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Geochemical assessment of claystone deposits from the Patti Formation, Southern Bida Basin, Nigeria

.M. (1997): Trace and rare earth elemental variation in Arabian Sea sediments through a transect across the oxygen minimum zone. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta , 61(12), pp. 2375–2388. [5] Cullers, R.L. (2002): Implications of elemental concentrations for provenance, redox conditions and metamorphic studies of shales and limestones near Pueblo, Colorado, USA. Chemical Geology , 19(4), pp. 305–327. [6] Armstrong-Altrin, J.S., Verma, S.P., Madhavaraju, J., Lee, Y.I., Ramasamy, S. (2003): Geochemistry of Late Miocene Kudankulam Limestones, South India

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Geochemistry of Fluvial Sediments from Geregu, Southwest Nigeria

-650. [4] McLennan, S.M. (1989): Rare earth elements in sedimentary rocks: Influence of provenance and sedimentary processes. Reviews in Mineralogy, 21, pp. 169-200. [5] McLennan, S.M., Hemming, S., McDaniel, D.K., Hanson, G.N. (1993): Geochemical approaches to sedimentation, provenance and tectonics. In: Johnson, M.J., Basu, A. (Eds.). Processes controlling the composition of clastic sediments. Geological Society of America Special Paper 284, pp. 21-40. [6] Condie, K.C. (1993): Chemical composition and evolution of upper continental crust

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2D density model of the Chinese continental lithosphere along a NW-SE transect

provenance study. Tectonics, 26 , 4, 1–24. Gesch D. B., Verdin K. L., Greenlee S. K., 1999: New land surface digital elevation model covers the Earth, Eos Trans. AGU, 8 0, 69–70. GM-SYS® User‘s Guide for version 4.9, 2004: Northwest Geophysical Associates, Inc., Corvallis, 101. Jolivet M., Dominguez S., Charreau J., Chen Y., Li Y., Wang Q., 2010: Mesozoic and Cenozoic tectonic history of the central Chinese Tian Shan: Reactivated tectonic structures and active deformation. Tectonics, 29 , 6, 1–30. Li D. S., Liang D. G., Jia C. Z., Wang G., Wu Q

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Carbonate complexes underlying Flysch belt and subsurface Neogene volcanic in the NE part of Slovakia – a potential for geothermal energy and raw materials

-233. Birkenmajer K., Pécskay Z., Szeliga W., 2004: Age relationships between Miocene vol- canism and hydrothermal activity at Mt. Jarmuta, Pieniny Klippen Belt, West Carpathians, Poland. Studia Geologica Polonica, 123 , 279-294. Birkenmajer K., Lorenc W. M., 2008: Lower Cretaceous exotic intraplate basaltoid olis- tolith from Biala Woda, Pieniny Klippen Belt Poland: geochemistry and prove­nance. Studia Geol. Pol., 131 , 237-246. Csontos L., Nagymarosy A., Horváth F., Kováč M. 1992: Tertiary evolution of the intra-Carpathian area: a model

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