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The Interoperability between the Public and Private Sectors in Light of Adult Education. Supplements to the Planned Downsizing in the Public Sector

_kozigazgatasi_atszervezesre_keszul_a_kormany (2016/03/21). XXX Hitel a Karrier Hídban. January 28th, 2016. (2016/03/21). XXX Elbocsátások ellen tiltakoznak a közszférában. January 11th, 2016. (2016/03/22). SUHAJDA, Zoltán. Több tízezer alkalmazottal többen dolgoznak most a közszférában Magyarországon, mint 2012-ben. Metropol, January 18th, 2016. (Diagram 5.0). http

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Legal Technology for Law Firms: Determining Roadmaps for Innovation

(2): 643–678. CLEO, 2013. Public legal education and information in Ontario communities, formats and delivery channels, 22 [online]. Cleo Centre for Research and Innovation. Available at: [Accessed 30 February 2018]. Coulson, S., 2017. Normative ethics and the changing face of legal technology: or how to stay relevant in a transformed profession. The Advocate , 76, Part 1. Crawford, K. and Schultz, J., 2014. Big data and due process: toward a framework to redress predictive privacy harms. Boston College Law Review , 55

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Note-taking and Notability: How to Succeed at Legal Doctoral Fieldwork

Legal Research. Which Kind of Method for What Kind of Discipline? Oxford: Hart Publishing. Marvasti, A.B., 2013. Analysing Observations. In: Flick, U., ed. The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Data Analysis . Los Angeles: Sage. pp. 354-66. Nard, C.A., 1995. Empirical Legal Scholarship: Restablishing a Dialogue between the Academy and Profession. Wake Forest Law Review , 30(1): 347-68. Partington, M., 2010. Empirical Legal Research and Policy-Making. In: Cane, P. and Kritzer, H.M., eds. The Oxford Handbook of Empirical Legal Research . Oxford: Oxford

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No Synonyms: Global Governance and the Transnational Public

(eds.) Journalismus und Öffentlichkeit: Eine Profession und ihr gesellschaftlicher Auftrag. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag Fur Socialwissenschaften. Stanley, J. W., and Christopher W. (2004) ‘The Effects of Internet Use on Political Participation; Evidence from an Agency Online Discussion Forum’. Administration & Society 36 (5): 503-527.Steurer, R., M. E. Langer, A. Konrad, and A. Martinuzzi (2005) ‘Corporations, Stakeholders and Sustainable Development: A Theoretical Exploration of Business-Society Relations’. Journal of Business Ethics 61 (3): 263

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