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Social Capital and Political Participation: A Case Study from Rural Bangladesh

. (2003). Social networks and political participation: The role of social interaction in explaining political participation. Political research quarterly , 56(4), 449-464. Milbrath, L. W., La Goel, M. (1977). Political Participation. How and Why People Get Involved in Politics . Chicago: Rand McNally Nygård, M., Nyqvist, F., Steenbeek, W., & Jakobsson, G. (2015). Does social capital enhance political participation of older adults? A multi-level analysis of older Finns and Swedes. Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy , 31(3), 234

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Early Turkish Immigrants’ Adaptation to American Culture and Social Integration

). The Turks in America. Les Annales de l’Autre Islam 3:231-52. MacDonald, J. S., and MacDonald, L. D. (1964). Chain migration ethnic neighbourhood formation and social networks.” The Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly, Vol. 42, No. 1, pp. 82-97. Massey, D., Goldring, L., and Durand, J. (1994). Continuities in transnational migration: An Analysis of nineteen Mexican communities. American Journal of Sociology, 99(6): 1492-1533. McCarthy, J. (2010). The Turk in America . The University of Utah Press. Piore, M. J. (1979). Birds of passage . M

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The Social Presences in Text-Based Collaborations Via Electronic Devices: Measuring the ‘Online-Self’ of the Young Generation in Bangladesh

Report -2012-13 URL: Retrieved on September 27, 2015 Boyd, D. (2007). Why youth (heart) social network sites: The role of networked publics in teenage social life. MacArthur foundation series on digital learning–Youth, identity, and digital media volume , 119-142. Brown, S. A., Fuller, R. M., & Vician, C. (2004). Who’s afraid of the virtual world? Anxiety and computer-mediated communication. Journal of the Association for Information Systems , 5 (2), 2. Caplan, S. E. (2003). Preference for

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‘VIPsm’, A Threat to Social Stability in South Africa: From Apartheid Exclusions to Democratized Inequalities

(1-2), 106-120. Rapatsa, M. (2015). The Right to Equality under South Africa’s Transformative Constitutionalism: A Myth or Reality? Acta Universitatis Danubius. Juridica, 11(2), 18-35. Raven, B. H. (1965). Social influence and power. In I.D. Steiner & M. Fishbein (Eds.), Current studies in social psychology (pp. 371–382). New York: Holt, Rinehart, Winston. Raven, B. H. (2008). The Bases of Power and the Power/Interaction Model of Interpersonal Influence. Analysis of Social Issues and Public Policy, 8(1), 1-22. Sadan, E. (2004). Empowerment

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Consequences of Gossiping on Women Empowerment

of General Psychology , 8(2), 78. Ganesh, A. J., Kermarrec, A. M., & Massoulié, L. (2003). Peer-to-peer membership management for gossip-based protocols. IEEE transactions on computers , 52(2), 139-149. Grosser, T. J., Lopez-Kidwell, V., & Labianca, G. (2010). A social network analysis of positive and negative gossip in organizational life. Group & Organization Management , 35(2), 177-212. Guala, F. (2012). Reciprocity: Weak or strong? What punishment experiments do (and do not) demonstrate. Behavioral and Brain Sciences , 35(01), 1

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Workplace Deviant Behaviour Among Public Sector Employees: The Roles of Perceived Religiosity and Job Status

). Surface acting and distress tolerance as predictors of workplace deviance among Nigerian commercial bank workers. African Journal of Business Management, 8 (15), 582 – 587. doi:10.5897/AJBM2014.7431 Bennett, R. J., & Robinson, S. L. (2000). Development of a measure of workplace deviance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 85 (3), 349-360. Burgard, S., & Stewart, J. (2003). Social environment notebook. MacArthur Research Network on SES & Health. Retrieved 13th May, 2018 from Chernyak

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Environmental Sustainability Practices of Immigrant-Owned Small and Medium Enterprises in South Africa

-7. Fleitera, T., Schleich, J., Ravivanpong. P. (2012). Adoption of energy-efficiency measures in SMEs - An empirical analysis based on energy audit data . Energy Policy, Elsevier, 51, 863-875. Florenthal, B., Arling, P.A. (2011). Do green lifestyle consumers appreciate low involvement green products ? The Marketing Management Journal, 21 (2), 35-45. Freeman, R. E. (1984). Strategic planning: A stakeholder approach . Boston: Pitman Friedman, M. (1970). The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits . The New York Times Magazine

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