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Antoni Tajduś, Marek Cała and Krzysztof Tajduś


Determination of original state of stress in rock mass is a very difficult task for rock mechanics. Yet, original state of stress in rock mass has fundamental influence on secondary state of stress, which occurs in the vicinity of mining headings. This, in turn, is the cause of the occurrence of a number of mining hazards, i.e., seismic events, rock bursts, gas and rock outbursts, falls of roof. From experience, it is known that original state of stress depends a lot on tectonic disturbances, i.e., faults and folds. In the area of faults, a great number of seismic events occur, often of high energies. These seismic events, in many cases, are the cause of rock bursts and damage to the constructions located inside the rock mass and on the surface of the ground. To estimate the influence of fault existence on the disturbance of original state of stress in rock mass, numerical calculations were done by means of Finite Element Method. In the calculations, it was tried to determine the influence of different factors on state of stress, which occurs in the vicinity of a normal fault, i.e., the influence of normal fault inclination, deformability of rock mass, values of friction coefficient on the fault contact. Critical value of friction coefficient was also determined, when mutual dislocation of rock mass part separated by a fault is impossible. The obtained results enabled formulation of a number of conclusions, which are important in the context of seismic events and rock bursts in the area of faults.

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Karolina Adach-Pawelus, Jan Butra and Daniel Pawelus

zaburzeń tektonicznych na możliwość wystąpienia tąpnięcia (na przykładzie tąpnięcia w KWK ,,Pokój” w dniu 27.07.2006 r.) (Influence of mining events and tectonic disruptions on the possibility of rockburst occurrence (on the example of the rockburst in the “Pokój” hard coal mine on 27/07/2006)). Prace Naukowe - Monografie/CMG KOMAG Scientific Works (Monographs/CMG KOMAG), Gliwice 2007, (in Polish). [22] LEACH A.R., LENHARDT W.A., Pillar associated seismicity at Western Deep Levels Mine. Static and Dynamic considerations in Rock Engineering, Brummer (ed

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Krzysztof Skrzypkowski, Waldemar Korzeniowski, Krzysztof Zagórski, Ireneusz Dominik and Krzysztof Lalik

(3), 687-699. Retrieved October 1, 2018, from Instytut Mechaniki Górotworu PAN: 10.24425/123691 Chlebowski D. Burtan Z. Zorychta A. 2018 Evaluation of rockburst hazard under abandoned mine workings Archives of Mining Science 63 3 687 699 Retrieved October 1 2018 from Instytut Mechaniki Górotworu PAN 10.24425/123691 [4] Dębkowski, R., Madziarz, M., Sawicki, W. & Osadczuk, T. (2007). Measurements of load acting on expansive roof bolts affected by seismic events. Rudy i Metale

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Sebastian Olesiak

, BC Canada, July 6-11, 2008, The International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE), 2008, 743-748. [16] MELZER K.J, BERGDAHL U., Geotechnical field investigations, [in:] U. Smoltczyk (ed.), Geotechnical engineering handbook, Vol. 1, Fundamentals, Ernst & Sohn Verlag, Berlin, 2002. [17] MIWA S., AYDAN Ö., KOMADA H., KIYONO J., ENDO I., SUZUKI T., HAMADA M., Damage in Nias Island caused by the M8.7 off-shore Sumatra Earthquake, March 28, 2005, First European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, A joint event