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Development of a Curriculum to Enhance the Characteristics of the Future Teaching Professions of Undergraduate Students in Thailand

National Economic and Social Development Board. (2015). Direction of the twelfth national economic and social development plan. Bangkok: Office of the Prime Minister Okeke, C. I. O. & Drake, M.L. (2014). Teacher as Role Model: The South African Position on the Character of the Teacher. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 5(20), 1728-1737. Retrieved from Pornsima, D. (2008). 31 December. The direction in developing teaching profession. Matichon. pp. 23. Prasantree, T. (2012). Teacher

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Philosophy of the Profession and Professional Knowledge in the Structure of Professional Identity of Hei Teachers in Riga and Smolensk

References Beijaard, D., Meijer, P.C., & Verloop, N. (2004). Reconsidering research on teachers’ professional identity. Teaching and Teacher Education, (20), 107-128. Emerson, C.H. (2010). Counselor Professional Identity: Construction and Validation of the Counselor Professional Identity Measure. PhD thesis. Greensboro: The University of North Carolina. European Commission (2015). The Teaching Profession in Europe. Practices, Perceptions, and Policies. Eurydice Report. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the

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Promotion of the Military Profession, Recruitment and Selection of Candidates. Conceptual Delimitations


Romania’s security interests and objectives, the army missions in the current geopolitical context and Romania’s obligations as a member of NATO have imposed the continuation of the process of quantitative and qualitative restructuring of the human resources and determined the decision to renounce compulsory military service in favor of the one based on volunteering, starting with the first of January of 2007. The transition from the army based on compulsory military service to the one based on voluntary service imposed the repositioning of the military profession on the Romanian labor market, especially in relation to the competition represented by other similar institutions.

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Emerging Challenges in Nigerian Teaching Profession: Way Forward

References Abdulkareem, A.Y. (2007). Prudency and Accountability in Financial of Primary Education in Kwara State, Journal of Education 2(1)53-62 Ajayi, I.A & Ekundayo, H.Y (2010). Contemporary issues in Educational Management. Lagos: Bolabay Press. Akindutire, I.D (2010). The Teaching Profession Lagos: Universal press Fareo, J.O (2002). Teaching Profession in Nigeria: issues and problems. Journal of Teachers Education 3(4)62-72 Goodson, I.O (2003) profession Knowledge

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Influence of Self-Regulatory Policy of Auditing Profession on Audit Expectation Gap: A Qualitative Methodological Approach

’ responsibilities. Responsibility Rhetoric”, Journal of Business Ethics Spring Haniffa, R. &Hudaib, M. (2007), “Locating Audit Expectations gap within a cultural Context: the case of Saudi Arabia”, Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation Vol.16, No.2, pp.1-28 Humphrey, C. (2008). Auditing research: A review across the disciplinary Divide, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, Vol.21; no.2, pp.170-203. Humphrey, C., Loft, A., & Woods, M. (2009), The global audit profession and the international financial architecture

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The Disciplinary Liability of Lithuanian Lawyers: a Comparative Approach

. Official Gazette, 2002, no. 53-2042. 36. Law on Courts of the Republic of Lithuania. Official Gazette, 1994, no. 46-851; 2002, no. 17-649; 2008, No. 81-3186. 37. Law on the Bar of the Republic of Lithuania. Official Gazette, 2004, no. 50-1632. 38. Law on the Notarial Profession of the Republic of Lithuania. Lithuanian Aidas, 1992, no. 28-810. 39. Law on the Public Prosecutor‘s Office. Official Gazette, 1994, no. 81-1514; 2003, no. 42-1919. 40. Review of the Cases of Lithuanian Honour Court of

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The Bank and Credit Union Disasters in Lithuania: Where Were the Lawyers?

References 1. Bainbridge, Stephen M. “Corporate Lawyers as Gatekeepers.” Journal of Scholarly Perspectives Vol. 8, No. 1 (2012): 1-20 // 2. Barry, Brock E., and Matthew W. Ohland. “Applied Ethics in the Engineering, Health, Business, and Law Professions: A Comparison.” Journal of Engineering Education Vol. 98, No. 4 (2009): 377-388. 3. Harrington, Joanna. “The New National Standard for the Canadian Common Law Degree: What place for Internationalization in Our

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The Role Of Ethics In Legal Education Of Post-Soviet Countries

, B. E., & M. W. Ohland. “Applied ethics in the engineering, health, business, and law professions: A comparison.” Journal of Engineering Education 98 (4) (2009): 377–388. 5. Blomquist, H. “Legal education, profession and society transition: Reform of Lithuanian legal education.” Review of Central and East European Law 29(1) (2004): 35–95. 6. Bolocan, M. G. Professional legal ethics: a comparative perspective . Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative, 2002. 7. Cohen, F. S. “Modern Ethics and the Law.” Brook. L. Rev. 4 (1934): 33

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Sanctions for Attorney Misconduct in Relation to a Client Under Lithuanian and German Law

:// Beratungshilfegesetz (Law on Legal Aid) : 689 et seq. In: Bundesgesetzblatt (Federal Publication of Legislation). 1980. Volume I. Berufsordnung für Rechtsanwälte (Ordinance on the Profession of Attorneys of the Federal Republic of Germany) // Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung (Law on the Profession of Attorneys of the Federal Republic of Germany) : 565 et seq. In: Bundesgesetzblatt (Federal Publication of

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Anonymization of Court Decisions: Are Restrictions on the Right to Information in “Accordance with the Law”?

BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. “Apklausa parodė kaip ir kokių profesijų teisininkais pasitikima” (The survey showed what legal profession is trusted the most). (2013) // . 2. Berkmanas, Tomas. “Doing Sanctions with Words: Legacy, Scope, Fairness and Future (?) of a Reprimand.” International Journal of Law, Language & Discourse 6 (2016): 25–36. 3. Buišienė, Ona. “Valstybės valdžių ir valstybės institucijų sistemų konstituciniai

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