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Zoran S. Ilić, Lidija Milenković, Ljubomir Šunić and Maja Manojlović

REFERENCES AGATI, G., BRUNETTI, C., FERDINANDO, M.D., FERRINI, F., POLLASTRI, S., TATTINI, M.: Functional roles of flavonoids in photo protection: new evidence, lessons from the past. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 72: 35-45, 2013 ALDRICH, H.T., SALANDANAN, K., KENDALL, P., BUNNING, M., STONAKER, F., OKTAY, K., STUSHNOFF, C.: Cultivar choice provides options for local production of organic and conventionally produced tomatoes with higher quality and antioxidant content. Journal of Science Food and Agriculture, 90: 2548-2555, 2010 ALKALAI

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Anka Popović-Vranješ, Snežana Paskaš, Zsolt Becskei, Marija Jevtić and Saša Krstović

., CASSANDRO, M., BITTANTE, G.: Milk coagulation ability of five dairy cattle breeds. Journal of Dairy Science, 90(8): 3986-3992, 2007. DE MARCHI, M., BITTANTE, G., DAL ZOTTO, R., DALVIT, C., CASSANDRO, M.: Effect of Holstein Friesian and Brown Swiss breeds on quality of milk and cheese. Journal of Dairy Science, 91: 4092-4102, 2008. EENENNAAM, A.V. and MEDRANO, J.F.: Milk protein polymorphisms in California dairy cattle. Journal of Dairy Science, 74: 1730-1742, 1991. EHLERS, S. and HURT, J.: Cheeses of the World. Penguin Group (USA) Inc., New York, NY

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Lidija Perić, Mirjana Đukić Stojčić and Siniša Bjedov

REFERENCES ĐUKIĆ STOJČIĆ, M. PERIĆ, L., MILOŠEVIĆ, N., BJEDOV, S.: The eggs quality from organic and conventional production. Book of Abstracts, IV International Symposium and XX Scientific professional Conference of Agronomists of Republic of Srpska, March 2nd – 6th, 2015 Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 195, 2015. GRASHORN M.A.: Enrichment of eggs and poultry meat with biologically active substances by feed modifications and effects on the final quality of the product. Polish Journal of Food and Nutritional Science, 1, 15-20, 2005. HIDALGO

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Marinka Brglez Sever, Stanislav Tojnko and Tatjana Unuk

folije, protitocne kristalne in crne mreže na notranjokakovost plodov pri jablani (Malus domestica Borkh.) sorte 'Jonagold' in 'Elstar' [diplomsko delo]. Maribor: Fakulteta za kmetijstvo in biosistemske vede, Univerza v Mariboru, 2005. 8. Dussi MC, Giardina G, Reeb P. Shade nets effect oncanopy light distribution and quality of fruit and spur leaf apple cv. 'Fuji'. Span. J. Agric. Res. 2005;3(2):253- 260. 9. Ferjanc B. Vpliv protitocne mreže na razvoj škodljivcev in bolezni jablane (Malusdomestica B.) [diplomsko delo]. Maribor: Fakulteta

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Saša Kostić, Jelena Čukanović, Mirjana Ljubojević, Emina Mladenović, Snežana Mrđan and Nina Svilokos


The purpose of this paper is to analyze relations between seed quality characteristics and the influence of contaminated urban areas on seed quality of sycamore maple trees in different locations across Novi Sad (Serbia). This research analyzed seed germination of 29 adult trees of sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) and its red leaf variety (Acer pseudoplatanus ‘atropurpureum’ Späth.). Our results indicate a medium strong positive correlation between seed weight and viable seed. Sycamore maple trees from the same urban typology do not have significant influence on seed quality characteristics, while different urban typology has such influence. These results explain the negative influence of urban areas on seed quality characteristics. For selection of high value trees in urbanized and contaminated areas, seed quality can be the indicator of adaptability to stress related conditions.

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B. P. Szabó, E. Gyimes, A. Véha and Zs. H. Horváth

References [1] F. Békési, A búza endospermium szerkezetének szerepe néhány minőségi búzát termelő országban. (The role of the wheat endosperm structure in some quality-wheat-producing countries). In: Z. Bedo. (ed.), A jó minőségű, keményszemű búza nemesítése és termesztése. (Breeding and cultivation of good-quality and hard-kernel wheat). (2001) 25–34. [2] V. G. Abecassis, J. M. Rousset, A. O. Faye, L. Bar, C. ’Helgouac’h, V. Lullien-Pellerin, Grain characterization and milling behaviour of nearisogenic lines diéring by

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G. Diósi, M. Móré and P. Sipos

References [1] B. L. D’Appolonia, W. H. Kunerth (eds.), The Farinograph Handbook. AACC, St. Paul, MN, 1984. [2] C. L. Reese, D. E. Clay, D. Beck, R. Englund, Is protein enough for assessing wheat flour quality? Western Nutrient Management Conference. Salt Lake City, UT 7. (2007) 85-90. [3] L. Hruzsvai, Sz. Vincze (2012). SPSS-könyv Seneca Books. 294-301 [4] ISO 5530-1:2013 Wheat flour - Physical charasteristics of doughs

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Adam Takač, Vukašin Popović, Janko Červenski, Svetlana Glogovac and Slađana Medić-Pap

REFERENCES ADENIYI, H., ADEMOYEGUN, O.: Effect of Different Rates and Sources of Fertilizer on Yield and Antioxidant Components of Tomato ( Lycopersicon lycopersicum). Agricultural Journal, 7:135-139, 2012. BARANSKA, M., SCHÜTZE, W., SCHULZ, H.: Determination of lycopene and ß-carotene content in tomato fruits and related products: comparasion of FT-Raman, ATR-IR, and NIR spectroscopy. Analytical Chemistry, 78: 8456-8461, 2006. COMPOS, CAB., FERNANDES, PD., GHEYI, HR., BLANCO, FF., GONCALVES, CB., CAMPOS, SAF.: Yield and fruit quality of

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Antonije Žunić, Slavica Vuković, Maria Fatima De Alpendurada, Sanja Lazić, Sonja Gvozdenac and Dragana Šunjka

REFERENCES ARORA, M., KIRAN, B., RANI, S., RANI, A., KAUR, B., MITTALL, N. (2008): Heavy metal accumulation in vegetables irrigated with water from different sources. Food Chemistry Journal, 111, 811–815. BAUDER, T.A., WASKOM, R.M., SUTHERLAND, P.L and DAVIS, J.G. (2014): Irrigation Water Quality Criteria. Colorado State University, 1-5. FINNEGAN, P., WEIHUA, C. (2012): Arsenic Toxicity: The Effects on Plant Metabolism, Journal List, Front Physiol, v.3, 2012., 2-5. GRUJIĆ, S. (2009): Određivanje tragova lekova u vodi metodom tečne