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Politics and Constitutional Law: A Distinction without a Difference?

conservatives and libertarians dedicated to reforming the current legal order. We are committed to the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and the duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be. The Federalist Society , (last visited Feb. 6, 2019 ) The Federalist Society believes that the legal profession remains dominated by an “orthodox liberal ideology” and it is this legal order that must

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Adventures in Higher Education, Happiness, And Mindfulness

, Booze, Blow, and Redemption (2017). In addition to the eye-popping rates of problem drinking and depression, the research demonstrated that the problems are widespread and systemic, affecting all practice settings, all age groups, all experience levels, and all work environments, from the most rural to the most urban . . . very high rates of alcohol use disorders, depression, anxiety, and stress are plaguing attorneys across the country, in all stages of their careers, and in every practice setting. Younger lawyers newer to the profession are the ones experiencing

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Strategic and Tactical Totalization in the Totalitarian Epoch

other. Different groups and communities of people have their own first-order reasons for action—the health of one’s family, the success of one’s business partnership, the safety of this neighborhood, the acquisition of knowledge within that school or a particular profession, their assembling together to worship according to their creed (rather than ours), the feeding of the homeless in one’s city, the redress of that wrong by this civil jury—that are not shared by the entire political community. The common good of the entire community as a whole does not exhaust the

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The Origins and Development of Judicial Recusal in Texas

candidate whom TeX-PAC deems friendly to the medical profession but an elaborate and not so thinly veiled plea to sitting justices and judicial candidates to consider Dr. Bradley’s unfair jury verdict. While the video spoke of fair and independent justices, the obvious point was that particular justices were allies to the medical profession and that Dr. Bradley’s fate was inextricably tied to the presence of particular justices on the court whom TeX-PAC supports. Id . at 874-875. Responding to the motion for recusal brought by Rogers, Texas Supreme Court Justice Bob

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“To Promote the General Welfare”: Addressing Political Corruption in America

’S V IEW OF D EMOCRACY IN A MERICA 34-35 (1960). Pluralism involves political effort by such well-represented interests as regulated industries and professions (today, virtually all industries and professions) and passionate factions (the gun lobby, AARP, environmentalists). However, pluralism in practice omits unorganized and ill-represented interests such as citizens in their roles as consumers, nonunion workers, small investors, patients and so on. This lack of balance is corrupting because among the outcomes is a reduction in public welfare, at the expense of

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Secularizing a Religious Legal System: Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in Early Eighteenth Century England

, to join in the framing such canons, rules or ordinances, as have been thought proper to oblige others to a unity of profession, are, in your Lordship’s notion, no better than invaders of Christ’s Kingdoms, erectors of an illegal tribunal, and exercisers of an authority, that was never committed to them. Upon these principles, I do not see how your Lordship can offer to take your place in the provincial synod: how you can require subscriptions or declaration of those whom you ordain, or exercise almost any act of episcopal jurisdiction. Andrew Snape, A Letter to

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The Sexual Orientation Cases

mechanism of constitutional amendment. Id . at 649. This, Scalia suggests, manifests just the same kind of majority disapproval of particular sexual mores as is pursued by Amendment 2. The analogy is plainly a silly one, as polygamy is a question of social choice (at least for the men) rather than, as is sexual orientation, an innate characteristic. The gradual shift towards acceptance of this perspective among the U.S. medical profession – and its more gradual infiltration into judicial thinking – is incisively traced by Richard Posner, Sex and Reason (1992) ch.11

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Lying and the First Amendment

general of California. and to regulate the medical profession generally; Id . at 23. and second, because the act does not discriminate on the basis of viewpoint, in the sense that it targets a particular opinion, point of view or ideology. Id . at 19-20. Nor, she held, did the licensing notice requirement require strict scrutiny because regulating speech between a professional and a client calls to mind “speech in the context of medical treatment, counseling or advertising,” and professional speech merits only intermediate scrutiny. Id at.30. Can California

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The Nordic model: 25 years of drawing the line between earned and capital income in Finland

were sufficient and, therefore, the arrangement was not held as tax avoidance. Instead, in the case KHO 2010/103, Unpublished decision. the company owned by a professional golfer was not disregarded in the taxation, as the Tax Recipients’ Legal Services Unit had required based on Section 28 of the VML. A taxpayer who had been playing golf as his profession for a long time had the purpose of setting up a company to conduct competitive activities, administering necessary support functions as well as administering and exploiting intellectual property rights. The

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The importance of staff to the efficiency of the tax agency

high quality public services, the employees’ wish to do a good job (the professions) and the state’s (principal) demands for efficient resource utilisation. New ideas and procedures are expected to avert unnecessary bureaucracy, simplify people’s daily life and promote an even more efficient handling of the taxpayers’ money. Coordination between State and municipal as well as between other public agencies is viewed as necessary to avoid sub optimisation collisions. Through IT-solutions (e-government) resources can be made available and more resources can be allocated

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