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Alicja Caputa, Adam Talaga and Łukasz Rudziński

, 3:159-174; Król M., (1998); Application of moment tensor solution and source spectra to tremor source investigation occurred in Polkowice - Sieroszowice copper mine. (Zastosowanie tensora momentu sejsmicznego oraz analizy widmowej fali sejsmicznej do badani ognisk wstrząsów z rejonu kopalni miedzi Polkowice - Sieroszowice). PhD thesis, Institute of Geophysics PAN Warsaw (in Polish) (unpublished); . Lizurek G., Plasiewicz B. & Rudziński Ł. (2015) Mining Induced Seismic Event on an Inactive Fault. Acta Geophysica 63, 1: 176

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Zbigniew Szczerbowski

many unexpected seismic events as in the areas of multi-seam exploitation, where seismic phenomena seem likely to occur even in the situation of the lack of strata capable of accumulating elastic energy and its dynamic release ( Majcherczyk and Niedbalski, 2017 ). While geodetic surveys play an important role in many scientific programs, observatories, networks or test fields involved in an integrated system of interdisciplinary observations, providing fundamentally important datasets in earthquake studies, as far their insufficient role in country studies on

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Agnieszka Bracławska and Adam F. Idziak

References Gibowicz, S. (1989) The mechanism of seismic events induced by mining (Mechanizm ognisk wstrząsów górniczych). Publications of the Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences, M-13 (221), 8-16. Gibowicz S.,J., Kijko A., (1994) An introduction to mining seismology. Academic Press. San Diego. Gumbel E.J. (1958) Statistics of extremes. Columbia University. Press New York. Idziak A., F., Sagan G., Zuberek W.M. (1991) An analysis of energy distributions of shocks from the Upper Silesian coal basin (Analiza rozkładów

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Maciej J. Mendecki, Barbara Bieta, Mateusz Mateuszów and Paweł Suszka

-Głogowskim Okręgu Miedziowym (Analysis of site effects and frequency spectrum of signals in order to improvement accuracy of attenuation relation of ground motion caused by mining induced seismic events in Legnica Głogow Copper district) Kraków: Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza im. Stanisława Staszica, (PhD Thesis in Polish). Oros E. (2009). Site effects investigation in the city of Timisoara using spectral ratio methods. Romanian Reports in Physics, 61, 2, 347-358. SESAME (2003). WP03 – H/V Technique: Data Processing, Report on the Multiplatform H/V Processing Software J

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Roman K. Nepop and Anna R. Agatova

seismic events. The most direct methods (fault scarp formation applying scarp degradation modeling, cosmogenic surface exposure dating, analysis of scarp soils etc .) return relatively large age uncertainties ( McCalpin, 2009 ). Dating landforms is typically less precise than dating sediments ( Burbank and Anderson, 2001 and McCalpin, 2009 ), although relatively precise indirect dating of associated deposits also may not provide close constraints of ancient seismic events. Today radiocarbon analysis is the most exploitable and widely applicable technique in

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Josef Stemberk, Miloš Briestenský and Stefan Cacoń

, Polish Academy of Sciences B−9 (193): 49-54. GÓRSKI M. 1997. Seismicity of the Hornsund region, Spitsbergen: icequakes and earthquakes. Publi− cations of the Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences B−20 (308): 1-77. GÓRSKI M. and TEISSEYRE R. 1991. Seismic events in Hornsund, Spitsbergen. Polish Polar Re− search 12: 345-352. HARLAND W.B. 1969. Contribution of Spitsbergen to understanding of tectonic evolution of North Atlantic Region. In: M. Kay (eds) North Atlantic - Geology and Continental Drift. Memoir of

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Róbert Kysel, Andrej Cipciar, Zuzana Chovanová, Kristián Csicsay, Lucia Fojtíková, Martin Gális and Miriam Kristeková

References ESI SAS (Earth Science Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences), 2004: National Network of Seismic Stations of Slovakia. Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ, Other/Seismic Network, doi: 10.14470/FX099882. Fojtíková L., Kristeková M., Málek J., Sokos E., Csicsay K., Záhradník J., 2015: Quantifying capability of a local seismic network in terms of locations and focal mechanism solutions of weak earthquakes. Journal of Seismology, 20 , 1, 93–106, doi: 10.1007/s10950-015-9512-1. GEOFON Data Center, 1993: GEOFON Seismic Network

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Juergen Gusterhuber, István Dunkl, Ralph Hinsch, Hans-Gert Linzer and Reinhard Sachsenhofer

. 2006: Seismic facies and reservoir characteristics of a deep marine channel belt in the Molasse foreland basin. AAPG Bull. 90, 735-752. Donelick R. A., Ketcham R. A. & Carlson W. D. 1999: Variability of apatite fission-track annealing kinetics. II. Crystallographic orientation effects. Amer. Mineralogist 84, 9, 1224-1234. Dumitru T. A. 1993: A new computer-automated microscope stage system for fission-track analysis. Nucl. Tracks Radiat. Meas 21, 575-580. Farley K. A. 2002: (U

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Kristián Csicsay, Andrej Cipciar, Lucia Fojtíková, Miriam Kristeková, Martin Gális, Miroslav Srbecký, Zuzana Chovanová, Erik Bystrický and Róbert Kysel

References Bondár I., Mónus P., Czanik Cs., Kiszely M., Gráczer Z., Wéber Z., Alp Array Working Group, 2018: Relocation of Seismicity in the Pannonian Basin Using a Global 3D Velocity Model. Seismological Research Letters, 89 , 6, 2284–2293, doi: 10.1785/022 0180143. Bormann P., Wielandt E., 2002: Chapter 4: Seismic Signals and Noise (Version June 2013) In: Bormann P. (Ed.) 2002. IASPEI New Manual of Seismological Observatory Practice. GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, 1 , 7, 1–62, doi: 10.2312/GFZ.NMSOP-2_ch4. Chovanova Z., Kristek J., 2018: A

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Aleksander Brom and Iwona Stan-Kłeczek

Experiments on Showa- Shinzan Lava Dome Using Firework Shots. PAGEOPH. 125, 6, 1025-1037. Pilecki Z., Harba P., Czarny R., Cielesta Sz., Pszonka J. (2014) Źródła drgań w sejsmice inżynierskiej. Przegląd Górniczy, 7, 22-31 (in Polish). Rubin M.J., Camp T., van Hervijnen A., Schweizer J. (2012) Automatically detecting avalanche events in passive seismic data, 11th International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA), 1, 13-20. Staples R.K., Hobbs R.W., White R.S. (1999) A comparison between airguns and