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Nice to Have – or Need to Have?
The Professional Challenges of the Communication Sector

. Macdonald, Keith M. (1995) The Sociology of the Professions . London: SAGE Publications. McNair, Brian (2007) An Introduction to Political Communication , 4. ed., Routledge. Ottestig, Ann T. (2002) ‘Professionalisering inom PR-branschen’ [The professionalization of the PR sector], in L. Larsson (ed.) PR på svenska , Studentlitteratur. Pedersen, Karsten (2006) ‘Organistens spagat – offentlig kommunikation ved en skillevej’, in K. Pedersen et al. (eds.) Offentlig kommunikation i spagat [The splits of the organist – public communication at the

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The Paradoxes of the Journalistic Profession
An Historical Perspective
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Negotiating Professional News Judgment and “Clicks”
Comparing Tabloid, Broadsheet and Public Service Traditions in Sweden


Digital media allow for instant tracking of audience behaviour, thus enabling a potential negotiation between journalists’ traditional authority and professional news values, on the one hand, and the audience’s power in terms of ignoring or paying attention to the journalistic outcome, on the other. The present study investigates whether clicks change news values and have an impact on news routines in tabloid, broadsheet and public service newsrooms. The findings indicate that audience metrics bring a new dimension to the news evaluation process regardless of publishing tradition, but that the commercial media seem to keep a closer tab on traffic. In general, journalists strive for a “good mix” between customization to achieve audience satisfaction and a desire for editorial independence.

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Freelance Journalists’ Ethical Boundary Settings in Information Work

trovärdighet” [Editorial: The indulgence of the journalist union threatens the trustworthiness of freelance journalists], Scoop (2009)4. Klaidman, S. & T. Beauchamp (1987) The Virtuous Journalist . New York: Oxford University Press. von Krogh, T. (2009) Medieetik [Media ethics]. Stockholm: SNS Förlag. Koljonen, K. (2009) “Five Viewpoints to Change: The Key Relations of Journalism and the new Chapter in the Journalism Profession”, Paper presented at the 19th Nordic Conference for Media Research. Kovach, B. & T. Rosenstiel

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Data Journalists Using Facebook
A Study of a Resource Group Created by Journalists, for Journalists

Social Network Analysis. London: Sage Publications Ltd, 167-179. Gynnild, Astrid (2014). Journalism innovation leads to innovation journalism: The impact of computational exploration on changing mindsets. Journalism, 15(6), 713-730. Hedman, Ulrika, & Djerf-Pierre, Monica (2013) The Social Journalist: Embracing the social media life or creating a new digital divide? Digital Journalism, 1(3), 368-385. Johansson, Elena (2015) New tools for the old practices? Journalistic profession in the context of interactive participation

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Tomorrow’s Journalists
Trends in the Development of the Journalistic Profession as Seen by Swedish and Russian Students

, Colin (1994) Journalists for the 21 th Century . Norwood, NJ: Ablex. Trakhtenberg, Anna (2007) Transformation without Change [Russian Media as a Political Institution and Cultural Phenomenon], in Vartanova, Elena (ed.). Media and Change. Moscow: MediaMir. Tumber, Howard, and Prentoulis, Marina (2005) ‘Journalism and the Making of a Profession’, in de Burgh, Hugo (ed.) Making Journalists (58-73). London and New York: Routledge. Vartanova, Elena (2007) ‘Russian Media Economy: Eurasian model’, in Vartanova, Elena (ed.) Media and Change . Moscow

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The Implications of Digitalization for Job Descriptions, Competencies and the Quality of Working Life

Journalistic Profession. Nordicom Review 2003 (2), 3-17. Isotalus, P., Palosaari, A. & Muukkonen, H. (2003) Links with the Past. Reading News from PDA and Comparing It to Other Media. Nordicom Review, 2003 (2), 55-62. King, R. (1986) The Social Dimensions of Computerization. CHI/GI 1987 Conference Proceedings on Human Factors in Computing Systems and Graphics Interface, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 337-339. Kraut, R., Dumais, S. & Koch, S. (1989) Computerization, Productivity and Quality of Work Life. Communications of the ACM, 32

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The Nordic Journalists of Tomorrow
An Exploration of First Year Journalism Students in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden


The present article summarizes the findings of a survey among first-year journalism students in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The survey covers a wide array of subjects including social recruitment, motivation for studying journalism, preferences regarding future journalistic working life, views on the role of journalism in society, attitudes toward the profession, journalistic ideals and ideas about what are the most important traits for journalists. The study reveals significant differences between journalism students in the Nordic countries. The analysis appears to support a ‘nation type’ interpretation of attitudes among journalists, linked to different national traditions, in explaining the differences found. Our results clearly indicate the importance of traditional sociological explanations of behavior for the understanding of journalistic preferences and ambitions. For example, the choice of preferred topics is strongly gendered and appears as the sexual division of labor sublimated into journalistic preferences.

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Journalistic and Commercial News Values
News Organizations as Patrons of an Institution and Market Actors

-131. White, D M (1950) The Gatekeeper: A Case Study in the Selection of News. Journalism Quarterly 27. Østlyngen, T & Øvrebø, T (1998) Journalistikk: Metode og fag. [Journalism: Methods and profession]. Oslo: Gyldendal/Ad Notam. Østgaard, E (1965) Factors Influencing the Flow of News. Journal of Peace Research 2:1.

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Defining Objectivity within Journalism
An Overview

valgkamp. Copenhagen: Lindhardt og Ringhof. Petersen, J.H. (2003) Lippmann Revisited. A Comment 80 Years Subsequent to ‘Public Opinion’. Journalism 4(2): 249-259. Rich, C. (2000) Writing and Reporting News: A Coaching Method. Belmont: Wadsworth Publishing Company. Schudson, M. (1990) Origins of the Ideal of Objectivity in the Professions. Studies in the History of American Journalism and American Law 1830-1940. New York and London: Garland Publishing. Shaw, D.L., McCombs, M. et al. (1997) Advanced Reporting

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