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Journal for the History of Public Administration / Zeitschrift für Verwaltungsgeschichte

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Petr Kužel


Football, the most popular game all over the world, reached the territory of todayʼs Czech Republic in the last decades of the 19th century. In Prague districts and suburbs especially, many Czech and German sport associations started to engage in this sport activity originally born in Britain. The sudden and long-lasting interruption of a positive development due to the mobilization in summer 1914 along with significant political and social changes following the end of First World War, isolated pre-war events and made of them the unique relict environment which forms the main topic of this paper. Leaving sports results aside, the study describes the period after 1900 in which football clubs were established, the enthusiastic amateur transformed into a professional player, loyalty to different teams stemmed on the basis of nationality and social status and football moved from the suburbs’ playgrounds to newly-built, larger and better-quality arenas.

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Valentin Seidler

, poorly understood or poorly enforced traffic laws invite corruption (by police officers) and lead to avoidable loss of human lives. We know that such dysfunctional institutions tend to lock in and persist over decades if not centuries. Development scholars today use aggregate indicators like the Worldwide Governance Indicators to measure the quality of the ›rule of law‹ in a given country, the effectiveness of its government or the ›control of corruption‹ within public services. ›Government effectiveness‹ for example, combines into a single group responses in

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Frits van der Meer, Gerrit Dijkstra and Toon Kerkhoff

«, in: Robert E. Goodin, Charles Tilly (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Contextual Political Analysis, Oxford, etc. 2006, p. 417–437; Stephen Vaughn (Ed.), The Vital Past. Writings on the Uses of History, Athens [GA] 1985. The study of public administration benefits from historical research because the latter has »at its core the insight that a phenomenon can only be studied holistically, precisely because of its contingent qualities in time and space«. Raadschelders, et al., »Against a Study«, p. 782. Similarly, an historical approach is thought to be useful because

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The ›Head of Household‹

A Long Normative History of a Statistical Category in the U.K

Kerstin Brückweh

highest income is the household reference person. If their income is the same , then the eldest one is the household reference person. Office for National Statistics, Labour Force Survey User Guide, vol. 8: Household and Family Data, 2008, p.4, (date: 06.06.2016). In addition, it was stated that the ›Household Reference Person‹ was introduced into the Labour Force Survey in 2001, in line with other ONS household surveys, to replace the ›Head

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Stefan Couperus, Harm Kaal, Nico Randeraad and Paul van Trigt

instruments to force its will on local government. Verslag van de Gedeputeerde Staten van Zuiden Noordholland aan de Staten der provincie Holland over het jaar 1830, Den Haag 1831, p. 53; Verslag gedaan door de Gedeputeerde Staten aan de Staten der provincie Zuidholland over het jaar 1869, Den Haag 1870, ch. 4, p. 5. Potentially, the most direct way for the provincial government to gain influence in public health came with a law of 1818, which granted provincial and – in the larger cities – local commissions the responsibility of monitoring the quality of medical care and

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Jean-Baptiste Fressoz

«, »greyish white«, »opalescent colour«, »rose tint«, »light purple tint«, »yellow-tinged«, »a tan colour like barley sugar«, »mahogany wood«, and so forth. Henri-Marie Husson, Recherches historiques et médicales sur la vaccine, Paris 1801, p.32–36. Colours, reduced to the rank of secondary qualities by natural philosophy, the botanical system and medical nosology, Or classification of diseases. Linnaeus exhorted botanists to only consider form, proportion, number and position as characteristics: Michel Foucault, Les mots et les choses. Une archéologie des sciences

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Building a Local Administration Abroad

The French Consulate in Salonica in the 19th Century

Mathieu Jestin

French administration, both in the internal functioning of the office Bruno Delmas: »Révolution industrielle et mutation administrative: ľinnovation dans ľadministration française au XIX e siècle«, in: Histoire, économie et société 4 (1985), p. 205–232. – from the forms to be filled to the periodicity of their correspondence to »the format, the quality of the paper, ink to be chosen, etc.« AMAE, CPC, Nouvelle Série, carton 407, 1897–1914, circular dated 10. 12. 1908. – and in the image projected outward into the local public space. At the end of the century, consuls