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Foreign Approaches to Determining the Categories of Teachers' Professionalization and Professionalism in the System of Continuing Advanced Training

notes of Nizhyn State University named after Mykola Gogol. Psychological and pedagogical sciences], № 1, p. 44–46 (in Ukrainian). 11. Aldescu-Balas, C. E. (2010). Student’s Initial Training for the Didactic Profession. PhD Thesis. Summary [PhD Candidate]. Cluj-Napoca, p. 41 (in English). 12. Cochran-Smith, M. (2001). The outcomes question in teacher education. Teaching and Teacher Education, No 17, р. 527–546. 13. Hargreaves, A. (2000). Four Ages of Professionalism and Professional Learning. Teachers and Teaching: History and Practice, Vol. 6, No. 2, p. 32

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Current Status and Prospects for Development of Nursing Professions in Germany

Nurses. (2018). Definition of Nursing. Retrieved from . 20. Make it in Germany. (2018). Nursing Professionals. Retrieved from . 21. Nursing Now. (2018). Our aims for 2020. Retrieved from . 22. WELT Digital Zeitung. (2014). Fachkräftemangel: Ärzte-Stellen bleiben 167 Tage lang unbesetzt. Retrieved from https

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Key Methodological Aspects of Translators’ Training in Ukraine and in the USA


The diversity of international relations in the globalized world has influenced the role of a translator that is becoming more and more important. Translators’ training institutions today are to work out and to implement the best teaching methodology taking into consideration the new challenges of modern multinational and multicultural society. The thorough research of the experience in training translators and interpreters in the USA may help to find out new perspective methodological approaches to teaching and learning. This article reviews the variety of translator training programmes in Ukraine and in the USA and presents the analysis of the innovative teaching approaches that are currently popular in the education community. There exist different kinds of translators’ training degree programmes: short and long, full-time and part-time in Ukraine and in the USA. American universities and colleges provide not only academic programmes but also specific certificate programmes in translation and interpretation. The peculiarity of Ukrainian translators’ training programmes is that all these programmes are fully integrated into the university system. The approaches applied in the process of translators’ training in the American system of education are mostly new and oriented on the professional skills building. The following teaching approaches are currently used in the translators’ training process: profession-based, learner-centred, social constructivist and interdisciplinary. A social constructivist approach is more likely to be applied to translators’ training process in Ukraine under the modern conditions.

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Pprofessional and labor socialization of orphans in China


It has been defined that the problem of labor socialization of young specialists is a problem of great interest and practical importance for modern pedagogical science. Current issues of professional socialization of young people have been considered. Special attention has been paid to orphans - inmates of institutions of social care in China. It has been determined that labor education throughout the history was considered to play the primary role among all kinds of educational work with young people both in classical and modern China. The experience of China as to the problem mentioned has been characterized. Special attention has been paid to the issues which play a practical role both in motivating orphans to professional and labor search (holding “weeks of professions”, participation in daily work as to maintaining the orphanage, caring for youngsters and olds, work in gardens and workshops located on the territory of orphanage etc.) and the society to taking care of orphans (patronage and guarding from factories and plants, granting jobs’ quotas for orphanages’ graduates, making production areas on the territories of the orphanages etc.). It has been found out that adequate labor and professional socialization of orphans in China is considered to be an important part of public campaigns aimed at making staff reserve for different plants and factories (especially with hard or harmful working conditions), law enforcement agencies and agriculture. It has been defined that appropriate level of labor and professional socialization of orphans in China is seen by the State as an essential condition of their full integration into modern Chinese society.

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Identification Of The Demand Of Welders In The Labour Market Of Lithuania

References Sientific resources Andriušaitienė, D., Gurskienė, O., Jovaiša, T., Laužackas, R., Pukelis, K., Spūdytė, I., & Tūtlys, V. (2008). Lietuvos kvalifikacijų sistemos metodologija . Vilnius: Lietuvos darbo rinkos mokymo tarnyba prie Socialinės apsaugos ir darbo ministerijos. Becker, H. (1970). The Nature of Profession. Sociological Work: Method and Substance . Chicago: Aldine Publishing Company. Billett S. (2000). Defining the demand side of vocational education and training: industry, enterprises, individuals and regions. Journal of

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Vocational Training: Research And Realities
Profesinis Rengimas: Tyrimai Ir Realijos
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Psychological and educational aspects of p. freire’s pedagogy and its implementation in the training of professionals in Latin America

. (1995). La profesion docente у la comunidad escolor: Cronica de un desencuenrro [The teaching profession and school community: Chronicle of a misunderstanding]. 2nd ed. Madrid: Morata. (in Spanish) 4. Fernandez Perez. J. (2001). Elementos que eonsolidan al concepto profesion. Notas para su reflexion [Elements that strengthen the profession concept. Notes for reflection]. Re\ista de Investigation educama [Journal of Educational Research], Vol. 3. num. 1, p. 63-79. (m Spanish) 5. Freidson. Eliot (2001). La teoria de las profesionec

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Situational Methodology as Multifaceted Pedagogical Tool of Influence on the Formation of Socio-Ethical Values of Future Managers-Economists in Higher Schools of Ukraine and Germany

References 1. Абдульханова-Славская, К. (1980). Деятельность и психология личности [Activity and Personality Psychology]. Москва: Наука (in Russian). 2. Андреев, В. (1996). Педагогика творческого саморазвития [Pedagogy of Creative Self-development]. Казань: Центр инновационных технологий (in Russian). 3. Андрієвська, В. (1999). Професія і особистість: проблеми рольової ідентифікації [Profession and Personality: Problems of Role-identification]. In: Федоришин, Б. Теоретичні проблеми психології професій

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Forming of Students’ Professional Legal Competency: Foreign Experience

:// . 8. University of Kent. (2016). Social Work – BA (Hons). Retrieved 14.10.2016 from : . 9. Universidad Pontificia De Salamanca. (2016). Catálogo de Másteres Universitarios [The University’s Master Programmes Catalogue]. Retrieved 14.10.2016 from : . 10. Довідник ВНЗ. (2016). Соціальний працівник. Загальна характеристика професії [Social Worker. General Characteristics of Profession]. Retrieved 12.08.2016 from : http

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Model of a Christian Academic Teacher in the Education of Tomorrow

, wyobraźnia [Pedagogical categories, responsibility, self-realization, tolerance, work, imagination]. Olsztyn (in Polish). 7. Górska, L. (2000). Wizje zawodu nauczyciela w Polsce u progu trzeciego tysiąclecia [Visions of a teacher profession in Poland at the threshold of the third millennium]. Szczecin (in Polish). 8. Grabner, A. (1999). Praktyczny słownik biblijny [Practical biblical dictionary]. Warszawa (in Polish). 9. Granat, W. (2007). Fenomen człowieka. U podstaw humanizmu chrześcijańskiego [Phenomenon of a human. About

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