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Management of mechanism design as an important way to improve public health

. Private markets cannot allocate health care resources efficiently because competitive allocations require homogenous products, perfect information as well as free entry and exit from the markets. Health care must be provided as a public endeavor but it must be efficient as well [ 2 ]. This means that institutions of public health are a business and it is definitely a state enterprise. This feature creates unique challenges for educating and supporting public health managers. To advance public health management as a profession we must apply the basics of mechanism design

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Impact of population ageing on hospital consumption and medical demography in metropolitan France: The example of obstetricians

.2012.03.005 Retrieved from 25 National Observatory of Health Professions (ONDPS). Report 2013-2014. 2014. French. National Observatory of Health Professions (ONDPS) Report 2013-2014 2014 French 26 The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Health Panorama 2015. 2015. French. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Health Panorama 2015 2015 French 27 Evans R. Supplier-Induced Demand: Some Empirical Evidence and Implications. In: Perlman M, editor. The Economics of

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The Importance of Teaching History of Prosthetic Dentistry for Future Dentists’ Personality Formation

References 1. Pashkov KA. Main trends and tendencies historical development of our country dentistry. Pract Med. 2011;4(52):163–7. Russian. 2. De Paola DP. The evolution of dental education as a profession, 1936 – 2011, and the role of the Journal of Dental Education. J Dent Educ. 2012;76 (1):14–27. 3. Snakin VV, Ivanov OP, Vinnik MA. Globalization in the society, science and education. Hist Pedagogy Nat Sci. 2016;1:29–35. Russian. 4. Lapina NV, Izhnina ЕV, Grishechkin SD, Seferyan КG, Grishechkin МS. Historical aspects of medical

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Preliminary Reflection on Content and Language Integrated Learning as a Tool for Teaching English in a Globalised World

Modernes. 2009;4:15–23. French. 10. Riley P. The blind man and the bubble. In: Pemberton R, ed. Taking control : Autonomy in language learning. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press; 1996:251–64. 11. Narcy-Combes JP. Didactics of languages and ICTE. Paris (France): Ophrys; 2005. 238 p. French. 12. Bourdieu P, Chamboredon JC, Passeron JC. The profession of sociologist. Paris (France): Mouton Bordas; 1968. 430 p. French. 13. Bertin JC, Gravé P, Narcy-Combes, JP. Second Language Distance Learning. Theoretical Perspectives and Didactic Ergonomics

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The autonomy-oriented approach as a way to develop higher medical education

language phenomena Emphasis on profession, interdisciplinarity: and on students' ability to apply new knowledge to their actual contexts of learning Emphasis on transmission of information to the audience Emphasis on students' involvement into the educational process, their active participation in making sense of a new practice using their own metacognitive skills to create their multi-dimensional awareness of the educational context Teacher functioning as a facilitator Provided opportunity for experiential, collaborative learning Beaming down of a

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