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The Adverse Health Effects of Shift Work in Relation to Risk of Illness/Disease: A Review

of carcinogenic risks to humans, 1982. 13. Kolstad HA. Nightshift work and risk of breast cancer and other cancers a critical review of the epidemiologic evidence. Scand. J. Work, Environ. Health, 2008, 5-22. 14. Barger LK, Lockley SW, Rajaratnam SM et al. Neurobehavioral, health, and safety consequences associated with shift work in safety-sensitive professions. Curr. Neurol. Neurosc. Rep., 9, 2009, 155-64. 15. Knutsson A. Health disorders of shift workers. Occup. Med., 53, 2003, 103-8. 16. Lowden A

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