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Ethical Behavior and Assuring the Quality of Provided Services – the Case of Accounting Firms

References Cristea H., (2007), Expertiză contabilă, doctrină și deontologie profesională. Ghid de pregătire. Sinteză(Accounting Expertise, Doctrine and Professional Deontology. Training guide. Synthesis), CECCAR, Timișoara. Popescu D., (2016), Respectarea eticii și deontologiei în profesia contabilă - premisă a creșterii calității serviciilor contabile (Complying with Ethics and Deontology in the Accounting Profession - Prerequisite for Increasing the Quality of Accounting Services), Dissertation, Coordinator: Assoc. prof

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Providing Research Data Management (RDM) Services in Libraries: Preparedness, Roles, Challenges, and Training for RDM Practice

the research data lifecycle.” P215 declared a similar sentiment: “I hope that our best and brightest don’t leave the profession to become ‘data scientists’ and that data librarians become integral to their researchers’ research lifecycle.” Parallel to P215’s concern of losing the RDM librarian workforce, P191 also articulated the challenge of misconception of researchers about librarian role – “Honestly I’m worried about the future of RDM as a librarian role, mainly because in my experience it’s such a challenge to get researchers to think of libraries and

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Comparative Analysis of Consulting Services in Five European Countries


The work “Comparative analysis of consulting services in five European countries” intends to offer a general picture of consulting services from five European countries (Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Finland and Romania), through comparative analysis of the indicators presented in FEACO studies: increasing rate of turnover of the consulting market, export level, the evolution of the number of consultant, the evolution of the fees of the consultant, types of consulting services, main field where the clients that request consulting services come from.

The main motivation of this research consisted of understanding the reasons for which the transformations that occurred on the consulting market are perceived differently by each of the countries that were analysed.

A first step in the process of understanding the management consultancy is represented by defining it, first according to the vision of well-known authors, experienced consultants and secondly, according to the vision of profession organism on international and local level. In order to understand the way consultancy evolved in time it is necessary to present a short history with focus on the moments that led to the transformations which we have nowadays in this industry. The last part of the work was dedicated to the comparative analysis of the consultancy markets in the five countries. The novelty degree of the work is represented by the fact that all the strong points identified in the case of the four countries (Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Finland) will constitute possible development directions for the Romanian consulting market.

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Using Simulation and Six Sigma to Analyze and Improve Motivation Process of Teachers from Undergraduate Institutions

Bibliography Dundar H., et al., (2014) Student Learning in South Asia: Challenges, Opportunities, and Policy Priorities , World Bank Publications. Dwyer, J. (2012) Communication for Business and the Professions: Strategies and Skills , Pearson Higher Edu AU. Gagne, M., (2014), The Oxford Handbook of Work Engagement, Motivation, and Self-Determination Theory , Oxford University Press. Hinescu, A., (2002) Managementul resurselor umane (Human Resource Management). Blaj: Ed. Astra. Kirk, R.E., (2008) Statistics- an introduction, 5

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Improving Communication and Relationship with Customers using Models to Measure their Value

References Abdel-Kader M.G., Review of management accounting research, Springer, 2011, Atkinson F., Customer care, Frank Atkinson & Ventus Pub ApS,, 2011, Bly R.W., A winning marketing plan, Entrepreneur media inc., 2009, Buttle F., Customer relationship management: concepts and tools, Routledge, 2004, Dwyer J., Communication for business and the professions: strategies and skills, Pearson Higher Edu, 2012, Florea N.V., Tănăsescu I.A., “Improving

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Burgeoning Data Repository Systems, Characteristics, and Development Strategies: Insights of Natural Resources and Environmental Scientists

there’s a rich history in forestry of collecting these kinds of measurements since way back, since1900 basically, they’re very well-defined and pretty well-understood in our profession.” As a general-purpose data deposit system, an institutional repository serves a different set of functionalities and provides accessibility and credibility. Additionally, important traits such as accountability and authority, which are often associated with a university and thus its libraries, can also provide a brand for trustworthiness in its repository system. “I think it’s good

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Evolution of Project Management as a Scientific Discipline

& Anbari (2009) , project management (PM) has two faces, as a practice or academic discipline, which both continue to grow and develop ( Crawford & Pollack, 2007 ), but the main focus might shift from one to another. Therefore, to study the field, we looked at the literature on considering project management both as a practice and as an academic field. 2.1 Project management as a practice (industry support on the development of PM) The history of project management as a practice (profession) may go back to the time the pyramids in Egypt were built or even before

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