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Measuring Trust in Medical Researchers: Adding Insights from Cognitive Interviews to Examine Agree-Disagree and Construct-Specific Survey Questions

. 2009. “Design and Evaluation of Survey Questions.” In The Sage Handbook of Applied Social Research Methods , edited by L. Bickman and D.J. Rog, 375–412. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Hall, M.A., F. Camacho, E. Dugan, and R. Balkrishnan. 2002a. “Trust in the Medical Profession: Conceptual and Measurement Issues.” Health Services Research 37: 1419–1439. Doi: . Hall, M.A., F. Camacho, J.S. Lawlor, V. DePuy, J. Sugarman, and K. Weinfurt. 2006. “Measuring Trust in Medical Researchers.” Medical Care 44: 1048

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Defining the Concept of Risk Applied in Entrepreneurship. Conceptual Delimitation Risk - Entrepreneurial Uncertainty

the actuarial profession , Knight, F. H. 1921. Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit , New York: Hart, Schaffner, and Marx Pantea, M.I., Munteanu, V., Gligor, D., Sopoian, D. (2008), The Managerial Performances Evaluation through the Economic Value Added Niță, D. (1999), Dicționar de Economie , Ed. Economică, București

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The impact of formal and non – formal education on youth employability in Bosnia and Herzegovina

, Vol. 35, No. 4, pp. 553-575. 7. Dolado, P., Jansen, J., Aimeno, J. F. (2008). On the job search in a matching model with heterogeneous jobs and workers. Economic Journal , Vol. 119, No. 534, pp. 200-228. 8. Fink-Hafner, D., Dezelan, T. (2011). The political scientist: a profession in decline? Available at [26 July 2018]. 9. Garcia-Espejo, I., Ibanez, M. (2006). Educational

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Brain Drain Migration from Romanian Academia. The End of a Mirage

, 541-558. . Grubel, H. G., Scott, A. D. (1949-61) The immigration of scientists and engineers to the United States, Journal of Political Economy 1966, 4, pp. 368-378. . Grubel, H. G., Scott, A. D. (1966). The International Flow of Human Capital, the Brain Drain. American Economic Review , 56, pp. 268-274. Grubel, H. G., Scott, A. D. (1967). The characteristics of foreigners in the US economics profession. American Economic Review ., 57, pp. 131-145. Grubel, H., Scott

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