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Health particularities of the employees of clothing factories


We present the particularities of the morbidity with temporary labor incapacity (TLI) of the employees of confection factories during the years 2011 - 2017. We placed emphasis on the risk factors affecting the health of the employees. It is an established fact that the main risk factors are unfavorable microclimate, vibration, dust, noise, and others. Morbidity with TLI according to frequency index (IFc) has practically a constant character. The highest level of IFc was registered in 2013, reaching 93.3 cases per 100 workers, while the severity index being oscillatory in nature constituted 1311.2 days in 100 workers in the same year. Both indices have shown a growth trend towards the end of 2017. The average duration of a case remained at the same level of 13-14 days. There were also particularities of morbidity based on gender, profession, etc. The data obtained can be the basis for the elaboration of the prophylaxis measures.

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Influence of salidroside, a neuroactive compound of Rhodiola rosea L., on alcohol tolerance development in rats

. Chiang HM, Chen HC, Wu CS, Wu PY, Wen KC. Wu SX et al. Study of the chemical constituents of ethanol extracts of Rhodiola crenulata H. J Food Drug Anal 2015; 23(3), 359-369. 33. Szulc M, Mularczyk P, Kamińska E, Kujawski R, Gryszczyńska A, Krajewska-Patan A et al. Effect of salidroside on the development of alcohol tolerance in rats. In: XXIII Naukowy Zjazd Polskiego Towarzystwa Farmaceutycznego „Pharmacy in Poland – perspectives of science and profession”; 2017 Sep 19-22; Kraków, Poland 2017:138. 34. Mattioli L, Titomanlio F, Perfumi M. Effects of a

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