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Kateryna Posokhova, Iryna Stechyshyn, Inna Krynytska, Mariya Marushchak, Inna Birchenko and Ivan Klishch

References 1. Marushchak M, Lisnianska N, Krynytska I, Chornomydz I. The mechanisms of apoptosis initiation in rats with chronic enterocolitis combined with streptozotocin-induced diabetes. Georgian Med News 9(270): 125-130, 2017. 2. Posokhova KA, Stechyshyn IP, Pidhirnyy VV. Impact of quercetin substances on the state of myocardium in 2 type dіabetіs. Achievements of clinical and experimental medicine 2: 17-21, 2014. 3. Urbanovych A, Suslyk H. Prognosis of ischaemic heart disease in patients with newly

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Farid Berroukeche, Nassima Mokhtari-Soulimane, Asmahan Imessaoudene, Ahmed Sabri Cherrak, Pascale Ronot, Anne Boos, Amina Belhandouz, Hafida Merzouk and Mourad Elhabiri

diet/streptozotocin-induced diabetes in mice. Exp Toxicol Pathol 64: 651-658, 2012. 7. Najera MO, Tinajero IS, Paez LIR et al . Quercetin improves antioxidant response in diabetes through maintenance of reduced glutathione levels in blood. Afr J Pharm Pharmacol 7: 2531-2539, 2013. 8. Liu Q, Sun L, Tan Y et al . Role of iron deficiency and overload in the pathogenesis of diabetes and diabetic complications. Curr Med Chem 16: 113-129, 2009. 9. van Acker SA, van Balen GP, van den Berg DJ et al . Influence of iron chelation on the antioxidant

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Luthfia Dewi, Mohammad Sulchan and Kisdjamiatun

. Adipose tissue dysfunction in obesity, diabetes, and vascular diseases. Eur. Heart J 29: 2959–2971, 2008. 8. Verges B . Pathophysiology of diabetic dyslipidaemia: where are we?. Diabetologia 58: 886–899, 2015. 9. Jeong SM, Kang MJ, Choi HN, Kim JH, Kim JI . Quercetin ameliorates hyperglycemia and dyslipidemia and improves antioxidant status in type 2 diabetic db/db mice. Nutr Res Pract 6: 201–207, 2012. 10. Mohieldein AH, Hasan M, Al-harbi KK, Alodailah SS, Azahrani RM, Al-mushawwah SA . Diabetes & metabolic syndrome: clinical research & reviews

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Prasetyastuti, Sunarti, Ahmad Hamim Sadewa and Mustofa

, Lee HC, Kang YH, Kang ES Kim SK. Antidiabetic agents from medicinal plants. Currt Med Chem 13: 1203-1218, 2006. 13. Mursiti S. Isolation compound anti diabetes mellitus from the seeds of mahogany ( Swietenia macrophylla King). UGM. Yogyakarta, 2009. Accessed at 1999032001 14. Vessal M, Hemmati M, Vasei M . Antidiabetic effects of quercetin in streptozocin induced diabetic rats. Comp Biochem Physiol C Toxicol Pharmacol 135C: 357-364, 2003. 15. Logendra S, Ribnicky DM, Yang H et al

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Davoud Kianifard

krishna B, Suguna RAO, Satyanarayana ML. Serum insulin levels and lipid profiles of streptozotocin induced diabetic wistar rats. J Ind Vet Assoc Kerala 10: 22-26, 2012. 39. Sudha S, Valli G, Julie PM, Arunakaran J, Govindarajulu P, Balasubramanian K. Influence ofstreptozotocin-induced diabetes and insulin treatment on the pituitary-testicular axis during sexual maturation in rat. Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes 108: 14-20, 2000. 40. Khaki A, Nouri M, Fathiazad F, Ahmadi-Ashtiani HR, Rastgar H, Rezazadeh S. Protective effect of quercetin on

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Junyu Liang, Weiqian Chen and Jin Lin

-regulation of MALAT1 is seen in various human cancers and has been proven to be associated with cancer metastasis and recurrence. [ 55 ] Pan et al . observed theelevation of apoptotic rate of RA FLSs after the treatment of quercetin. [ 56 ] To figure out the molecular mechanism of the effect of quercetin on RA FLSs, alterations of expression of lncRNAs within the cells were analyzed with the application of PCR array and qPCR. And MALAT1 was found to be the most prominently altered lncRNA in RA FLSs. The knockdown of MALAT1 inhibited the apoptosis of the RA FLSs, decreased

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Mohamed Mostafa Abdelaleem, Nashwa Fathy Gamal El-Tahawy, Samah Mohammed Mahmoud Abozaid and Shima Abdel-Baset Abdel-Hakim

Egyptian Journal of Histology 39, 1–11, 2016. Nabavi SF, Moghaddam AH, Nabavi SM, Eslami S. Protective effect of curcumin and quercetin on thyroid function in sodium fluoride intoxicated rats. Fluoride 44, 147–152, 2011. Ng JC, Wang J, Shraim A. A global health problem caused by arsenic from natural sources. Chemosphere 52, 1353–1359, 2003. Oner J, Kukner A, Oner H, Ozan E, Yekeler H. Effect of vitamin E on follicular cell proliferation and expression of apoptosis-associated factors in rats with 6-N-propyl-2-thiouracil-induced goitrogenesis. Folia

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Dmytro O. Minchenko, D. O. Tsymbal, O. P. Yavorovsky, N. V. Solokha and O. H. Minchenko

-initiating cells through the fatty acid receptor CD36. Nature 541, 41-45, 2017. Phillips LM, Zhou X, Cogdell DE, Chua CY, Huisinga A, R Hess K, Fuller GN, Zhang W. Glioma progression is mediated by an addiction to aberrant IGFBP2 expression and can be blocked using anti-IGFBP2 strategies. J Pathol 239, 355-364, 2016. Pratheeshkumar P, Son YO, Divya SP, Wang L, Turcios L, Roy RV, Hitron JA, Kim D, Dai J, Asha P, Zhang Z, Shi X. Quercetin inhibits Cr(VI)-induced malignant cell transformation by targeting miR-21-PDCD4 signaling pathway. Oncotarget