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Isaiah S. Akoteyon

References Adepelumi, A.A., Ako, B.D., Ajayi, T.R., Afolabi, O., Omotoso, E.J. 2009. Delineation of saltwater intrusion into the freshwater aquifer of Lekki Peninsula, Lagos, Nigeria. Environ Geology 56 (5), 927-933. doi:10.1007/s00254-008-1194-3. Akoteyon, I.S., Soladoye, O., Mbata, U.A. 2010. Assessment of groundwater quality in Eti-Osa LGA, Lagos- Nigeria. Ife Res. Pub. Geography 9 (1), 195-207. Akoteyon, I.S., Soladoye, O. (2011) .Groundwater Quality Assessment in Eti-Osa, Lagos-Nigeria using

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František Murgaš

References Aivazian, S. A. (2016). Quality of life and living standards analysis. An econometric approach. Berlin, Boston: Walter de Gruyter. Anderson, R.A. (2014). Human suffering and quality of life. Conceptualizing, stories and statistics. Dordrecht: Springer. Anderson, R.A. (2015). Global decline in well-being. Social Indicators Network News, 125, 1−9. Andráško, I. (2008). The role and status of geography in the quality of life research. In V. Poštolka, Z. Lipský, K. Popková & J. Šmída (Eds

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Olusegun Adeaga, Gil Mahe, Claudine Dieulin, Francoise Elbaz-Poulichet, Nathalie Rouche, Jean-Luc Seidel and Eric Servat

References ADEAGA O., MAHÉ G., DIEULIN C., ELBAZ-POULICHET F., ROUCHÉ N., SEIDEL J.L., SERVAT E., 2013, Analysis of surface water quality upstream Niger delta system. [in:] Young G., Perillo G.M.E., Aksoy H., Bogen J., Gelfan A., Mahé G., Marsh P., Savenije H., Deltas: landforms, ecosystems and human activities: proceedings of HP1, IAHS-IAPSO-IASPEI assembly. Wallingford: AISH, 358: 124-125. ADELANA S.M.A., OLASEHIND P.I., VRBKA P., 2006, Isotope and geochemical characterization of surface and subsurface waters in the Semi-arid Sokoto basin, Nigeria

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Pham Anh Duc, Truong Thi Thuy Duong and Dang Quoc Dung

References [1] Tien Giang Portal. 2011, The Natural Conditions and Socio-Economic Development in Tien Giang Province, People’s Committee of Tien Giang Province, Tien Giang, p. 4. [2] UNWP. – GEMS/Water. 1992, Operational Guide (3 rd Ed.), UN Environment Programme, Burlington, p. 121. [3] APHA-AWWA-WEF. 1998, Standard Methods for Examination of Water and Wastewater (20 th Ed.), American Public Health Association, Washington, D.C., p. 541. [4] Ton, T.L. et al. 2009, Study on GIS Combined Mathematical Modeling and Water Quality Index for

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Petr Kladivo and Marián Halás

References Andráško I., 2005. Dve dimenzie kvality života v kontexte percepcií obyvateľov miest a vidieckych obcí (Two dimensions of the quality of life as perceived by rural and urban populations). In: Vaishar A. & Ira V. (eds), Geografická organizace Česka a Slovenska v současném období. Institute of Geonics, Academy of Sciences CR, Brno: 6-13. Andráško I., 2007. Vnútorná štruktúra mesta z hladiska kvality života (Intra-urban structure from the quality-of-life point of view). Dissertation. Slovak

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Teresa Brzezińska-Wójcik and Monika Widz

BIBLIOGRAPHY A l K hattab S.A., A ldehayyat J.S., 2011, Perceptions of service quality in Jordanian Hotels, International Journal of Business and Management , 6(7), pp. 226-233. . B abakus E., B oller G.W., 1992, An empirical assessment of the servqual scale, Journal of Business Research , 24(3), pp. 253-268. B atyk I., 2012, Diagnoza determinant wpływających na jakość usług turystycznych, Zarządzanie i Finanse , 10 (3), pp. 291-304. B erry L., P arasuraman A., Z eithaml V., 1990, Delivering quality

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Agnieszka Kwiatek-Sołtys and Helene Mainet

References Borsdorf A., 1999. La qualité de vie dans les villes alpines. Le cas d’Innsbruck (Quality of life in the Alp cities. The case of Innsbruck). Revue de géographie alpine 87(4): 81-91. Fleuret S. (ed.), 2006. Espace, qualité de vie et bien-être (Space, quality of life and well-being). Actes du colloque EQBE, Presses Universitaires d’Angers / SODIS. Florida R., 2002. The rise of the creative class: and how it’s transforming work, leisure, community, and everyday life. Basic Books, New York

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František Murgaš and Michal Klobučník

References Andráško, I. (2006). Percepcia kvality života v mestských štvrtiach Bratislavy. Geografická Revue , 2(2), 227–240. Andráško, I. (2007). Vnútorná štruktúra mesta z hľadiska kvality života. Dizertačná práca, Geografický ústav SAV, Bratislava. Andráško, I., Lesová, P., Kunc, J. & Tonev P. (2013). Perception of quality of life in Brno housing estates. Hungarian Geographical Bulletin , 62(1), 90–101. Andráško, I. (2016). Kvalita života v mestách . Brno: Masarykova univerzita. Andrews, C.J. (2001). Analysing quality

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Marek Nowacki

References Ajzen I., Fishbein M., 1980, Understanding Attitudes and Predicting Social Behavior , Englewood Cliffs NJ: Prentice-Hill. Baker D., Crompton J., 2000, Quality, Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions, Annals of Tourism Research , 27(3), pp. 785-804. Brown P. J., 1984, Benefits of outdoor recreation and some ideas for valuing recreation opportunities, [in:] G. L. Peterson i A.Randall, eds., Valuation of wildland resource benefits , Boulder, CO: Westview Press, pp. 209

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Anna Wojnarowska

REFERENCES CARMONA, M., SIEH, L. (2004), Measuring Quality in planning. Managing the performance process, London and New York: Spon Press. CEGŁOWSKA, A., MATYKOWSKI, R. (2010), Przestrzenie publiczne i ich znaczenie w dużym mieście: przypadek Poznania , [in:] Studia miejskie Funkcje miast jako czynnik kształtowania przestrzeni miejskiej , 2/2010, Opole, pp. 219–230. ČERNE, A., KUŠAR, S. (2010), The System of Indicators for Regional Development, Structure and Potentials, Geograff 6, Ljubljana. CHĄDZYŃSKA, M. (2012), Przestrzeń