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Mirko Prodanov, Miroslav Radeski and Vlatko Ilieski

and carcass quality. Poul Sci. 53, 1592-1596. 9. Charles, D.R., Payne, C.G. (1966). The influence of graded levels of atmospheric ammonia on chickens. Brit Poul Sci. 7 (3): 189-198. PMid:6007527 10. Wang, Y.M., Meng, Q.P., Guo, Y.M., Wang, Y.Z., Wang, Z., Yao Z.L., Shan T.Z. (2010). Effect of atmospheric ammonia on growth performance and immunological response of broiler chickens. J Anim Vet Adv. 22 (9): 2802-2806. 11

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Dinko Hristov Dinkov

Bulgarian bee honey ripeness according to amount of the aminoacid praline, Acta Entomologica Bulgarica, Suplement 1, 71-74. 11. Dinkov, D. (2003). A scientific note on the specific optical rotation of three honey types from Bulgaria. Apidologie, 34(3): 319-320. INRA/DIB-AGIB/EDP Sciences. 12. Dinkov, D.(2005), Current normative criteria for determination of bee honey quality, Acta Entomologica Bulgarica, Vol. 11, No 3,4, 52-56. 13. Dinkov, D. (2007). Conductivity in Bulgarian multifloral and honeydew honeys. In: Sbornik

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Jasminka Bobić

References World Health Organization (WHO). WHOQOL, User Manual, Division of mental health and prevention of substance abuse. Geneva: WHO; 1998. Wrosch C, Scheier MF. Personality and quality of life: the importance of optimism and goal adjustement. Qual Life Res 2003;12(Suppl 1):59-72. Skevington SM, Lotfy M, O'Connell KA. The World Health Organization's WHOQOL-BREF quality of life assessment: psychometric properties and results of the international field trial. A report from the

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Slaven Jurković, Ana Diklić, Mladen Kasabašić, Đeni Radojčić, Manda Švabić, Ana Ivković and Dario Faj

References Meijer GJ, van Kleffens HJ, Mijnheer BJ. Consistency in quality control programmes for electron accelerators in radiotherapy centres. Radiother Oncol 1998;48:103-10. Švabić M, Jurković S, Faj D, Kasabasić M, Smilović Radojčić D, Ivković A. Practises of radiotherapy equipment quality control in radiotherapy centres in Croatia. Coll Antropol 2008;32(Suppl 2):217-9. Klein EE, Hanley J, Bayouth J, Yin FF, Simon W, Dresser S, Serago C, Aguirre F, Ma L, Arjomandy B, Liu C

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Zlata Ožvačić Adžić, Milica Katić, Josipa Kern, Jean Karl Soler, Venija Cerovečki and Ozren Polašek

Campbell SM, Roland MO, Buetow SA. Defining quality of care. Soc Sci Med 2000;51:1611-25. doi: 10.1016/S0277-9536(00)00057-5 16 Howie JGR, Heaney DJ, Maxwell M. Quality, core values and the general practice consultation: issues of definition, measurment and delivery. Fam Pract 2004;21:458-68. doi: 10.1093/fampra/cmh419 17 Orton P, Orton C, Pereira Gray D. Depersonalised doctors: a cross sectional study of 564 doctors, 760 consultations and 1876 patient reports in UK general practice. BMJ Open 2012;2:e000274. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2011

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Somrat Charuluxananan, Wanwimol Saengchote, Sireeluck Klanarong, Yodying Punjasawadwong, Waraporn Chau-in, Chanrit Lawthaweesawat and Thewarug Werawatganon

References 1. Leape LL, Berwick DM. Five years after to err is human: what have we learned? JAMA. 2005;293:2384-90. 2. Long DR, Hewett JE, Ge B, Schubert S. The long road to patient safety: a status report on patient safety systems. JAMA. 2005;294:2858-65. 3. Berwick DM, Nolan TW, Whittington J. The triple aim: care, health, and cost. Health Affairs. 2008; 27:759-69. 4. McIntosh CA, Macario A. Managing quality in an anesthesia department. Curr Opin Anaesth. 2009; 22: 223-31. 5

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Krisna Piravej, Nipaporn Konjen, Vasana Cowintaveewat, Vilai Kuptniratsaikul and Patcharawimol Srisa-an Kuptniratsaikul

, Di Stasio E, Romitelli F, Lancellotti S, Caliandro P, Tonali P, et al. Effects of rehabilitation on quality of life in patients with chronic stroke. Brain Inj. 2008; 22:451-6. 5. Salter K, Jutai J, Hartley M, Foley N, Bhogal S, Bayona N, et al. Impact of early vs delayed admission to rehabilitation on functional outcomes in persons with stroke. J Rehabil Med. 2006; 38:113-7. 6. Adams HP, Jr., del Zoppo G, Alberts MJ, Bhatt DL, Brass L, Furlan A, et al. Guidelines for the early management of adults with ischemic stroke: a guideline

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Zsuzsanna Olvasztóné Balogh, József Bognár, István Barthalos, Judit Kopkáné Plachy and Ráczné Németh Teodóra

:79-87. Kopp M., Á.Skrabski (1992) Hungarian mind. In the end. (In Hungarian), Budapest. Kullmann L., J.Harangozó (1999) Hungarian adaptation of WHO quality of life method (In Hungarian). OrvosiHetilap. 35:1947-1952. Srivastava S., O.P.John, S.D.Gosling, J.Potter (2003) Development of personality in early and middle adulthood: Set like plaster or persistent change? J.Pers.Soc.Psychol., 84:1041-1053. Stobble J., N.C.R.Mulder, B.J.Roosenschoon, M.Depla, H.Kroon (2010) Assertive community

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Xu Zeng, Naesinee Chaiear, Piyanee Klainin, Jiraporn Khiewyoo, David Koh, Peter Wong Horng Hien and Siu Yin Lee

References 1. World Health Organization. Unemployment, poverty and quality of working life-innovative interventions to counteract damaging health effects. Vienna: WHO; 1987. 2. Beasley JW, Karsh BT, Hagenauer ME, Marchand L, Sainfort F. Quality of work life of independent vs. employed family physicians in Wisconsin: a WReN study. Annals of Family Medicine.2005; 3:500-6. 3. Rowe AK, de Savigny D, Lanata CF, Victora CG. How can we achieve and maintain high-quality performance of health workers in low

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Silvije Davila, Jadranka Pečar Ilić and Ivan Bešlić

References 1. World Health Organization and United Nations Environmental Programme. Health environment: managing the linkages for sustainable development: a toolkit for decision-makers: synthesis report, 2008 [displayed 23 January 2015]. Available at 2. Kura B, Verma S, Ajdari E, Iyer A. Growing public health concerns from poor urban air quality: strategies for sustainable urban living. CWEEE 2013;3:170-81. doi: 10.4236/cweee.2013.22B001 3