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A Template For Enhancing The Impact of The National Academy of Sciences’ Reporting on Forensic Science

Evidentiary Diferences between Validity and Proficiency Studies , 61 Brook L. Rev. 1247 (1995). Generally, all stakeholders are vulnerable to the political climate of the day too. These observations are not surprising. They reflect the very nature of the functions that these stakeholders perform. Common to them all, however, is a concern about maintaining public confidence in the criminal justice system, as each of them play a role in that maintenance. The NAS reports—through reflecting progression in scientific thought and/or a new presentation of existing knowledge

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Justices as “Sacred Symbols”: Antonin Scalia and the Cultural Life of the Law

Nominees , The Federalist (Oct. 26, 2016), . While it is possible that any death on the “conservative” side of the Court could have brought this situation about, the fact that it was Scalia’s seat which became vacant amplified the stakes in replacing him. B The Progression of This Article To try to make sense of the meaning of, and reactions to, Scalia’s death, we investigate how Scalia became a “sacred symbol.” We are hesitant to provide a definition of “sacred symbol

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To Have, to Hold, and to Vanquish: Property and Inheritance in the History of Marriage and Surnames

modern state is not the result of a steady linear progression of ever-increasing rights. Rather, evidence demonstrates some significant shifts backwards. Principles of coverture and female legal impotence appear to have become more unyielding and restrictive, rather than less, through many periods in English history, thus reflecting and reinforcing a gender hierarchy that was beginning to take on a more rigidly limiting form. The legal recognition of personhood implicit in the concept of property ownership becomes critical to the analysis when women are considered

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Missed Opportunities, Good Intentions: The Takings Decisions of Justice Antonin Scalia

. There is little question regarding the historical consensus that the regulation of marriage and sexuality was a matter for legislative discussion, so that the decision in Obergefell completed a constitutional conversion to a new set of political beliefs—one which I in general share—with no foundation in the text, history or structure of the Constitution. To see the development of the current law, trace the progression from Bowers v . Hardwick , 478 U.S. 186 (1986) through Lawrence v . Texas , 539 U.S. 558 (2003). Yet there is an uneasy dissonance in the

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The Emergence of Denmark’s Tax Treaty Network — A Historical View

where the place of effective management was located. A specific provision dealt with diplomatic and consular representatives. Moreover, it was determined that even though the treaty with Sweden was based on the principle that only the domicile state or the source state should be able to impose taxes on a given income, the domicile state was entitled to make the tax calculations on the basis of the full income ( i . e ., relief after the method exemption with progression). It is interesting to see that the first genuine Danish tax treaty contained numerous principles

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The Nordic model: 25 years of drawing the line between earned and capital income in Finland

. 2 The tax policy background of the dualistic income tax system 2.1 Finland followed the other Nordic countries In many countries, the capital gains are separately taxed, or a different mechanism is applied for determining and calculating them (see, e . g ., Pistone 2016 ). However, the full differentiation and separation of all capital income of natural persons is characteristic of the Nordic countries. The development began with the 1987 tax reform in Denmark, where progression was almost completely abolished in the taxation of capital income. Sweden

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Reforming capital gains taxation of intercorporate share realizations : a law and economics approach from a Nordic perspective

, proportional taxation or partial or complete progression The effect of ownership time to the tax rate Tax treatment of undistributed ( distributed ) profit of a limited liability company: whether undistributed profit ( hidden increase in value of shares ) is under double taxation Tax neutrality of tax treatment of different types of capital income and taxation of changes in value of different taxpayers ( individuals / corporate bodies ) Deductibility of loss: deduction forward or backwards , limitations . 1.3 Capital gains tax issues from law

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»Monitor Yourself!« The Controlled Emotions of Spanish Office Holders in the Early Modern Period

as diligence and virtue. An appropriate age should also have been reached, since young men, with the »vehemence of their passions«, were deemed incapable of holding office. Here the text follows the iudex est senex argumentation, cf. on this point Küper: Die Richteridee, p. 87. They would too easily succumb to passion, love, hate or ambition or to other affects that such a young age entails. Castillo de Bobadilla: Política, p. 97. Second, education and study should build upon these natural dispositions and the progression of time. This phase served by no means

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