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B. Botea and I. Marinescu

5. REFERENCES [1] H. Albert, N. Golovanov, C. Golovanov, L. Elefterescu, „ Nowadays Problems Regarding Quality Monitoring of Electric Power (Probleme actuale privind monitorizarea calității energiei electrice)” , CEEE 2003 [2] C. Gherasim, T. Croes, J. Driesen, R. Belmans, „Amplitude, Phase and frecquency Estimation based on Analytical Representation of Power System Signals” , Proceedings of the International Conference on Power System Transients, June 19-23 Montreal, canada, 2005 [3] Albert H., Florea I., Iordanescu I., „Industrial

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Emil Cazacu, Marilena Stănculescu and Horia Andrei

, Harmonics and Quality of Power (ICHQP) 2010 14th International Conference on, pp. 1-6, 2010. [4] S. Krishnamurthy, G.F. Noudjiep Djiepkop, Performance analysis and improvement of a power system network using a Unified Power Flow Controller, Industrial and Commercial Use of Energy (ICUE) 2015 International Conference on the, pp. 306-312, 2015. [5] Uday B. Mujumdar, Jayant S. Joshi, Optimal reactive power compensation under non sinusoidal conditions using current minimization method, Power and Energy Systems (ICPS) 2011 International Conference on, pp. 1-6, 2011

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S. Orboiu, C. Trocan and H. Andrei

References [1] National Institute of Statistics, [2] Hermina Albert, N. Golovanov, V. Răşcanu, D. Păun, C. Păun, „Quality System Monitoring System for Electricity Supply in Accordance with the Romanian Regulations", Scientific Works of the Regional Energy Forum, Neptun, June 15-19, 2008. [3] Local Energy Agency Alba, "Energy consumption monitoring in schools", February, 2015 - ALEA Alba Iulia 510119 Jud. Alba Romania. https

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Powder Metallurgy Progress

Journal of Science and Technology of Particle Materials

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G. Oprea, H. Andrei, G. Predusca and M. Silaghi

References [1] Fuchs, E. F., Masoum, M.A.S. - Power Quality in Power Systems and Electrical Machines, Elsevier Academic Press, Amsterdam, 2008. [2] Andrei, H., Cepisca, C., Grigorescu, S.D., Power Quality and Electrical Arc Furnaces, pp. 55-100, chapter 2 of the book Power Quality, InTech, Wien, 2011. [3] Baggini, A., Handbook of power quality, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, England, 2008 [4] Tugulea, A., Consideratii referitoare la definirea factorului de putere pentru sisteme trifazate dezechilibrate

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Vladimir F. Krapivin, Costică Nitu, Ferdenant A. Mkrtchyan, Vladimir Yu. Soldatov and Anda Sabena Dobrescu

References [1] Krapivin, V.F., Shutko, A.M. Information technol-ogies for remote monitoring of the environment. Springer/Praxis, Chichester U.K., 2012, 498 pp. [2] Nitu, C., Krapivin, V.F., Soldatov, V.Yu. Information-modeling technology for environmental investigations. Matrix Rom, Bucharest, Romania, 2013. 621 pp. [3] Mkrtchyan, F.A., Krapivin V.F. GIMS - technology in the water quality monitoring. Proceedings of the International Conference on GeoInformatics for Spatial-Infrastructure Development in Earth

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Emil Cazacu, Lucian Petrescu and Maria-Cătălina Petrescu

, pp. 1-5, 2015. [4] Hubert C. I., Operating, Testing, and Preventive Maintenance of Electrical Power Apparatus, Prentice Hall, 2002. [5] IEC Standard 61000-4-30, Testing and measurement techniques - Power quality measurement methods, 2012. [6] Stoynova A. V., Bonev B. B., Infrared survey in electrical preventive maintenance, 2017 XXVI International Scientific Conference Electronics (ET), Sozopol, Bulgaria, pp. 1-4, 2017. [7] Fluke Corporation, Ti-25 - Thermal Imager - Users Manual, 2006

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Madalina Georgescu, V. Budu, Daniela Vrinceanu and Magdalena Cernea

, Kameswaran M, Karltorp E, Kompis M, Kuzovkov V, Lassaletta L, Li Y, Lorens A, Martin J, Manoj M, Mertens G, Mlynski R, Mueller J, O'Driscoll M, Parnes L, Pulibalathingal S, Radeloff A, Raine CH, Rajan G, Rajeswaran R, Schmutzhard J, Skarzynski H, Skarzynski P, Sprinzl G, Staecker H, Stephan K, Sugarova S, Tavora , Usami S, Yanov Y, Zernotti M, Zorowka P, de Heyning PV. “Quality standards for bone conduction implants.” Acta Oto-Laryngologica.135 (12); 1277-1285, 2015. [7] Georgescu M., Vrinceanu D., Radulescu L., Tusaliu M., Martu C., Curutiu C., Hussien MD