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A. Garbacz-Klempka, Ł. Kowalski, J. Kozana, J. Gackowski, M. Perek-Nowak, G. Szczepańska and M. Piękoś

. Fontes Archaeologici Posnanienses . 50(2), 261-283. [12] Pernicka, E. (2014). Provenance determination of archaeological metal objects. In B. W. Roberts & C. P. Thornton (Eds.). Archaeometallurgy in global perspective. Methods and syntheses . (239-268). New York: Springer. [13] Michalski, J. (1982). Bronze casting workshop in Zawada, Tarnobrzeg province. In Z. Bukowski (Ed.). The diary of the Museum of Copper. 1, (199-207). Legnica: TPN. (in Polish). [14] Garbacz-Klempka, A., Kozana, J., Piekoś, M., Kwak, Z., Długosz, P. & Stolarczyk. T. (2015

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Przemysław Mania, Ewa Fabisiak and Ewa Skrodzka

musical in- struments by acetylation, Wood Fiber Sci., 25, 395-403. 19. Zieger E. (1960), Investigations on outer charac- teristics, wood properties and provenances of reso- nance wood qualities of Norway spruce and some other species, Mitt. aus der Staatsforstverwaltung Bayern, 31, 285-298.

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A. Garbacz-Klempka, Ł. Kowalski, J. Gackowski and M. Perek-Nowak

). Archaeometallurgical characterization of the earliest European metal helmets. Materials Characterization . 79, 22-36. [11] Niehuis, J., Sietsma, J. & Arnoldussen, S. (2011). The production process and potential usage of bronze Geistingen axes. Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries . 3 (1/2), 47-63. [12] Pernicka, E. (2014). Provenance determination of archaeological metal objects. In B. W. Roberts & C. P. Thornton (Eds.), Archaeometallurgy in global perspective. Methods and syntheses , (pp. 239–268). New York: Springer. [13] Blajer, W. (2001). The Bronze

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Eva Fišerová, Sandra Donevska, Karel Hron, Ondřej Bábek and Kristýna Vaňkátová

R eferences [1] Aitchison, J. (1986). The Statistical Analysis of Compositional Data . Chapman and Hall (Reprinted in 2003 with additional material by The Blackburn Press). [2] Aitchison, J., Barceló-Vidal, C., Martín-Fernández, J.A., Pawlowsky-Glahn, V. (2000). Logratio analysis and compositional distance. Mathematical Geology , 32(3), 271–275. [3] Bábek, O., Matys Grygar, T., Faměra, M., Hron, K., Nováková, T., Sedláček, J. (2015). Geochemical background in polluted river sediments: How to separate the effects of sediment provenance and

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Kathryn Cotterell, Ian Welch and Aaron Chen

. Wallach, Quire: lightweight provenance for smart phone operating systems, in Proceedings of the 20th USENIX conference on Security, ser. SEC11. Berkeley, CA, USA: USENIX Association, 2011, pp. 2323. [Online]. Available: [18] R. Xu, H. Saidi, and R. Anderson, Aurasium: practical policy enforcement for android applications, in Proceedings of the 21st USENIX conference on Security symposium, ser. Security12. Berkeley, CA, USA: USENIX Association, 2012, pp. 2727. [Online]. Available: http

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László Márton, János Talpas and Enikő Bitay


Archaeological publications connect the raw material used for the production of copper and bronze artifacts discovered during the excavations carried on in Szeklerland to the use of the chalcopyrite from the Bălan copper ore deposit. So far, this assumption has not been confirmed by concrete evidence. Men of the Bronze Age can’t possibly have had knowledge of the metallurgy of sulphide-type copper ores such as chalcopyrite. Applying investigations based on spectroscopy, the Bronze Age use of chalcopyrite from Bălan could be either confirmed or refuted, the new data throwing more light on the provenance of the bronze artifacts discovered in the Szeklerland.

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Martyna A. Rzętała, Andrzej Jaguś, Robert Machowski and Mariusz Rzętała

0169-555X(01)00118-0. [12] Liu S, Zhang W, He Q, Li D, Liu H, Yu L. Magnetic properties of East China Sea shelf sediments off the Yangtze Estuary: Influence of provenance and particle size. Geomorphology 2010;119:212-220. DOI: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2010.03.027. [13] Day JW, Barras J, Clairain E, Johnston J, Justic D, Kemp GP, et al. Implications of global climatic change and energy cost and availability for the restoration of the Mississippi delta. Ecol Eng. 2005;24:253-265. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecoleng.2004.11.015. [14] Stanica

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Roman Z. Morawski

analysis in testing the provenance of wines. Food Chem., 107, 1652-1660. [244] Skogerson, K., Downey, M., Mazza, M., Boulton, R. (2007). Rapid Determination of Phenolic Components in Red Wines from UV-Visible Spectra and the Method of Partial Least Squares. Am. J. Enol. Viticult ., 58(3), 318-325. [245] Soriano, A., Perez-Juan, P.M., González, J.M., Perez-Coello, M.S. (2007). Determination of anthocyanins in red wine using a newly developed method based on Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Food Chem. , 104, 1295