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Damjana Jerman and Bruno Završnik

mnenje: Teoretski razvoj in spori v XX. stoletju . Ljubljana: Fakulteta za družbene vede. [31] Van der Merwe, L.F., Pitt, L.P., Abratt, R., 2005, Stakeholder Strength: PR Survival Strategies in the Internet Age. Public Relations Quarterly , Spring, pp.39-48. [32] Wasserman, S., Galaskiewicz, J., 1994, Advances in social network analysis: Research in the social and behavioural sciences. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications. [33] Yaxley, H., 2008, How PR practitioners should engage with social networking. [online

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Georgi Penchev

Press, vol. I. Grubesic T.H., Murray A.T. (2008), Vital nodes, interconnected infrastructures, and the geographies of network survivability, ʻAnnals of the Association of American Geographersʼ, vol. 96, no. 1. Hillier B., Hanson J. (1984), The social logic of space, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge University Press. Hillier W.R.G., Yang T., Turner A. (2012), Normalising least angle choice in Depthmap-and how it opens up new perspectives on the global and local analysis of city space, ʻJournal of Space syntaxʼ, vol

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Lev Muchnik and Jacob Goldenberg

References Brot, H.; Muchnik, L.; Goldenberg, J. and Louzoun, Y. (2016): “Evolution through bursts: Network structure develops through localized bursts in time and space,” Network Science, Vol. 4, No. 3, pp. 293 - 313.

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Imran Anwar Mir

References Adnan, M., Shahzad, M., Husain, T., Waseem, Y., Muhammad, I., & Nawaz, A. (2015). Usage of social networking sites in Pakistan interpersonal communication and motives of youth. Research on Humanities & Social Sciences, 5(5), 133-140. Al-Menayes, J. J. (2015). Motivations for using social media: An exploratory factor analysis. Journal of Psychological Studies, 7(1), 43-50. Anderson, J. C., & Gerbing, D. W. (1988). Structural equation modeling in practice: A review and recommended two-step approach

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Roman Gavuliak

References Council of the European Union, (2006) Renewed EU Sustainable Development Strategy Annex. Eurostat, Luxembourg (available from Eurostat, (2010) Europe 2020 targets and indicators, Eurostat: Luxembourg ( available from Haan, A. (1998). Social exclusion: An alternative concept for the study of deprivation? IDB Bulletin, 29(1), 10

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Astrida Miceikiene, Damian Walczak and Sylwia Pieńkowska-Kamieniecka

References Act 1990, Ustawa z dnia 20 grudnia 1990 r. o ubezpieczeniu społecznym rolników, [Act of 20 December 1990 on social insurance of farmers], Journal of Laws 216, item 277. Agricultural Census, Farm Accounting Data Network An A to Z of methodology, (accessed: 10.04.2018). Chybalski, F., Marcinkiewicz, E. (2016), The replacement rate: An imperfect indicator of pension adequacy in cross-country analyses , ‘Social indicators research’, Vol. 126, No. 1. Cornelissen, R. (2008), Third

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Marek Tomaszewski

References BarNir, A. & Smith, K.A. (2002). Interfirm Alliances in the Small Business: The Role of Social Networks. Journalof Small Business Management, 40 (3). Barretta, A. (2008). The functioning of coopetition in the healthcare sector: an explorative analysis. Scandinavian Journal of Management, 24. Bengtsson, M. & Kock, S. (2000). Coopetition in business networks - to cooperate and compete simultaneously. Industrial Marketing Management, 29. Brandenburger, A.M. & Nalebuff, B.J. (1996). Co

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Joanna Fila

References Attström K., Kuhn H-M., Blagoeva t., Beavor E. (2015), Interim Evaluation Of The European Progress Microfinance Facility. Final Report, Specific Contract VC/2013/0660, European Union. Bendig M., Unterberg M., Sarpong B., (2012), Overview of the Microcredit Sector in the European Union, European Microfinance Network (EMN) 2010-2011 Carboni B.J., Caldron M.L., Garrido S.R., Dayson K., Kicklul J., (2010), Handbook of microcredit in Europe. Social Inclusion through Microenterprise Development, Edward

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Marek Ręklewski and Maciej Ryczkowski

., Podsakoff, N. P., Shaw, J. C., & Rich, B. L. (2010), The relationship between pay and job satisfaction: A meta-analysis of the literature , ‘Journal of Vocational Behavior’, 77. Lount J. R. B. (2010), The impact of positive mood on trust in interpersonal and intergroup interactions , ‘Journal of Personality and Social Psychology’, 98. Michaud M.-L. (2004), Welfare And The Labour Market In The EU, European Network Of Economic Policy Research Institutes Occasional Paper No. 7/September. Marks G. N., Fleming N. (1999), Influences and consequences of

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Dariusz Zarzecki

. Ip, G. (1999, December 27). Analyst Discovers the Order in Internet Stocks Valuations, The Wall Street Journal. Jansen, P., Perotti, E. (SSRN-id310659). Valuation of Internet Companies: A Survey of the Evidence. Jenter, D. (2003). Finance Theory II Lectures , MIT Sloan Management School. Kossecki, P. (SSRN-id1478713). Valuation and Value Creation of Internet Companies - Social Network Services. Krzysztofiak, M., Urbanek, D. (1981). Metody statystyczne