wolski, O. (red.) (2014). Współpraca miejsko-wiejska w Polsce Uwarunkowania i potencjał . Kraków: Instytut Rozwoju Miast. 16. Deller, S.C., Tsai, T.H.S., Marcouiller D.W., English D.B. (2001). The role of amenities and quality of life in rural economic growth. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 83 (2), 352–365. 17. Digital and social innovation in rural services , EAFRD Projects Brochure, 2018 Pobrane z:

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Tourist Areas in the Cyberspace: Netnographic Research of the Northern Kraków-Częstochowa Upland

References/Literatura 1. Birendra, KC, Morais, D.B., Seekamp, E., Smith, J.W., Nils Peterson, M.N. (2018). Bonding and Bridging Forms of Social Capital in Wildlife Tourism Microentrepreneurship: An Application of Social Network Analysis. Sustainability , 10 (315), 1-17. . 2. Buhalis, D. (2002). eTourism: information technology for strategic tourism management. Pearson Education: Londyn. 3. Hays, S., Page, S.J., Buhalis, D. (2013). Social media as a destination marketing tool: its use by national tourism

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Systemic Paradigm in the Tradition of Marketing Science

: Moving to Marketing’s Next Era. Academy of Marketing Science Review, 6, s. 132-141. 11. Dixon D.F. (1967), A Social System Approach to Marketing. Social Science Quarterly, 48 (September), s. 164-173. 12. Dixon D.F., Wilkinson I.F. (1989), An Alternative Paradigm for Marketing Theory. The European Journal of Marketing, 23 (8), s. 56-69. 13. Duddy E.A., Revzan D.A. (1947), Marketing: An Institutional Approach. McGraw-Hill, New York. 14. Fisk G. (1967), Marketing Systems: An Introductory Analysis. Harper

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