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Assessing environmental fragility in a mining areafor specific spatial planning purposes

on erosion plot data. Geomorphology, 122(1–2): 167–177. CLEWELL, A. F., ARONSON, J. (2013): Ecological Restoration. Principles, Values and Structure of an Emerging Profession. Washington/Covelo/London, Island Press. COCHECI, R. M. (2015): Individualisation of deprived areas in Romania’s South West region, Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis, 7(2): 161–176. COCHECI, R. M. (2016): Analysis of Fragile Environments in the South-West Oltenia Development Region. Urbanism. Architecture. Constructions, 7(2): 21–240. COCHECI, R. M. (2017): Models

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Longitudinal and spatial perspectives on the mismatch of tertiary educated migrant workers in the Czech labour market: The case of Ukrainians


The topic of an education-occupation mismatch of tertiary educated migrant workers in receiving countries is an important issue in contemporary research in international migration, especially in the context of growing international economic competition. In this article, we analyse the level of mismatch of tertiary educated migrant workers in the Czech labour market, with a particular focus on Ukrainian workers. Using a unique set of statistical data, several conclusions can be drawn from a longitudinal approach, as well as multiple regression analysis in order to identify possible determinants of the mismatch at a district level. First, the mismatch of tertiary educated migrants does exist and is growing over time. Second, it seems that the level of mismatch is higher in economically progressive districts with higher numbers of qualified domestic and foreign workers, which creates a higher level of competition in the labour market. As a result, a relatively higher share of tertiary educated migrant workers end up over-educated in professions they find in the secondary labour market in these districts. Using the example of Ukrainians, the progression of tertiary educated migrants into the Czech labour market over time faces rather limited vertical mobility, with a slight progression to more skilled occupations. This can be related to the complexity of factors from individual to institutional levels of analysis.

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Quality and Compliance in Short-Cycle Higher Education Programs in the Field of Real Estate Management

higher education in Latvia]. Retrieved September 28, 2017, from Legislation of the Republic of Latvia. Cabinet of Ministers ordinance Nr. 264. (2017). Noteikumi par Profesiju klasifikatoru, profesijai atbilstošiem pamatuzdevumiem un kvalifikācijas pamatprasībām [Regulations on the Profession Classificator, the Basic Professional Tasks and the Basic Requirements for the Qualification]. Retrieved October 2, 2017, from Legislation of the Republic of Latvia. Cabinet of

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Real Estate Due Diligence Process in International Real Estate Transactions in Latvia

civillikums [The Civil Law of the Republic of Latvia]. Retrieved September 3, from Legislation of the Republic of Latvia (2001). Par reglamentētajām profesijām un profesionālās kvalifikācijas atzīšanu [On the Regulated Professions and the Recognition of Professional Qualifications]. Retrieved September, 3, from Legislation of the US (1933). Securities Act of 1933. As Amended through P.H.112-106, Approved April 5, 2012. U.S. Securities and Exchange

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Evaluation of Cost Estimation Techniques in Drc Valuation: A Comparative Assessment of Valuers and Quantity Surveyors in Lagos State

-3 November. Olatunde, N. A., & Okorie, V. N. (2016). Appraisal of Awareness Level of Quantity Surveying Profession among Secondary School Students in Benin City, Nigeria. International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science (IJAEMS), 2(8), Aug- 2016. Olunloyo, O. A. (2012). Mitigating informal economic sectors’ proliferation through microcredit scheme for small and medium scale entrepreneurs in metropolitan Lagos In: Laryea, S., Agyepong, S. A., Leiringer, R. and Hughes, W. (Eds), Proceedings in 4th West Africa Built

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Assessment of Natural Ventilation System for a Typical Residential House in Poland

-17. 5. Etheridge D. “Natural Ventilation of Buildings: Theory, Measurement and Design”, John Wiley&Sons 2011. 6. Etheridge D, Sandberg M. ”Building Ventilation: Theory and Measurement”, John Wiley and Sons; 1996. 7. Fanger P, Toftum J,"Extension of the PMV model to non-airconditioned buildings in warm climates", Energy and Buildings 34 (2002). 8. Fountain M, Huizenga C, "A thermal sensation model for use by the engineering profession, Results of Cooperative Research Between ASHRAE and Environmental Analytics", ASHRAE RP

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Linking Human Resource Management and Knowledge Management via Commitment to Safety

–1217, 1990. [68] M. Tepp, “HR Profession in Estonia: Content and Contradictions,” Working Papers in Economics , vol. 23, pp. 17–31, 2007. [69] D. Ulrich. “Dreams: Where human resource development is headed to deliver value”. Human Resource Development Quarterly , vol. 18, pp. 1–8, 2007. [70] D. Podgorski, “The Use of Tacit Knowledge in Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems,” Int. J. of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics (JOSE), vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 283

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