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Tešić Milan, Baltić Milan, Teodorović Vlado, Nedić Drago, Mirilović Milorad, Marković Radmila and Aleksić-Agelidis Aleksandra

References 1. Huss HH, Borresen T: Chemical composition, In: Quality und quality changes in fresh fi sh, (eds. Huss HH, Technological laboratory Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Denmark): FAO Fisheries technical paper; 1995, 20-34 2. Toppe J, Albrektsen S, Hope B, Aksnes A: Chemical composition, mineral content and amino acid and lipid profi les in bones from various fi sh species. Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol 2007, 146 (3): 395-401. 3. Buchtova H, Svobodova Z, Kocour M, Velišek J: Chemical

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Marija Dokmanović, Milan Baltić Ž., Radmila Marković, Marija Bošković, Jasna Lončina, Nataša Glamočlija and Mirjana Đorđević

References 1. Lawrie RA, Ledward DA: Lawrie’s Meat Science, Seventh Edition, Woodhead Publishing Limited, Abington Hall, Abington, Cambridge, England; 2006. 2. Aberle ED, Forrest JC, Gerrard DE, Mille EW, Hedrick HB, Judge MD, Merkel RA: Principles of meat science. Dubuque, IA, USA: Kendall/Hunt Co; 2001. 3. Gregory NG: Physiology of stress, distress, stunning and slaughter. In: Animal welfare and meat quality. Willingford, UK, CAB International; 1998, 64-92. 4. Warriss PD, Brown SN, Knowles TG

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Ewa Błońska and Kazimierz Januszek

. Fifth Symposium on Soil Biology (eds.: M.P. Nemes, S. Kiss, P. Papacostea, G. Stefanic, M. Rusan). Roman National Society of Soil Science, Bucharest, 13- 20. Brożek S. 2007. Soil quality numerical valorisation - a tool in forest site diagnosis (in Polish with English summary). Sylwan , 2, 35- 42. Bruchwald A., Kliczkowska A. 2000. Forming of pine stand quality class in Poland. In: Spatial variation in scots pine growth (in Polish). Fundation Development SGGW, 30−41. Bruchwald A., Dudzińska M., Wirowski M. 1996. The

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Ewa Błońska and Jarosław Lasota

References Alef K., Nannipieri P. 1995. Enzyme activities. In: Methods in applied Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry (eds.: K. Alef, P. Nannipieri), Academic Press, London, New York, San Francisco. Bardgett E.D. 2002. Causes and consequences of biological diversity in soil. Zoology, 105, 367- 374. Birkás M., Jolánkai M., Gyuricza C., Percze A. 2004. Tillage effects on compaction, earthworms and other soil quality indicators in Hungary. Soil and Tillage Research, 78, 185- 196. Boerner R

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Lidia Lewko and Ewa Gornowicz

References Abrahamsson P., Tauson R. (1995). Aviary systems and conventional cages for laying hens: effects on production, egg quality, health and bird location in three hybrids. Acta Agr. Scand., 45, 3: 191-203. Anton M., Nau F., Nys Y. (2006). Bioactive egg components and their potential uses. World's Poultry Sci. J., 62: 429-438. Biesiada-Drzazga B., Janocha A. (2009). Impact of hen breed and rearing system on the quality of eggs for consumption (in Polish). Food. Science

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K. Lasiene, V. Gedrimas, A. Vitkus, S. Glinskyte, V. Lasys, A. Valanciute and W. Sienkiewicz

improved embryo quality. Fertil Steril 92: 1616-1625. Celik-Ozenci C, Catalanotti J, Jakab A, Aksu C, Ward D, Bray-Ward P, Demir R, Huszar G (2003) Human sperm maintain their shape following decondensation and denaturation for fluorescent in situ hybridization: shape analysis and objective morphometry. Biol Reprod 69: 1347-1355. Chemes HE, Alvarez Sedo C (2012) Tales of the tail and sperm head aches: changing concepts on the prognostic significance of sperm pathologies affecting the head, neck and tail. Asian J Androl 14: 14

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Mirko Prodanov, Miroslav Radeski and Vlatko Ilieski

and carcass quality. Poul Sci. 53, 1592-1596. 9. Charles, D.R., Payne, C.G. (1966). The influence of graded levels of atmospheric ammonia on chickens. Brit Poul Sci. 7 (3): 189-198. PMid:6007527 10. Wang, Y.M., Meng, Q.P., Guo, Y.M., Wang, Y.Z., Wang, Z., Yao Z.L., Shan T.Z. (2010). Effect of atmospheric ammonia on growth performance and immunological response of broiler chickens. J Anim Vet Adv. 22 (9): 2802-2806. 11

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Marek Stanisz, Agnieszka Ludwiczak, Przemysław Buda, Marian Pietrzak, Marta Bykowska, Artur Kryza and Piotr Ślósarz

hunting method on meat quality from fallow deer and wild boar - preliminary studies for predicting lipid oxidation using visible reflectance spectra. Eur. J. Wildlife Res., 60: 519-529. Dahlan I., Norfarizan Hanoon N.A. (2008). Characteristics and cutability of farmed rusa deer (Cervus timorensis) carcasses for marketing of venison. Asian Austral. J. Anim., 22: 740-746. Daszkiewicz T., Kubiak D., Winiarski R., Koba-Kowalczyk M. (2012). The effect of gender on the quality of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus L.) meat. Small Ruminant Res., 103

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Dinko Hristov Dinkov

Bulgarian bee honey ripeness according to amount of the aminoacid praline, Acta Entomologica Bulgarica, Suplement 1, 71-74. 11. Dinkov, D. (2003). A scientific note on the specific optical rotation of three honey types from Bulgaria. Apidologie, 34(3): 319-320. INRA/DIB-AGIB/EDP Sciences. 12. Dinkov, D.(2005), Current normative criteria for determination of bee honey quality, Acta Entomologica Bulgarica, Vol. 11, No 3,4, 52-56. 13. Dinkov, D. (2007). Conductivity in Bulgarian multifloral and honeydew honeys. In: Sbornik

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Michał Puchała, Józefa Krawczyk and Jolanta Calik

References Baryłko - Pikielna N., Matuszewska I. (2009). Sensory testing of food (in Polish). Wyd. Nauk. PTTŻ, pp. 367. Berri C. (2007). Quality differences between standard and alternative productions. Proc. XVIII European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat and XII European Symposium on the Quality of Egg Products, Prague, M2 – Extensive and organic production, pp. 123–127. Berri C., LeBihan - Duval E., Baeza E., Chartrin P., Picgirard L., Jehl N., Qentin M., Picard M., Duclos M.J. (2005). Further processing characteristics of breast and leg meat