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Genetic Variation Amongst and Within The Native Provenances of Pinus radiata D. Don in South-eastern Australia. 2.Wood Density and Stiffness to Age 26 Years

Division of Forest Research, Genetics Section Report, No. 7, 120 pp. GAPARE, W. J., H. X. WU and A. ABARQUEZ (2006): Genetic control of the time of transition from juvenile to mature wood in Pinus radiata D. Don. Annals of Forest Science 63: 871-878. GILMOUR, A. R., B. J. GOGEL, B. R. CULLIS, S. J. WELHAM and R. THOMPSON (2002): ASReml user guide release 1. VSN, Hemel Hempstead, UK. JOHNSON, I. G., P. K. ADES and K. G. ELDRIDGE (1997): Growth of natural Californian provenances of Pinus radiata in New South Wales, Australia. New Zealand

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