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Public Administration Education in a Legalistic Setting: New Tendencies in Hungarian Public Administration and Training


Th e article examines the recent developments in public service training in Hungary and draws conclusions for the future. Hungary is considered to be part of the legalistic culture of European PA; therefore we analyze the connection between the legalistic approach as a cultural environment of PA practice and PA education as an influential factor of changing this environment. Th e empirical part of the research contains three elements: analysis of the professional training of civil service, the content of PA university training and the composition of professions within the central civil service. Th e empirical findings on these three dimensions are analyzed in light of recent structural changes of PA university education and professional training. Under a Government Decree issued in 2012, the National University of Public Services was appointed by the Government to be in charge of PA education and training. Th e university itself was recently created by the merger of law enforcement, military and civil PA universities (academies). Th is structural change can be characterized by centralization and, to a certain extent, simplification, too. Th e restructuring of PA training is completed by the concept of the Government making the fields of public service permeable, open to each other. Th e university itself is a test field for this concept since police and military students have the opportunity to study civil PA courses. Th e need for this kind of cross-learning is supported by the new phenomenon that defense and policing are gradually becoming more civilian in their character, while traditional training in these fields must undergo serious changes too. Although the article states that the basic framework of public administration education - as a major driver of public administration culture - is still dominantly legalistic, it also introduces the ways in which the new public-administration education system has tried to change the content of its degree programs and how it has attempted to have an impact on the entire public-administrative system to move from procedural orientation to a more solution-oriented mindset.

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Ombudsman’s Assessments of Public Administration Conduct: Between Legal and Good Administration Norms

: Universytet w Bialymstoku, 81-107. Langbroek, P. M. and P. P. Rijpkema. 2006. “Demands of Proper Administrative Conduct: A Research Project into the Ombudsprudence of the Dutch National Ombudsman.” Utrecht Law Review 2 (2), 81-98. Available at (last accessed 12 November 2011). Langbroek, P. M. and P. P. Rijpkema. 2004 Ombudsprudentie, over de behoorlijkheidsnorm en zijn toepassing, BJU, Den Haag. Meyerson, Bruce E. 2005-2006. “The Dispute Resolution Profession Should not Celebrate the Vanishing

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The Bureaucracy of Honor. The Habsburg Consular Service and the History of Emotions

’s Handbuch des österreichisch-ungarischen Konsularwesens , in multiple editions, laid out regulations and expectations. Consuls, however, were also often reserve officers and had a responsibility to protect the corporate honor of the officer corps. A career officer was a »man of honor by profession« (Ehren-Mann aus Profession), Ute Frevert, »Der ›Louis‹ - oder was den Mann zum Manne macht: Assessor Ernst Borchert sucht seine Satisfaktion«, in: Uwe Schultz (ed.): Das Duell: der tödliche Kampf um die Ehre, Frankfurt am Main 1996, p. 400. After the new military law of 1868

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The ›Head of Household‹
A Long Normative History of a Statistical Category in the U.K

professions decide to drop the normative in favour of a descriptive definition of the ›Head of Household‹? This leads to a more general question: How did administrators, statisticians and other survey researchers deal with the aim of long-term stability of statistical categories for the sake of comparability, e.g. in a national census, on the one hand, and with adaption to societal change on the other hand? In taking the example of the United Kingdom, the following story combines aspects of a history of knowledge with administrative history. For the administrative approach

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Ready or not? Statutory registration, regulation and continuing professional development for social care workers in Ireland

). Continuing professional development of registered social workers in New Zealand. Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work, 25 (3), 35-49. Bell, H., McGuire, T., Adair, C., & McGartland, L. (2001). Perceptions of CPD within the pharmacy profession. The International Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 9, R55. Boud, D., & Hager, P. (2012). Re-thinking continuing professional development through changing metaphors and location in professional practices. Studies in Continuing Education, 34 (1), 17-30. Brady, E. (2014). Child protection social

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Public policy failure in healthcare: The effect of salary reduction for new entrant consultants on recruitment in public hospitals

governments. London: Oneworld. Lynch, P. (2012). Profession’s unease at the new consultant ‘down’ grade . Retrieved from [15 April 2019]. O’Brien, P. (2012). Labour: Reilly is weakest link in cabinet. Retrieved from [15 April 2019]. O’Shea, B. (2011). GP slams ‘immoral’ consultant pay. Retrieved from [15 April

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Lessons from abroad: Rebalancing accountability and pedagogy in the Irish social care sector through the use of effective leadership

References Andrews, M. (2009). Managing change and pedagogical leadership. In A. Robins and S. Callan (Eds), Managing early years’ settings: Supporting and leading teams (pp. 45-64). London: Sage Publications. Balloch, S., Pahl, J., & McLean, J. (1998). Working in the social services: Job satisfaction, stress and violence. British Journal of Social Work, 28 (3), 329-50. Banks, S. (2006). Ethics, accountability and the social professions. London: Palgrave Macmillan. Banks, S. (2007). Between

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Going to market! An exploration of markets in social care

of Trade Unions Community Sector Committee. Hatton, C., & Waters, J. (2014). Third national personal budgets survey. Think local, act personal, in control. Lancaster: University of Lancaster. Healy, K. (2009). A case of mistaken identity: Social welfare professions and new public management. Journal of Sociology, 45, 401-18. Himmelweit, S., & Land, H. (2008). Reducing gender inequalities to create a sustainable care system. York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation. HIQA. (2016). Annual overview report on the

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Trust and National Belonging: Welfare for Disabled Veterans in Bohemia (1914–1918)

-integration. While returning to the profession once held was the ideal of re-integrative actions, the deputy director of the ›Viennese bureau of employment services for war invalids‹ (Wiener Amtsstelle der Arbeitsvermittlung für Kriegsinvalide), Richard Sudek, reported at the end of 1915 that disabled soldiers opposed returning to their former job »vigorously«. Richard Sudek: »Arbeitsvermittlung an Kriegsinvalide«, in: Österreichische Rundschau 45 (Oktober–Dezember 1915), pp. 49–55, at p. 52. The Landeszentrale’s first annual report suggests similar conflicts. It attributed

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Vom unwilligen, unfähigen Schulzen zum kompetenten Bürgermeister?
Verhaltenslehren und Lernprozesse im ländlichen Raum des 19. Jahrhunderts

zwischen diesen Räumen Verknüpfungen dieser Räume entstanden. Die Gemeinde(selbst)verwaltung kann als »Kontaktzone« Den Begriff verwende ich im Sinne von Mary Louise Pratt: »Arts of the Contact Zone«, in: Profession 91 (1991), S. 33–40. verstanden werden, in der lokale und staatliche Logiken aufeinandertrafen. Durch die Verstetigung der Tätigkeiten des Gemeindevorstehers, das Alltäglichwerden des Verwaltens in den Gemeinden wurde diese Kontaktzone selbst immer stärker stabilisiert und bildete damit ein Bindeglied zwischen staatlichen und lokalen Räumen. Sie war

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