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Vera Lavadinović, Vasilije Isajev, Ljubinko Rakonjac, Vladan Popović and Aleksandar Lučić

, C., Lipa, W. & Menzel A. (1992). Guidelines for plant phenological observations. Lavadinović, V., Koprivica, M. & Isajev V. (2004). Phenological characters of Douglas-fir provenances in Serbia. Silva Balcanica, 4(1), 89-94. Lavadinović, V. Isajev, V. & Miletić Z. (2010). Significance of genetic potential of Douglas-fir introduced provenances in Serbia for the ranking of their adaptation to climate changes. In IUFRO and EFI International scientific conference “Forest ecosystems and climate changes” (pp. 71-80). Belgrade, 9-10th March

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Vladan Popović, Vera Lavadinović, Ivan Bjelanović and Vukan Lavadinović

, 40-41, 137-145. Lavadinović, V., Isajev, V. & Koprivica M. (1996a). Efect of seed germination on survival and height of two-year old Douglas-fir of different provenances. Genetica, 28, 2, 103-114. Lavadinović, V. & Koprivica M. (1996b). Dependence of Young Douglas-fir stands of different provenances on beech sites in Serbia. Proceedings from the IUFRO Conference (pp. 390-400). Copenhagen. Lavadinović, V., Koprivica, M. & Marković N. (1996c). Comparison of diameter and height of twenty Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga

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Oliver Klein

MURDOCH, J. (2006), Worlds of Food. Place, power, and provenance in the Food Chain, Oxford: Oxford University Press. MURDOCH, J. and MIELE, M. (1999), ‘“Back to nature”: changing “worlds of production” in the food sector’, Sociologia Ruralis, 39 (4), pp. 465-483. MÜLLER, D., KÜMMERLE, T., RUSU, M. and GRIFFITH, P. (2009), ‘Lost in transition: determinants of cropland abandonment in postsocialist Romania’, Journal of Land Use Science, 4 (1-2), pp. 109-129. NILES, D. and ROFF, R. J. (2008), ‘Shifting agri-food systems: the

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Janina Borysiak, Marek Grześ, Marian Pulina and Grażyna Szpikowska

environment to climatic change. Physical Geography 13: 287-317. Zwoliński Z., Mazurek M., Paluszkiewicz R., Rachlewicz G., 2008. The matter fluxes in the geoecosystem of small tundra lakes, Petuniabukta coast, Billefjorden, Central Spitsbergen. Zeitschrift Fur Geomorphologie 52(1): 79-101. DOI: 10.1127/0372-8854/2008/0052S1-0079 Zwoliński Z., Szpikowski J., Wiśniewska K., 2012. Provenance of surface waters on the western coast of Admiralty Bay, King George Island, Antarctica. Zeitschrift Fur Geomorphologie 56(1): 123-141. DOI

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Maciej Prarat

and types of windmills over the period of their most intensive use. Subsequently, an attempt will be made to determine the reasons for these changes and the provenance of the mill types. The research covered the period from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century within the region of Pomerania, whose borders extend from Toruń to Gdańsk. This area broadly coincides with the nineteenth century administrative division of the Province of West Prussia (when the area was under Prussian rule) and is divided ethnographically and

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Pavel Samec, Aleš Kučera and Klement Rejšek

, 84, 505-573. Knollová, I. & Chytrý M. (2004). Oak-hornbeam forests of the Czech Republic: geographical and ecological ap- proaches to vegetation classification. Preslia, 76, 291-311. KuČera, A., RejŠek, K., Dundek, P., Marosz, K., Samec, P. & Sýkora J. (2011). Specification of the beechwood soil environment based on chosen soil properties, aiming at the Faseta paupera habitat. J. For. Sci., 57, 185-191. Lisá, L. & Uher P. (2006). Provenance of Würmian loess and loess-like sediments of Moravia and Silesia (Czech Republic): a study of zircon typology and

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Martin Mačanga and Martin Plešivčák

.4.871 Marčan, P., 2010: Trh s elektrinou rozhýbala konkurencia (Electricity market has been bestirred by competition - in Slovak), Bratislava: Inštitút pre energetickú bezpečnosť. Nies, S., 2008: Ownership Unbundling in Energy Markets - An overview of a heated debate in Europe, Institut Français des Relations Internationales, Paris, available at:, DoA: 12.11.2013. Oberndorfer, U., 2011: Energy prices, volatility, and the stock market: Evidence from the Eurozone. In: Energy