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Jana alá and Ľubica Černá

References 1. MEADE, L. M., & SARKIS, J. Organizational Analyzing project alternatives for agile manufacturing processes: An analytical network approach. In International Journal of Production Research 1999, 37 (2), p. 241-261. 2. HAKIM-Al, L. Web-based supply chain integration model. In J. Mariga (Ed.), Managing e-commerce and mobile computing technologies, 2004, p. 183-207. 3. WANG, R. Y. (1998). A product perspective on total data quality management. Communications of the ACM, 41 (2), p. 58

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Dariusz Pleban

References 1. Belda N., Flindell I., Reig A. (2004), Automotive interior sound quality: The UK part of a large international comparative study, Proceedings of Inter Noise 2004, Prague. 2. Bowen D.L. (2010), Sound quality studies of frontloading washing machines, Sound&Vibration, December 2010, 8-13. 3. Cempel C., Kasprzak J., Kłos Z. (2006), Ecoengineering - complex design and environmental management [in Polish], cempel/Wroclaw CC ZK JK.pdf 4. Cerrato G. (2009), Automotive sound quality - powertrain, road and wind noise

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Stanisław Borkowski and Krzysztof Knop

References [1] Kubik Sz. [Ed.], Mistake-Proofing for Operators: The ZQC System [in Polish: Zapobieganie błędom dla Operatorów: System ZQC ], Wroclaw,, 2010. [2] Hinckley C.M., Defining the best quality-control systems by design and inspection , Clinical Chemistry, 5, 873–879, 1997. [3] Muhlemann A.P., Oakland J.S., Lockyer K.G., Management – production and services [in Polish: Zarządzanie – produkcja i usługi ], Warsaw, PWN, 2001. [4] Blikle A., The quality doctrine . The thing about the effective management

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David Vykydal, Petra Halfarová, Jaroslav Nenadál, Jiří Plura and Edita Hekelová

References [1] ISO Guide 73 Risk Management - Vocabulary . Geneve : ISO, 2009 [2] ASBURY,St. - ASHWELL, P.: Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Audits. A risk based approach. Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2007, 230 p. (ISBN 978-0-750-68026-4) [3] EN ISO 9004:2009 Managing for the sustained success of an organization - A quality management approach. Geneve : ISO, 2009 [4] HAYES,E., B.: Beyond the Ultimate Question. A Systematic Approach to Improve Customer Loyalty. Milwaukee : ASQ

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Zuzana Andrássyová, Jozef Hrubec and Maria Del Carmen Bas Cerdá

References ANDRÁSSYOVÁ, Z. - HRUBEC, J. - KOTUS, M. - DAŇKO, M. 2011. Application of method Poka Yoke in quality control. In XXth International Students Scientific Conference : proceedings. Contemporary Aspects of Production Engineering. Warszawa : Warsaw University of Life Sciences, pp. 13-18. ISBN 978-83-928072-9-2. BUJNA, M. - KOTUS, M. - PRÍSTAVKA, M. - FÖLDEŠIOVÁ, D. 2012. Analýza ohrozenia metódou FMEA. In Technika v technológiách agrosektora 2012. Nitra : SPU, s. 32-35. ISBN 978

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Žanesa Ljevo, Mladen Vukomanović and Suada Džebo

. Available at on 15 March, 2016. Hair, F. J., Anderson, E. R., Tatham, L. R., & Black, C. W. (2009). Multivariate Data Analysis, 7th edn. Pearson, Inc, England, UK. Hoonakker, P. L. T. (2006). Quality management in construction industry. In: Proceedings of ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement, Milwaukee, WI, USA, pp. 1-9. Husin, N. H., Adnan, H., & Jusoff, K. (2008). Management of Safety for Quality Construction. Journal of Sustainable Development, 1(3), pp. 41

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Piotr Woźny and Józef Błachnio

References 1. Americas Aerospace Quality Group. Aerospace Information Report AIR 5359 rev. C: Requirements for Certification/Registration of Aerospace Quality Management Systems. SAE International. Warrendale 2008. 2. Americas Aerospace Quality Standards Committee. Aerospace Standard ARP 9137: Guidance for the Application of AQAP 2110 within a 9100 Quality Management System. SAE International. Warrendale 2010. 3. Americas Aerospace Quality Standards Committee. Aerospace Standard AS 9100 rev. C: Quality

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Ramūnas Palšaitis and Andrejus Ponomariovas

References Palšaitis, R., Ponomariovas, A. Quality of rail freight transport. (2011). In Proceedings of the 10 th International Conference "Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication", 20-23 October 2010, (p. 41-44). Riga. Latvia: Transport and Telecommunication Institute. The Quality of Rail Freight Services. (2008). Brussels, Belgium: Commission to the Council and the European Parliament. Guseva, N. (2010). Triple approaches the E-commerce quality criteria

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Ivan Koblen and Katarína Lestyánszka Škůrková

References: 1. ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems. Requirements. 2. Draft ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems. Requirements. 3. SCOTT, W., OLDIED, CH. The Nine Basic Rules of a Successful Supply Chain. Available at: < > 4. SIMCHI-LEV, L., KAMINSKY, O. K., SIMCHI-LEVI. 2007. Designing and Managing the Supply Chain. 3 rd edition. Mcgraw Hill. 5. ISO 31000:2009 Risk management-Principles and guidelines. 6. Supply Chain Management Handbook (SCMH). Available at

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Renata Stasiak-Betlejewska, Miroslav Prístavka, Agnieszka Czajkowska and Marián Tóth

i urządzeń. Warszawa : Wydawnictwo Szkolne i Pedagogiczne Spółka Akcyjna. OBLAK, L. - JOŠT, M. 2011. Methodology for studying the ecological quality of furniture. In Drvna Industrija, vol. 62, no. 3, pp. 171-176. SAVOV, R. - LANČARIČ, D. 2013. Manažment podniku. Nitra : SUA.