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Comparative characteristics of professional predispositions of medical personnel

;15(3):129-40. 4. Baldacchino DR, Galea P. Student nurses’ personality traits and the nursing profession: part 2. Br J Nurs., 2012;21(9):530-5. 5. Watson R, Deary I, Thompson D, Li G. A study of stress and burn-out in nursing students in Hong Kong: a questionnaire survey. Int J Nurs Stud. 2008; 45(10):1534-42. 6. Jenkins SH, Astroth KS, Woith WM. Non-Critical-Care Nurses’ Perceptions of Facilitators and Barriers to Rapid Response Team Activation. J Nurses Prof Dev., 2015;31(5):264-70. 7. Shimizutani M1, Odagiri Y, Ohya Y, Shimomitsu T, Kristensen TS, Maruta T

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Review paper. Does genius border on insanity? Part I: A relationship between creativity and the presence of psychopathological symptoms in bipolar disorder

mood disorders. Dialogues in clinical neuroscience. 2008; 10(2)2: 251 -255. 31. Prisciandaro J.Predictors of clinical trial dropout in individuals with co-occurring bipolar disorder and alcohol dependence. Drug and alcohol dependence. 2011; 118(2-3):493 -496. 32. Ludwig A. Creative achievement and psychopatology. Comparison among professions. In: Runco, M. Richards, R. Emintent creativity, everyday creativity, and health. Ablex, Greenwich. 1997. 33. Soeiro-de-Souza M.G. Soares D, Post R, Moreno R.A. Creativity and

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Eveningness and its possibility of predicting burnout symptoms among physicians and nurses – preliminary results

–41. Available from: 5. Chiu LYL, Stewart K, Woo C, Yatham LN, Lam RW. The relationship between burnout and depressive symptoms in patients with depressive disorders. J Affect Disord. 2015;172(January):361–6. 6. Canadas-De la Fuente GA, Vargas C, San Luis C, Garcia I, Can, Adas GR, et al. Risk factors and prevalence of burnout syndrome in the nursing profession. Int J Nurs Stud. 2015;52(1):240–9. 7. Embriaco N, Hraiech S, Azoulay E, Baumstarck-Barrau K, Forel J-M, Kentish-Barnes N, et al. Symptoms of depression in

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