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Gastrointestinal Parasites in Giraffes Kept in Zoological Gardens of the Czech Republic

the preservation of biodiversity in Australia: a role for zoos and the veterinary profession. Australian Veterinary Journal, 75, 568–574. doi: 10.1111/j.1751-0813.1997.tb14196.x. Kodádková A, Kváč M, Ditrich O, Sak B, Xiao L (2010): Cryptosporidium muris in a reticulated giraffe ( Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata ). Journal of Parasitology, 96, 211–212. Krecek RC, Boomker J, Penzhorn BL, Scheepers L (1990): Internal parasites of giraffes ( Giraffa camelopardalis angolensis ) from Etosha National Park, Namibia. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 26, 395

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Problems of Ensuring Assistants’ Support for Students with Functional Disorders in General Education Schools

profesijas standarts (The Standard of Profession of an Assistant for People with Hearing Disorders). Retrieved March 1, 2019, from (In Latvian) 28. VISC (2017, March). Individuālā pieeja katram skolēnam vispārējās izglītības iestādēs (Individual Approach to Every Student in General Education Institutions). Retrieved February 2, 2019, from (In Latvian) 29. Voitkane, V. (2017). Inclusive Education in Italy. Proceedings of the

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Editorial 2018: The Croatian Journal of Fisheries: Ribarstvo 80th Anniversary

fauna of a small and artificial urban lake. Croatian Journal of Fisheries, 75, 51-57. Piria, M. (2013): History and role of the journal “Croatian Journal of Fisheries (Ribarstvo)” in research and development of fisheries profession“. 48th Croatian and 8th International Symposium on Agriculture , Dubrovnik, Hrvatska, Book of Abstracts, 216-217 Piria, M., Rajeev, R., Freyhof, J. (2015): Editorial 2015: Efforts towards better quality in the Croatian Journal of Fisheries (Ribarstvo). Croatian Journal of Fisheries, 73, 1-5. Tasevska, O., Špoljar, M

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Influence of salidroside, a neuroactive compound of Rhodiola rosea L., on alcohol tolerance development in rats

. Chiang HM, Chen HC, Wu CS, Wu PY, Wen KC. Wu SX et al. Study of the chemical constituents of ethanol extracts of Rhodiola crenulata H. J Food Drug Anal 2015; 23(3), 359-369. 33. Szulc M, Mularczyk P, Kamińska E, Kujawski R, Gryszczyńska A, Krajewska-Patan A et al. Effect of salidroside on the development of alcohol tolerance in rats. In: XXIII Naukowy Zjazd Polskiego Towarzystwa Farmaceutycznego „Pharmacy in Poland – perspectives of science and profession”; 2017 Sep 19-22; Kraków, Poland 2017:138. 34. Mattioli L, Titomanlio F, Perfumi M. Effects of a

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