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Development of a Curriculum to Enhance the Characteristics of the Future Teaching Professions of Undergraduate Students in Thailand

National Economic and Social Development Board. (2015). Direction of the twelfth national economic and social development plan. Bangkok: Office of the Prime Minister Okeke, C. I. O. & Drake, M.L. (2014). Teacher as Role Model: The South African Position on the Character of the Teacher. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 5(20), 1728-1737. Retrieved from Pornsima, D. (2008). 31 December. The direction in developing teaching profession. Matichon. pp. 23. Prasantree, T. (2012). Teacher

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Influence of Self-Regulatory Policy of Auditing Profession on Audit Expectation Gap: A Qualitative Methodological Approach

’ responsibilities. Responsibility Rhetoric”, Journal of Business Ethics Spring Haniffa, R. &Hudaib, M. (2007), “Locating Audit Expectations gap within a cultural Context: the case of Saudi Arabia”, Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation Vol.16, No.2, pp.1-28 Humphrey, C. (2008). Auditing research: A review across the disciplinary Divide, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, Vol.21; no.2, pp.170-203. Humphrey, C., Loft, A., & Woods, M. (2009), The global audit profession and the international financial architecture

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“You’re Not a Real Contemporary Dancer.” Discrepancy and Appropriation of the Artists’ Status by Dancers from a Working Class Background


This article draws on a long-term ethnographical survey. It aims to discuss the social conditions of possibility in the artistic calling of contemporary dancers from working class backgrounds. In this regard, it shades light on the resources – notably cultural – underlying atypical trajectories of mobility – all the more fragile for being reversible. As will be seen, the acquisition of legitimate cultural capital contributes to change aesthetic tastes without excluding discrepancy, most evident during the creative process.

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Naturally Occurring Interactions and Guidance Codifications in Healthcare Communication Analysis: the Case of Praising Obese Patients

Communication in Organisations and Professions . Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton. Department of Health (2011) Healthy Lives, Healthy People: a call to action on obesity in England. London, Department of Health Evans, J. Rich, E. and B. Davies (2004) ‘The emperor’s new clothes: Fat, thin and overweight’. The social fabrication of risk and ill health. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education 23: 372-391. Foresight (2007) Tackling obesities: Future choices

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Risk of Malpractice Claims and Changes in Professional Autonomy: A Qualitative Study of Obstetrician-Gynaecologists in Switzerland

References Abbott, Andrew. 1988. The System of Professions. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Allsop, Judith, and Linda Mulcahy. 1998. Maintaining Professional Identity: Doctors’ Responses to Complaints. Sociology of Health & Illness 20(6): 802-824. Annandale, Ellen. 1989. The Malpractice Crisis and the Doctor-Patient Relationship. Sociology of Health & Illness 11(1): 1-23. Annandale, Ellen. 1996. Working in the Front-Line: Risk Culture and Nursing in the New NHS. Sociological Review 44

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Unemployment Benefit at Work. The Appropriation of a Public Policy by Intermittent Workers in the Performing Arts in France

6 Références bibliographiques Barbéris, Isabelle et Martial Poirson. 2013. L’économie du spectacle vivant . Paris : Presses Universitaires de France. Becker, Howard S. 1985. Outsiders. Études de sociologie de la déviance. Paris : Éditions A.-M. Métailié. Becker, Howard S. 1988 [1982]. Les mondes de l’art . Paris : Flammarion. Benhamou, Françoise. 2003. L’économie de la culture . Paris : La Découverte. Brigaut-Robert, Nicolas. 2011. Les producteurs de télévision. Socio-économie d’une profession . Paris : Presses universitaires

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Being a Music Performer in French Speaking Switzerland: Relationships to Work and Employment

Références bibliographiques Arendt, Hannah. 1958. The Human Condition . Chicago : University of Chicago Press. Bureau, Marie-Christine, Marc Perrenoud et Roberta Shapiro (dir.). 2009. L’artiste pluriel : démultiplier l’activité pour vivre de son art . Villeneuve d’Ascq : Presses Universitaires du Septentrion. Buscatto, Marie. 2007. Femmes du jazz : musicalités, féminités, marginalités . Paris : CNRS. Coulangeon, Philippe. 2004. Les musiciens interprètes en France : portrait d’une profession . Paris : La documentation Française

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A New Middle Class on Old Academic Grounds: Law Students of the Cluj University in the 1930s

, Germany, Russia and the U. S. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. Karády, V. and Nastasă, L. (2004). The University of Kolozsvár/Cluj and the Students of the Medical Faculty (1892-1918]. Budapest/Cluj-Napoca: Central European University Press and the Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center. Kornis, G. (1931). A szellemi munka válsága [The Crisis of Intellectual Work]. In G. Kornis (ed.) Az értelmiség válsága [The Crisis of the Intellectuals] . Budapest: Franklin. Kovács, M. M. (1994). Liberal Professions and Illiberal Politics: Hungary from

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From the Periphery to the International Scene. Artistic Trajectories in the Trial of Mobility

décomposition des politiques culturelles ? Pp. 91–107 in Culture&Société : un lien à recomposer, édité par Jean-Pierre Saez. Toulouse : Edition de l’attribut. Paradeise, Catherine. 1998. Les comédiens. Profession et marchés du travail . Paris : PUF. Pasquier, Dominique. 1983. Carrières de femmes : l’art et la manière. Sociologie du travail 25(4) : 418–431. Perrenoud, Marc. 2008. Les musicos au mirroir des artisans du bâtiment. Ethnologie française 1(38) : 101–106. Pita Castro, Juan Carlos. 2013. Devenir artiste, une enquête biographique. Paris

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Architectural Firms in Transylvania. Objective Positions and Field Positioning

) The Capitalism Firm in the Twenty-First-Century: Emerging Patterns in Western Enterprise. In P. DiMaggio (ed.) The Twenty-First-Century Firm. Changing Economic Organization in International Perspective , pp. 33-69. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Sciulli, D. (2005), Continental Sociology of Professions Today: Conceptual Contributions. Current Sociology , 53(2):915-942. Siegrist, H. (2002) History of Bourgeoisie/Middle Classes. In N. J. Smelser and P. B. Baltes (eds.) International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences , pp

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