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Impact of g-Load Shift on Temporal Expression Pattern of Apoptosis-linked Proteins in the Rat Mammary Gland

hypergravity on endothelial cells Biomed Research International 2015 434803 Maier JA, Cialdai F, Monici M, Morbidelli L (2015b) The impact of microgravity and hypergravity on endothelial cells. Biomed Research International 2015, 434803. Maier JA Cialdai F Monici M Morbidelli L 2015b The impact of microgravity and hypergravity on endothelial cells Biomed Research International 2015 434803 Mattern J, Volm M (2004) Imbalance of cell proliferation and apoptosis during progression of lung carcinomas. Anticancer Research 24, 4243

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The Effect of Cigarette Design on the Content of Phenols in Mainstream Tobacco Smoke

References 1. Ashley, A., J. McCue, S. Lazis, M. Portas, C. Lambert, and B. Freed: Cigarette tar phenols impede T cell cycle progression by inhibiting cyclin-dependent kinases; Mol. Immunol. 44 (2007) 488–493. 2. Bukowska, B. and S. Kowalska: The presence and toxicity of phenol derivatives - their effect of human erythrocytes; Curr. Topics Biophys. 27 (2003) 43–51. 3. Bukowska, B. and S. Kowalska: Phenol and catechol induce prehemolytic and hemolytic changes in human erythrocytes

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Nonlinear waves in a simple model of high-grade glioma

agent temozolomide, and various salvage therapies (e.g., antiangiogenic) once tumor progression recurs [ 51 ]. Large-scale research endeavors are ongoing to provide a comprehensive understanding of all the genetic and epigenetic alterations that underlie GBM [ 48 ]. Despite all of these efforts, GBM remains incurable (the five-year overall survival rate is less than 10%), although it should be mentioned that, albeit still very small, a slow but steadily increase in the number of long-term surviving patients (more than five years) has been reported [ 47 ]. Various

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Physiology and Biochemistry of the Tobacco Plant. 1. Growth and Development - Physiologie und Biochemie der Tabakpflanze: 1. Wachstum und Entwicklung

—413. Phillips, R. E., und J. E, Leggett: Effect of soil-water stress on assimilation and partitioning of carbon and nitrogen in Burley tobacco; Agron. Abstr., Am. Soc. Agron., Madison, Wis., 1984, S. 114. Raper, C. D., Jr.: Factors affecting the development of flue-cured tobacco grown in artificial environments, HI. Morphological behavior of leaves in simulated temperature, light duration, and nutrition progressions during growth; Agron. J. 63 (1971) 848—852. Raper, C. D., D, T. Patterson, L. R. Parsons und P. J. Kramer

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Applied mathematics and nonlinear sciences in the war on cancer

enthusiasm for so-called liquid biopsies to monitor cancer genetics through the analysis of circulating cells, nucleic acids or extracellular vesicles released from the tumor has grown dramatically [ 57 , 58 ]. In addition to these sources of quantifiable information, there are many other data that are more qualitative, such as the different metrics of response or tumor progression (see e.g. [ 59 ] for brain tumors), symptoms, side effects, patient performance status, etc. All of these data are invaluable for the development, testing and application of mathematical

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A theoretical model for the transmission dynamics of HIV/HSV-2 co-infection in the presence of poor HSV-2 treatment adherence

infected) γ 0 ( 2 ) $\begin{array}{} \gamma_0^{(2)} \end{array} $ ( ψ ) 0.365-0.469 [ 26 ] Enhanced susceptibility of people with acute HSV-2 to HIV infection σ 2.7-3.1 [ 29 ] Enhanced susceptibility to HSV-2 infection by HIV infectives φ ≥ 1 [ 1 ] Treatment rate of acute HSV-2 ψ Varied [ 1 ] Rate of progression from HIV to AIDS ϕ 0.0104 [ 26 ] Average sexual lifespan μ 0.004(0.003-0.005) [ 25 , 26 ] AIDS-related death rate v 0.03 [ 32 ] Modification parameter α 1 (0−1) Assumed

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Smokeless Tobacco - An Overview

polyphenols inhibit cell hyperproliferation, lung tumorigenesis, and tumor progression; Exp. Lung Res. 24 (1998) 629–639. 178. Rodu B. and B. Ou: The antioxidant properties of tobacco; Tobacco Science 44 (2000) 71–73. 179. Prior, R.L. and G. Cao: Analysis of botanicals and dietary supplements for antioxidant capacity: a review; J. Assoc. Off. Anal. Chem. Int. 83 (2000) 950–956. 180. Li Q., M. Krauss, M. Maher, G. Bokelman, and F. Gadani: Reduction of tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) by

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Optimal control problems for differential equations applied to tumor growth: state of the art

to the tumor. Other pro-angiogenic factors are PDGF, PIGF or FGF. Therefore, anti-angiogenic therapies are important in the treatment of certain cancers. But, by itself, the antiangiogenic treatment only prevents the tumor from developing its support of blood vessels and does not directly destroy the cancer cells. In fact, the benefits of using anti-angiogenic therapies alone are, at best, transient and are followed by the restoration of tumor growth and progression [ 4 ]. As a consequence, it is common not to limit the treatment to a body, but to combine different

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