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The problem of experiencing anxiety among divers. Experiment in hyperbaric exposure conditions

R eferences 1. Buczyński A, Buczyński J, Kocur J, Roztowski J, Olszański R. The Analysis of Psychological Variables Verifying the Candidates for the Diver Profession. Polish Hyperbaric Research, 2004: 1 (9): 4-11, p.4; 2. Bielec G, Błaszkowska J, Waade B. The phenomenon of axiety in scuba divers. Polish Hyperbaric Medicine and Technology, 2006: 4 (17): 15-20; 3. Biersner RJ, Larocco JM. Personality and demographic variables related to individual responsiveness to diving stress. Undersea Biomed Res. 1987; 14(1): 67–73; 4. Coetzee N

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The Analysis of Psychophysiological Conditions of Stress Dynamics in Candidates to the Position of a Professional Diver with Consideration of the Psychological Aspects of Diving

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Psychological Aspects of Diving in Selected Theoretical and Research Perspectives

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