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Quercetin inhibits degranulation and superoxide generation in PMA stimulated neutrophils

. Eur J Clin Nutr 54 : 774-782. Čiž M, Pavelkova L, Gallova L, Kralova J, Kubala L, Lojek A. (2008). The influence of wine polyphenols on reactive oxygen and nitrogen species production by murine macrophages RAW 264.7. Physiol Res 57 : 393-402 . Guardia T, Rotelli AE, Juarez AO, Pelzer LE. (2001). Anti-infl ammatory properties of plant flavonoids. Eff ects of rutin, quercetin and hesperidin on adjuvant arthritis in rat. Il Farmaco 56: 683-687. Hollman PCH, Katan MB. (1997) Absorption, metabolism and health effects

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Comparative Study of the Effect of Various Forms of Quercetin on Experimental Diabetes

References 1. Marushchak M, Lisnianska N, Krynytska I, Chornomydz I. The mechanisms of apoptosis initiation in rats with chronic enterocolitis combined with streptozotocin-induced diabetes. Georgian Med News 9(270): 125-130, 2017. 2. Posokhova KA, Stechyshyn IP, Pidhirnyy VV. Impact of quercetin substances on the state of myocardium in 2 type dіabetіs. Achievements of clinical and experimental medicine 2: 17-21, 2014. 3. Urbanovych A, Suslyk H. Prognosis of ischaemic heart disease in patients with newly

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Efficacy of quercetin derivatives in prevention of ulcerative colitis in rats

References Alarcón de la Lastra C, Martin MJ and Motilva V. (1994). Antiulcer and gastroprotective effects of quercetin: a gross and histologic study. Pharmacology 48 : 56-62. Amić D, Davidović-Amić D, Beslo D, Rastija V, Lucić B and Trinajstić N. (2007). SAR and QSAR of the antioxidant activity of flavonoids. Curr Med Chem 14 : 827-845. Bonacorsi C, Raddi MS, da Fonseca LM, Sannomiya M and Vilegas W. (2012). Effect of Byrsonima crassa and phenolic constituents on Helicobacter pylori- induced

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Screening for antiradical efficiency of 21 semi-synthetic derivatives of quercetin in a DPPH assay

References Amić D, Davidović-Amić D, Beslo D, Rastija V, Lucić B, Trinajstić N. (2007). SAR and QSAR of the antioxidant activity of flavonoids. Curr Med Chem 14 : 827-845. Arts IC, Sesink AL, Faassen-Peters M, Hollman PC. (2004). The type of sugar moiety is a major determinant of the small intestinal uptake and subsequent biliary excretion of dietary quercetin glycosides. Br J Nutr 91 : 841-847. BischoffSC. (2008). Quercetin: potentials in the prevention and therapy of disease. Curr Opin Clin Nutr

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Antioxidant action and cytotoxicity on HeLa and NIH-3T3 cells of new quercetin derivatives

References Baghel SS, Shrivastava N, Baghel RS, Agrawal P, Rajput S. (2012). A review of quercetin: antioxidant and anticancer properties. World J Pharm Pharmaceut Sci 1: 146-160. Batra P, Sharma AK. (2013). Anti-cancer potential of fl avonoids: recent trends and future perspectives. 3 Biotech in press. Benzie IF, Strain JJ. (1996). The ferric reducing ability of plasma (FRAP) as a measure of „antioxidant power“: the FRAP assay. Anal Biochem 239: 70-76. Cárdenas M, Marder M, Blank VC, Roguin LP

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Comparative Study Of The Protective Effect Of Aronia Melanocarpa Fruit Juice And Quercetin In A Model Of Paracetamol-Induced Hepatotoxicity In Rats

References 1. McConnachie LA, Mohar I, Hudson FN, Ware CB, Ladiges WC, Fernandez C Glutamate cysteine ligase modifier subunit deficiency and gender as determinants of acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity in mice. Toxicol Sci. 2007;99(2):628-36. 2. Jaeschke H, Knight TR, Bajt ML. The role of oxidant stress and reactive nitrogen species in acetaminophen hepatotoxicity. Toxicol Lett. 2003;144(3):279-88. 3. Yousef MI, Omar SA, El-Guendi MI, Abdelmegid LA. Potential protective effects of quercetin and curcumin on paracetamol

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Oral Supplementation Effect of Iron and its Complex Form With Quercetin on Oxidant Status and on Redistribution of Essential Metals in Organs of Streptozotocin Diabetic Rats

diet/streptozotocin-induced diabetes in mice. Exp Toxicol Pathol 64: 651-658, 2012. 7. Najera MO, Tinajero IS, Paez LIR et al . Quercetin improves antioxidant response in diabetes through maintenance of reduced glutathione levels in blood. Afr J Pharm Pharmacol 7: 2531-2539, 2013. 8. Liu Q, Sun L, Tan Y et al . Role of iron deficiency and overload in the pathogenesis of diabetes and diabetic complications. Curr Med Chem 16: 113-129, 2009. 9. van Acker SA, van Balen GP, van den Berg DJ et al . Influence of iron chelation on the antioxidant

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Modulation of rabbit muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase activity by novel quercetin derivatives

References Beaumont K, Webster R, Gardner I, Dack K. (2003). Design of ester prodrugs to enhance oral absorption of poorly permeable compounds: challenges to the discovery scientist. Curr Drug Metab 4 : 461-485. Boots AW, Li H, Schins RP, Duffin R, Heemskerk JWM, Bast A, Haenen GR. (2007). The quercetin paradox. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 222 : 89-96. Duo J, Ying GG, Wang GW, Zhang L. (2012). Quercetin inhibits human breast cancer cell proliferation and induces apoptosis via Bcl-2 and Bax regulation

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Pluchea lanceolata protects against Benzo(a) pyrene induced renal toxicity and loss of DNA integrity

anti-tumor activity of isorhamnetin isolated from Hippophae rhamnoides L. against BEL-7402 cells Pharmacol Res 54 : 186-94. Benson A M, Hunkeler MJ and TalalayP. (1980). Increase of NADPH; Quinone reductase activity by dietary antioxidant. Possible role in protection against carcinogenesis and toxicity. Proc Nat Acad Sci USA 77 : 5216-20. Bhatia N, Agarwal C, Agarwal R. (2001). Differential responses of skin cancerchemopreventive agents silibinin, quercetin, and epigallocatechin 3-gallate on mitogenic signaling and cell cycle

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Quercetin, Menadione, Doxorubicin combination as a potential alternative to Doxorubicin monotherapy of acute lymphoblastic leukemia

References [1] Baran I, Cell proliferation versus apoptosis. Mechanisms and particularities under genotoxic or oxidative stress conditions. “Carol Davila” University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2014 [2] Murakami A,Ashida H, Terao J. Multitargeted cancer prevention by quercetin. Cancer Lett 2008;269:315-25 [2] Baran I, Ganea C, Privitera S, Scordino A, Barresi V, Musumeci F, et. al. Detailed analysis of apoptosis and delayed luminescence of human leukemia Jurkat T cells after proton-irradiation and treatments

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